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I'm in N Seattle, near the zoo, but in an apartment so I couldn't be a drop off point. I'd be willing to travel north as far as Everett, if we have some people just above Seattle interested in getting a drop going.
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There is a drop in Everett. I have the email of the contact if anyone wants it, just pm me. I do not know if it's considered open for more orders or not. I would check with her first (and you need the drop number from her anyway).

I don't know what is needed for a new drop in Seattle. We'd need a good number of people, I think. However, maybe we only need $500 in total orders, if I remember correctly. The one south near the airport is so inconvenient because it comes around the end of the day and traffic is bad. With Everett, I can go up the next morning. She doesn't have a ton of refrigerator space though for chilled items so it's best to get your stuff the same day if you can.

I'm not far from the zoo either. I get my raw milk in Phinney. I only order from Azure every 3 mo probably though.
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The drop point doesn't have to be your home. Ours is in a parking lot. It's just required that everyone be there to get their stuff when the truck arrives, and we have a phone tree.
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Hi DahliaRW,


I know this is an old thread, but I am very interested in joining that Bellevue drop for AS! I tried, but wasn't able to pm you.


Thank you!

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If the drop point is public, then just call Azure Standard, and they will add you.  So many questions here could have been answered by calling their number and speaking with a live person.  There are private, closed drop-points that they can tell you about in general but they cannot provide direct contact information.


We have a private drop point on the C-2 route.  The driver has to approve the drop-point.  Everyone's stuff is separately packaged at our drop, by request, but they can be packaged together--the manager of the public drop point gets a modest discount for separating them.


Weavingmama, good like finding one that works for you.  We've ordered from AS since 2006.  It hasn't replaced the co-op for me-- I like to smell seeds and nuts before purchasing because often I can smell impending rancidity before most others, plus product selection is limited--but I always recommend them.  And especially try their lentils-- the best I have ever had.  Who would have thought that a humble pulse would taste so different from producer to producer?

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I did call AS, and they gave me the contact for a public drop not too far from me. However, she told me that there are private drops closer to me in Bellevue, but I would have to ask around to try to find one, which is what I'm trying to do! :-)


Thanks for the lentil recommendation! I will keep that in mind to try out! And I do agree, I love supporting the local co-op (PCC), especially as they do so many great things for the community.

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I am part of a private drop in Bellevue( at least I think it is), but it doesn't make sense to me why the Azure wouldn't give you the drop persons number. I'm on the c-4 route. You should be able to call and ask for the contact info. That is how I found c-4. It's right off of the 90 E in Eastlake. If there are private drops that she won't give you the info for, then the group Is probably closed to new members... Oh and most of us who were originally on this discussion, like Dahlia, use c-4 smile.gif
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It might have been awhile since you found the group, or there was a specific note that it was OK to share contact info.  I imagine that if someone didn't want the group to be completely open, then they might approve sharing it.  Even 7 years ago when we joined, private contact information was not shared as a rule.  We had one time where an order from a nearby drop was accidentally left off, and they played intermediary until I approved our number be shared with the person.  I am the contact for our drop, and the site was my house.


You could request that either Azure contact them, or else ask the driver to pass on your number to the drop person.

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I tried out the totem lake drop for the first time yesterday. However, normally drops are between 11 and 1, but yesterday's was delayed until 4pm, and I wasn't able to get there at that time. The co-ordinator was very gracious in picking up my things for me. (So I actually did not even make it there for my first order!) It really threw my day off! I understand that such delays happen about once a year?!

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We are the first drop on the C-2 route, and our guy is on time down to the minute--7am.  Once in a blue moon, he calls in advance to ask for an evening delivery the day before.  Busier routes, a later drop point, when the truck travels I-5 at peak times, you will see that more often.  Our previous driver was less punctual, also, and we frequently received calls for a later delivery.

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