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is anyone having mild period-like cramps?

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Well, I guess I'm looking to see if anyone who is having a normal pregnancy is also experiencing mild period-like cramps this early?

I have a history of loss, and my betas are not looking good, so I'm pretty sure that this pregnancy will end as well, though I'm still ever hopeful for a miracle.

At any rate, I've been having period-like cramps for a week now (pretty much 70% of the time). In my one healthy pregnancy four years ago, I had no period-like cramps except for one day at 9 weeks. I'm on progesterone supps, so that will suppress bleeding until I come off of them, so I can't use bleeding as a sign/not sign of impending m/c.

I know that tons of people say that cramps during pregnancy are absolutely normal, but last time cramps signaled the end of preg for me, although 2 other miscarriages I had were cramp-free up until the m/c started. So, I'm just wondering if anyone with a normal pregnancy has had this type of cramping, and for as many days?

TIA for any info, and H&H 9 mos to you all!
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I haven't had many cramps the past few days, but I definitely had them between 10-16 dpo (so into my fourth week). I also had a loss last pregnancy, and though things are looking up this one, I feel for you mama. Try to stay optimistic and take care of yourself!!!

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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I haven't, but it might be better to pose this question to the "I'm Pregnant" board so you can hear from others that carried to full term with similar cramps early on.

I hope your bean sticks. I really do.
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I have had two previous successful pregnancies, and one miscarriage (around 6 weeks or so). With all three pregnancies (and with this current 4th one as well), I had a lot of mild cramping. With both successful pregnancies, I had cramping off and on for probably the whole first trimester.

The cramping felt identical to the cramping I had before my miscarriage.

So unfortunately I don't have an answer for you! But for ME, cramping seems to be a normal part of pregnancy, even successful ones.

Hugs to you. Hang in there.
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Cramping is normal for me. Had it last time and had a normal pregnancy. It starts when implantation occurs and gradually lessons over the first weeks. It's almost gone now with this preg (at 4 weeks). I was worried the first time it happened but now I think it's just normal.
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I don't remember any cramping at all with DS, but this time I have some very minor cramps...they are certainly not as sharp or painful as menstrual cramps though. More of an ache??

Best of luck to you. Sticky vibes!

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visiting from aug! hi!

Thought I'd chime in: I have had cramps almost everyday with this pregnancy -- sometimes for hours at a time. As of today I have a baby with a strong hb! I have also had a previous m/c, but cramps weren't really indicative there. I hope it just means your uterus is growing to make room for your sticky babe. I think that what's been happening in my case. Let's chalk it up to tight muscles stretching!
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I had cramping for weeks and weeks with my second pregnancy. And I carried him to 43 weeks! (not wishing THAT part on you, just that you carry to term. )

I am hoping those number shoot up for you and everything works out just right.
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i had no crmaping w number 1, some cramping (and a little blood) with number 2, and have been cramping since before new year's eve with this one.
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In my past two pregnancies (one baby one miscarriage at 16 weeks) I had cramping for the first couple of weeks. It always felt like my period was JUST about to start and it would have me running to and from the bathroom all day to check.

It's totally normal.
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I'm so glad to hear the cramping is normal. Mine is pretty light, a little less than is usual before AF, but then I never really had major cramps then either. It seems to come on and off, but I've experienced it every day so far for about 7-10 days (I'm in my 4th week now).

I was going to post about this myself, so I'm glad you did, uncertain! Thanks!
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I have had mild cramping with all of my pregnancies. Hope that helps some.
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I'm not in you ddc, but I am only a couple weeks ahead of you. I had very mild cramping up until this week. It was almost barely noticable, but it was off and on. I didn't have it with either previous pregnancy (one baby, one m/c). Its fading now and I am not worried. Actually it did happen once with #1 only for like a day and my ob then said to make sure I was hydrated enough. Anyway, your not alone! =)
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Just checking in.. how are you holding up, uncertain?! Any news?!
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I had period like cramps that were very strong from week 3-6. It just went away and I am in week seven. It was like this last time, too, and I have a beautiful boy.
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