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Info on Flu deaths In Colorado

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This is from a gal on the yahoo vax list....
This certainly not mentioning this in our papers.

Info on Flu deaths

Apparently 3 of the children who died in Colorado from the flu had Cerebral Palsy. That explains alot, doesn't it? I feel very sad for their families, but I think this is pertinent info that the general public isn't aware of. (A nurse from Denver on a board I'm on disclosed this). These aren't healthy, thriving children dropping dead from the flu! There are other circumstances going on. It is so sad and frustrating to see the rampant fear that has taken hold of the people on this board I'm speaking of. It has really created a panic.

I wasn't too popular when I suggested the pHARMa co's are trying to move some of their aging stock of Flumist that has been sitting around unused. That's why they're saying they're running out of flu shots, so now they can recommend the more expensive, more deadly Flumist! Makes perfect sense to me!
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Ugh...I knew something was not right....that explains a lot actually.

So you are leaving for the PNW huh? I will hopefully be following right behind you!!! Have a good move!
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Not surprised. :
I have been trying to find out what the deal is with the children who died. If they had health conditions, if they had been vaccinated for the flu, etc.

On other boards I see people say, "two PERFECTLY HEALTHY children died!". They're just happy to help spread the panic.
And one article I read said that "privacy laws" prevented anything from being revealed about the victims. Hmmm.

Thank you for posting this, cobluegirl!
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Of course, confirming this would be next to impossible.............

I did, however, reread this article Four Children Die In Colorado Flu Outbreak and found these snippets very interesting:

A 15-year-old boy who had other medical conditions died from flu complications last week, becoming the first flu-related fatality in Colorado this year.
The parents of the 8-year-old flu victim are speaking out about what happened to their son in hopes that it will help other parents take action and take the illness seriously.
"He didn't have the symptoms of the flu, so there was no alarm, no fever,"
Although Joseph never had a fever or a headache, the pain persisted
Parents of children who attend Joseph's elementary school were notified by the principal about the student's death. There is no current flu outbreak in the school and no unusual numbers of students had been absent, health officials said.
Also says younger bro caught flu and recovered (w/o shot). I don't think the 8yo died from the flu..............says the autopsy confirmed the virus but it may have just been present, no?

Something to chew on.

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Here is some more info:

Colorado- Flu deaths/these were chronically ill children...

The children who succumbed to the influenza were children who were already
chronically ill with respiratory disease was my statement at the beginning
of the news reports..... Seems as though their illness was related to
neural-tube defects as well... I am sure that these children were the first
to receive the experimental doses of the Flu vaccine in past years... In the
case of the pneumonia vaccine that has been given to infants and young
children in the past labeled the "ear infection vaccine" could definitely
bring on adverse reactions to these children if the influenza virus invaded
the Mastoid area of the ear...thus involving the brain causing
inflammation... encephalitis?...meningitis...? had they been given the
PNEUMONIA VACCINE as well? Probably.. Chronically ill children are the
target of most of the vaccines on the market... What a true shame this is
for the families of these lovely babies..
This will never be brought foreword in any media coverage, because the
vaccine industry and the MD allopaths in general could never allow for such
a disclosure of damaging evidence against them and their practices...
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I heard on the mainstream news that this years "miracle" flu vaccine doesn't even 'orotect' against that particular strain. It seems the medical establishment is really trying to guilt us all into this vaccine without even giving us all the facts (not that Iam surprised.)
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Thanks for posting in this thread. I am starting to hear flu-shot-related rumblings from family members (who don't even know about my and DP's recent decision to delay/possibly avoid vaxing!) because our baby is almost 5 mos. old and specifically because of the deaths here in Colorado. I have been wondering about the health conditions of these children/teens. Any more info (with sources, if possible ... though I know that's a tall order as it's so hard to get any of this kind of info on record) would also be greatly appreciated!
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