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I just watched this on Tivo. What struck me was the statement they brought his fever down. So clearly they used a fever reducer and thus reduced his body ability to fight it off and thereby contributed to the child's death.

I also wished that the mother's knowledge could have been represented better (she was treating her ASD child with vitamin therapy) by treating her child with natural vitamin A from cod liver oil and intravenous vitamin C. But that wouldn't have been shock TV. Oh well.

(Medical references on effects of fever reducers in the book "Raising a Vaccine Free Child" by Wendy Lydall.)
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Thank you Nichole. I appreciate that. It is hard for people who dont have a child with autism to see where I am coming from. Its too bad that other parents and especially doctors cant be a little more open minded and actually listen to what parents are saying about their kids and vaccines. Sorry MissNYC if you think its ridiculous, but I am assuming you are not affected by autism in any way... I just happen to feel very strongly on this subject!

Anyway back to the topic of the post.. sorry for the diversion
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Originally Posted by MissinNYC View Post
That's ridiculous logic. And it's the same type of logic that people use to argue against BFing. They say, "Oh, I BFed my son and he's always sick, but I FFed my DD, and she's healthy as a horse! BFing doesn't do anything!" Anecdotes have nothing to do with evidence, as sorry as I am for your son's condition.
Except this anecdote has scientific evidence to support the observations of thousands of parents.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has shown the intestinal changes that occur with the MMR vaccine in ASD kids.
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I was livid about this episode, too. Especially because it came right after our having to go to battle with my (unvaxed) dd's private school about a child coming to school with chicken pox (he was vaxed, by the way) and the school's requiring that dd go into quarantine for 10 DAYS after that.

Anyway, I think the show, if it chose to present a truly balanced view, could have been a lot more dramatic and thought-provoking had it gone in a different direction -- if the boy died from measles, but then the boy who was forcibly vaccinated became autistic immediately afterward, as the mother feared. Then viewers wouldn't have come away with such a black-and-white "moms who don't vax their kids are murderers" belief.

I have actually really liked this show, but I'm no longer going to watch it.

Janice T.
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Originally Posted by Marnica View Post
Lets take a look at the other (more realistic IMO) view of the measles.

Thanks Marnica. That was great to watch. Amazing how such a harmless "disease" has morphed into bubonic plaque-like hysteria on television in a few decades. My favorite part was the quote that if you are gonna get sick, measles is the best way to go.

I recall having measles, chicken pox and mumps. Back then we were just called "sick," and I'd have to agree that those types of sick were a lot better than a stomach bug.

With the huge amount of parents questioning vaccines, selectively vaxing or denying them altogether, you knew they would use their control mechanisms, such as television, to fight back. Those who don't question will feel empowered while those who do question will question even more because of the ridiculous nature of the Private Practice episode. In the court of public opinion, shows like this only show how naked the emperor really is.
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I too just watched this on Tivo. I have to say upfront that I don't have a problem with people vaccinating and we have chosen to vaccinate our son on a delayed schedule. That said - WHAT A CROCK OF YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!! Vaccinate your child or they will DIE! That's basically the message sent. Even abortion got a more even-handed presentation when it was the Issue of the Week.
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I was absolutely gobsmacked when that doctor vaccinated the child while the mother screamed "no, no!" and was PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED by another doctor. HOLY LAWSUIT! My dad is a lawyer, and he tells me all the time that if a doctor ever does anything to me or my children with full knowledge of me withholding my consent,they can be charged with assault and battery. For the character who (a few episodes back...) was so concerned with his colleague losing her license due to sketchy business, he really played laissez faire with the law on this one. How do we check to see what the biggest advertisers for ABC are? :
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I was so mad at this show I was almost yelling at the TV. I was very firm in telling my husband all the lies and that they were perpetuating. He knows all this already but I had to blow off some steam. :

How could they do that? How could they? Blah! They held the mother while giving the vaccine against her will. I couldn't believe it!

Maybe this will prompt some people to look up the actual facts for themselves. I am just glad my sister didn't see it. She thinks I am putting the whole population of Washington State at risk by waiting and selectively vaccinating. The more I learn the more I think it will be safer not to vaccinate.

I think I could forgive myself if my son got sick naturally from another person but if he had a bad reaction to a vaccine that I held him while he got poked then I would find it really really hard to forgive myself.
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Wow. I just watched part of the episode on my tivo and then I had to turn it off after they reached the point where the one doctor was saying they should call in social services because the mother was purposefully endangering her son - it just made me too mad. I normally really like Private Practice, but as my DH said "Bye, bye another tivo season pass." What a load of crap. Like some of you have said - it was like watching scripted CDC lines. I never watched far enough to see them forcibly vaccinate the son, but I'm glad I didn't because that would have really P-ed me off even more than I already was. And I can't say I'm surprised to hear they killed off the one son either.

The more I learn the more I think it will be safer not to vaccinate.

I think I could forgive myself if my son got sick naturally from another person but if he had a bad reaction to a vaccine that I held him while he got poked then I would find it really really hard to forgive myself.
That is exactly how I feel!

And Jen, I am truly sorry for what you & your son are going through with his autism and I can understand (to an extent) where you are coming from. We had my son vaccinated on schedule and he was a normal happy smiling baby up until his MMR shots. I wouldn't say it was an overnight change, but he gradually changed and wouldn't give eye contact and he didn't speak until he was 3. We did have him evaluated and it was determined that he does not have autism, which I do believe now and am very thankful for. But I see big differences in his development compared to my daughter, who has not been vaccinated at all. I greatly regret getting my son vaccinated and while I am thankful he seems to be pretty "normal" now (he talks just fine and is doing excellent in school, etc.), I still wonder how different his development would have been had we opted to not vaccinate. We can't undo the past, but we can make informed, educated decisions for the rest of our children! ((Hugs))
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Yeah, I'm done. I liked this show (and was liking the Pete/Violet match-up) but I. am. done. This is the first show I've ever stopped because of something like this. so-

Buh-bye TiVo Season Pass
Buh-bye Pete and Violet
Buh-bye annoying Addison who thinks she's queen of everything and in
charge of all childbirth everywhere
Buh -bye patronizing, one side, fear-mongering storylines
Buh-bye gorgeous Taye (mmmmm....)

Hope the door doesn't hit ya on the way out.

BTW- if you go to their website there is a vote. The "vaccine is a choice" is beating the "don't get your kids vaccinated and you endanger everyone" by an almost 2/3 margin.

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I was pretty bothered by this show too. I haven't watched it more than a couple of times but I am an avid Grey's watcher, and since it was on afterward I ended up just keeping on watching.

Ugh, what a dramatic load of crapola. Yes, you can die of the measles and many people used to. But it's not that common, and you can also die of anaphylactic shock after a vaccination. It's right there on the package inserts, for crying out loud! Not very common, but the difference is that they are sanctioning parents taking one set of risks in the name of their childrens' wellbeing, over taking another potential risk.

The part that really pissed me off most was Charlotte telling the mother officiously after the Cooper gave him the shot--"What Dr. Cooper did was the standard of care." Um, no, it's not. Giving procedures and medication without the consent and against the explicitly expressed wishes of a patient or parent is not the standard of care, it's assault and battery and it's illegal. That pissed me off so much!

I think that the mother was presented . . . okay, given the circumstances--as in, it could have been worse, actually. Yeah, she was kind of dowdy, but many TV moms are unless they are supposed to be the stars of something!

One thing that sort of explains this whole episode to me is that I am enough of a Grey's Anatomy nerd that I've listened to some of the Shonda Rimes podcasts on the show's website. I remember listening to one where they were discussing a GA episode where a client wants to have an abortion because she is HIV positive and Izzie goes all wacko on her. Part of the reason for the storyline of that show is that they were participating in a study to see what effect fictional medical dramas (like GA, PP, ER, etc.) have on people's actual health knowledge. They interviewed people before watching that show and asked them what chance a HIV+ mom has of having a healthy HIV- baby. (most people thought the chance was very low). Then they watched the show, in which Izzie ends up telling the mother that she has a 99% chance (or whatever, I don't remember exactly what the number is) of having a healthy HIV negative baby if she takes antiviral therapy. And the mom, who didn't realize that the chances were so good, decides to have the baby after all. Anyway, they interviewed people and asked them the same question after they'd watched the show (like weeks or a month afterwards) and there was a significant increase in people who had assimilated and retained that fact even a time later (although that effect diminished as time went on after watching (like they were asked, say, six months down the road from having watched.) Anyway, in the podcast discussing this, Shonda Rimes and her coproducer were going on and on about how even though they are a drama and it's fiction, they realize that TV is a powerful tool and a major place that people get a lot of their health information and health messages, and that they also feel like they have at least some degree of responsibility to deliver some degree of accuracy in the health messages.

Unfortunately, their view is all completely mainstream and based on the party lines of the AMA or the CDC, meanwhile taking the most extreme example and exaggerating it to the hilt for maximum drama. And I mean, come on--even their idea of an integrated wellness practice group is just totally weird. I mean, how is this mid-20's surfer boy wanna be midwife learning to do midwifery, when the OB/gyn in the group is as anti-natural birth and pro-cesarean as Addison? How are a fertility specialist, a OB/perinatologist, a counselor, a pediatrician and an acupuncturist/herbalist/woo-woo guy actually going to work together integratively with the same patients? I mean, the individual doctors are about as medically conservative and reactive and as mainstream as you can get, and yet they are supposed to be in some sort of alternative and holistic setting.

Gah. Now I remember why I never got into watching this show in the first place. I liked Addison well enough on Greys, she played well off the other personalities on the show, but as a spinoff this one has always seemed pointless and sort of gratuitious.
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Originally Posted by Serenyd View Post
I don't think the measles is anymore serious than the chickenpox. There is a risk of complications, yes. And yes, the whole show was propaganda designed to scare the pants off parents who haven't vaxed. Don't tell me the drug companies/cdc had NOTHING to do with it. The dialogue was just a little too pat.

My friend found this info. Of course they had something to do with it, or in this case the CDC!

The Sentinel for Health Awards were developed by the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) to recognize exemplary achievements of TV writers who inform,
educate and motivate viewers to make choices for healthier and safer lives through their

The Awards are administered by Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), a project of the USC
Annenberg Norman Lear Center, and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC). Hollywood, Health & Society serves as a one-stop-shop for writers, producers
and others in search of credible information on a wide range of public health topics

And since it's the CDC its automatically "credible" info?? yeah right!
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This is EXACTLY why we don't have TV

We've chosen to vax our son selectively, largely because he was very premature and so we don't want to leave him wide open to respiratory nasties like Pc, HiB or pertussis, especially since we live in a heavily Mennonite populated area. That said, we made our decision based on research that we applied to our individual situation, as well as consultation with his neonatologist who we trusted very much.

I'm very impressionable, and things like that on TV make me want to run out and get him vaccinated against EVERYTHING before I remember that, "wait, no, he won't get rotavirus because he's not in daycare. Wait, no, he won't get polio because we're not travelling to Africa or Asia anytime soon. Oh, right, I did make my choices based on facts instead of fear. Cool ."

Incidentally, I'm impressionable the other way, too, and get really scared when someone tells me bad things about vaccines. I think that either extreme of the vax issue has flaws and some pseudo-science, kwim? (No offense meant if you've chosen not to vax at all because it's the right choice for your family! There is absolutely research out there that scares the bejeezus out of me about vaccines, and I respect that point of view!)
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This was such an upsetting show! It felt like propaganda against people (like me) with unvaccinated kids. I normally like the show but this was too upsetting! Esp since I had measles pretty badly as a child myself.
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Just watched the show online.

Done. with. it.

I can't believe how awful it was.
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