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Momo mom is inpatient at the hospital

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Good morning everyone. I wanted to give an update and let everyone know that I am in the hospital as of Monday. I just hit my 28 week yesterday (YAY!) and am hoping to deliver at 36 weeks, so I have only (yes, only) 8 weeks to go.

I know I'll have my ups and downs, but so far I'm feeling good. I have netflix, plenty of books, various tasks that I put off until I was here including shopping for the twins, and some volunteer fundraising work I do. I am trying to put myself on a schedule (odd, I know) so that the days have some resemblance of normallcy.

I'm currently being monitored 24/7 which isn't always the case this early on, but I'm not complaining. I'm here and feel like I'm wasting my time if I am not on the monitor. I do get breaks to shower, eat, etc. And I have ultrasounds every other day to check on the blood flow in their cords.

Thank you for all of your hints and suggestions about food. I've got a great system down right now with meals and snacks inbetween and my on selection of snacks as well.

The hardest thing is being away from my 3 year old, but he is handling everything so well that that has made it easier.

Keep your fingers crossed that I have an uneventufl 8 week stay!

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Good luck, Tina! It sounds like you've got a great system going. I look forward to hearing about your birth in no fewer than 8 more weeks! : :
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I hope you are able to keep your spirits up.
Also, have you been able to feel more relaxed and prepared for the C-section?
Sending good baking baby vibes and peace for you.
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Good luck!

And it's so great that the hospital rooms have internet access these days!
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Best wishes! I'm glad you've got a good system in place (and internet access, too)!
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You can do this, Tina! Hang in there, and we'll be praying for safe, healthy babies in several weeks!
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Thank you all for your warm wishes and support. I am SOOO grateful for the internet. Its one of my main connections to the outside world!

@kjoy2 I am feeling much better about the c-section. Thank you for asking. I've been focusing on the twins safe delivery rather than my own disappointment and fears. Them being here safe and sound is what is most important and everything else is just an aside. Not that my reactions aren't valid, but just trying to focus my energy in the right direction...if that makes sense.
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Hey there mama!! So glad you posted and please keep us up to date on your stay. It will be good just to hear from you, even if there is nothing *interesting* to tell. We will all celebrate to hear a mundane update from you!!! I will be sending good energy your way, for whatever is the best for you and your family. Blessings!
ps-- I'm so glad the food thing is working out for you. Being a food person myself, that is always something that can make a situation more comfortable for me if I'm comfortable with the food.
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You sound all cosily settled in and taking on the challenge with aplomb :.
I was never so comfy and eager to stay in a hospital as when my babies were in the NICU - when you know you're doing something for your children, the hospital becomes home from home. Here's to 36 weeks and a short, short stay once the babies arrive.

Looking forward to updates.
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Glad to hear you've been doing well. I've been following your blog, and you're due 10 days before me! Good luck and I hope you don't get too bored.
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I meant to write on this thread the day you posted it but I was nursing at the keys! I hope all is well at the hospital. I know firsthand that staying in the hospital on bedrest is really rough. (Unfortunately they ended up sending me home witha terb pump so I'm glad you are staying put. Of course you have Momos!)

So I am sending you the following: ::

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Don't have much to add - just that I'm thinking of you a lot, remembering being in your position last year. If it's an encouragement, last year, exactly at this time, I was in the hospital on monitors, and now this year, I have two happy, healthy, chubby little almost-one-year-olds! You can get through this, and the payoff is amazing.

Ooh, one tip: if the ultrasound monitor gel is giving your skin a hard time, get someone to bring you baby lotion instead (I used the Johnson's stuff in the pink bottle - my nurses recommended it), 'cause it'll keep your tummy nice and soft, and isn't as irritating as the gel. it conducts just as well.

Just don't make my mistake and try some kind of fancy lotion - I used something with juniper in it, and I got a chemical burn in a perfect circle, from where the monitor was! So pretty on a pregnant twin belly, donchaknow.
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Tina, good luck with your hospital stay. I'm sending good thoughts your way and hope those babies cook as long as possible.
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You sound like you have a fantastic frame of mind going in to this. Wishing you an uneventful hospital stay & snuggly babies in no less than 8 weeks.
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Hey there!
It's been a week, I think we need another update!
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Originally Posted by mamaeliz View Post
Hey there!
It's been a week, I think we need another update!
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I'm glad you are mentally okay with the C-section - sounds like you are in a good place.
I noticed on your blog that you were routing for the Steelers.
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You guys are wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much for your support!

Funny enough mamaeliz & yogafeet....I was just thinking I needed to give an update!

I'm doing good. Tomorrow will make 2 weeks that I've been here and I'm pretty settled in. Last week the boys weighed in at almost 3lbs each and I was giddy with excitement. Thank you Dr. Luke! I'm trying/hoping to get them to 5lbs by 36 weeks, when I have to deliver.

Although i've had a few hiccups, my nurses are amazing.

My only vent is the neonatologist who made it sound like carrying a 5lb or 6lb twin wasn't possible. Ummm...I know woman who have birthed a 10lb babies, don't tell me its not possible. I understand that she tends to see babies who didn't make it very long, but I think my body is MADE for birthing and if she has any doubts there are plenty of woman on this board who could back me up!

Other than that, I'm not going stir crazy yet. I'm thoroughly enjoying my evening visits with my son and husband, and of course whenever other visitors can stop by it makes my day.

Tuesday, I'm having my own personal inaugural celebration with red, white and blue balloons, and kjoy I'm watching the steelers game right now hoping that I can have a superbowl party!

All I can say is GROW BABIES GROW!
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Well I'd come visit you if I was a tad closer. I'm in So Cal but too far east to make the drive this pregnant.

I have to go into Pasadena tomorrow and I'm not excited about it I can tell you that. My right baby is my ribs.

Glad you are doing well. And poo on the nenonat - I'm hoping for 7 # babies at least. My BIL's sister had twins that were both over 8 #'s.
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That is such a wonderful update! Good for you and the babies!
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