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Nov '08 DDC Kitchen Table

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Want to chat about our precious pumpkins? Pull up a chair! Decaf, anyone?
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Ah, what a nice place to sit and chat for a moment...because that's all I'll get is a moment.
No caff, 1/2 caff or de-caff for me...it all give Kiki serious gas I'll just sip my water, which I've finally learned to love!
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Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post
DD1 decided that she won't wear diapers anymore. Monday she refused to put a diaper on and insisted on using the potty so I guess its potty training time! Shes doing pretty good too, shes only averaging 2 accidents a day (which to me is AWESOME!)
K is PLing too! Yesterday was an all Pull-up, underpants day, with one errent poo (couldn't get those pull-ups down and the struggle caused a slip-up, poor guy!) and a pee in underpants when wrestling with daddy. Today we had a playdate so he was in a diaper - gotta get a portable potty seat!

Originally Posted by Om Girl View Post
Oh and she too hides things in her play kitchen, last I found was 2 cups of "tea" (fruit juice) thankfully it's winter here, so no bugs.
It's winter here too, but when you lay out the smorgasbord, they wake up and find their way in! I think I have it all solved though. I did check his pockets today when we left the playdate, just in case....

Nora's doing well. Over 10 lbs and chubby, but not nearly as big as some of the ninja-sized babies we have here. She's sleeping 8 hours straight at night, and has no interest if I wake her early and offer her to nurse - she cries and goes back to sleep!

That reminds me, where's Nerdy?

Anyway, can we return to diaper bags for 2? I need sposie storage for Nora, wipes, an extra outfit for her (still only pooping once a week in an explosion), a spare pair of pants and one sposie for K, a burp rag, a bib for K, a make-up bag, wallet, coupon wallet and maybe a little room for a toy? I'd love something where I could throw a wrap in there too, but perhaps that's too much... Anyway, I really need something more useful than my cheap one. It's not going to last!
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Hey girls! I'll take some chamomile tea, anyway.

Brigid went to the dr today, a 'one month' check or something. Anyway, she's up to 11 lbs 13 oz. : We're moving into the next size of clothes and she's outgrowing some tiny diapers. :

And, of course, the only reason I'm actually able to type vs. just read is that dh is home from work today.
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Hi mamas!

Annie can wear some of her 3-6 months clothes and that makes me sad. We've also moved on from the orange edge GMD prefolds to yellow. They're huge, but I miss those tiny prefolds.

How's the poo going? Seems like overnight Annie went from multiple manageable poos a day to only 1 or 2 huuuuge splosions every couple of days.
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may i join you ladies? i was intimidated by the length of the thread on the ddc, but i do want to chat with you all!

my baby was due nov 27, but didn't join us until dec 11. and only today did we name him, at 4 weeks old. he's elijah west. and doing fabulously. he was 8lb 12 oz at birth and is now over 11 i think.

teffer, i too need a diaper bag. i didn't get one for the twins, just had a backpack, but didn't love that. jonas is still in diapers (GAG!) so it would need to be roomy enough for giant size diapers and tiny baby ones. in addition to snacks and water for all of us. my sister said bru has some on clearance, i thought i'd just go and see if there was anything that struck my fancy. im so cheap, i know there are good bags out there, i just have a hard time paying for them!
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mother's milk tea, please!

rebecca - with you on the poo! we now have a**plosions every 3-4 days. wet ones too, the kind that make you cringe when you hear it come out.

teff - sounds like you need luggage or a porter, not a diaper bag!

patch/titania - wow, that's some eating your babes are doing. great job mamas!

i tried the no caffeine thing. it was pretty ugly. i just cannot get anything done w/out dh's brew.

went for my post-natal @ 7 weeks, everything is excellent! cara had something like 8 of us come in (she delivered 5 babies the week i had dylan). she organized a mama's meeting all day with one of her previous clients. she's a psych./social worker and sat w/us to go over any and all postpartum issues. i was there from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. it was really great to discuss stuff in person. plus a bunch of nursing moms chatting was nice to have too. dylan weighed in @ 12 lbs, he gained 2.5 in the last 3 weeks.

what else...found a great nanny. but that means i'm approaching the back to work date. dh went back wednesday. he was off for about 3 weeks. i know i got spoiled, but i'm not really looking forward to this schedule. he only has one day off the rest of the month and will work late a bunch too.
at least my parents will be here jan. 21-28 to help.
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Hi everyone. I'm jumping in here too. E has been doing the once a day/every other day thing for 2 weeks now. We think that there is still something going on with her as her poos are a bit mucousy and stinky. I have been off dairy for two weeks now, so I'm hopeful we will see at least some change soon.

I think tv commercials advertising food ought to be outlawed!! A pizza hut commercial came on last night while I was up feeding E, and I almost cried!!!

When it comes to PL, can someone please tell me how to do it with a nursing newborn? My almost 3 yo is still in dipes, and loves to sit on the potty, but won't do anything in it!
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Hi mamas!!

So glad to be back to my full-strength, all-throughout-the-day coffee - LOL - I had seriously cut back during pregnancy! But I am avoiding milk somewhat - a little dairy doesn't seem to bother Izzy, but too much does, so I'll take a triple venti vanilla soy latte

Anyway....I hear you on the PL difficulties. Andrew is showing a lot of interest - in fact he said he can't wait to PL so he "can wear panties!" (the perils of having 2 older sisters ) After explaining about "undies," DH was really excited to start him on the potty, but I am not. DH doesn't quite get how a constantly-nursing infant and a potty-learning toddler don't mix - especially whille living in my mother's house! All we need is for him to pee on her fine oriental rugs. LOL.

So Izzy hasn't been to the ped since her 2-week check and she's 6 weeks now, but by weighing myself and then myself with her on my scale, she's somewhere around 13 pounds! She's already in size 2 dipes (yes I'm a CD dropout, we use sposies) and 3-6 month clothes. She's finally starting to give me one longer stretch of sleep at night (which for us means like 3 hours, maybe 4 on a really good night) but I'm happy with that for now! As usual I have serious oversupply/OALD, so she spits up a ton, but other than that, she's usually very happy And seriously adorable, of course!

We took a road trip from NJ to North Carolina and Tennessee to visit some family and friends between Christmas and New Year's, which was great - the kids had a blast and we got to introduce everyone to the baby. Now we're getting back into somewhat of a routine - with having Izzy and then Christmas and all, I took about a month off from homeschooling, so now I'm trying hard to get my girls caught up in their curricula.

I'm so happy to have a beautiful new baby to be grateful for, because life pretty much sucks otherwise right now. DH was laid off almost 6 months ago, and we never thought it would last this long. His severance and our savings are quickly running out, and we're going to lose our medical coverage soon We still haven't sold our house and, to prevent foreclosure, we're trying to do a short sale. The stress level around here is through the roof, so of course DH and I are fighting and taking it out on each other I sure hope 2009 improves quickly! He's being considered for several great positions, so one of them HAS to come through soon, right?!?!?!

I'm a big overpacker too when it comes to diaper bags With 4 kids 6 and under, I lug a ton of junk around. I think I recommended them before, but try www.ju-ju-be.com for diaper bags - they have one for multiple kids called the Be Prepared which is huge but very well-organized and durable and cute; the Be All is a little smaller. All their bags are washable and stain-resistant. Or the Petunia Pickle Bottom shoulder bag - I can fit a TON in there and they are sooo pretty. Another favorite of mine is the Gretel by Not Rational - they are super expensive but you can find them used or on sale pretty often. (That one is leather though, and I know not everyone approves of leather or wants leather for a diaper bag.) Fleurville's Mothership is a good-size bag for 2 or more kids, too. There's a Yahoo Group called Babybags that I belong to: www.yahoogroups.com/group/babybags It's a buy/sell/swap (sort of like TBW but for diaper bags) and you can get info and opinions and great deals on gently-used bags if you want to try a nicer one but don't want to spend too much (given DH's unemployment I've unloaded a bunch of my designer bags on there recently since we need the money )

Hope everyone else finds us over here soon! Happy 2009 mamas
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Kerri, I hope your dh gets one of those good jobs!!

Eve is completely in 6-9 month clothes. She is getting close to 2 1/2 months now, and probably over 14 lbs! She's huge!!

Anyone else have a fussy nurser? This LO is so unlike my others in that she doesn't seem to really enjoy nursing. Lots of times if I offer she cries! So strange. She doesn't seem to have colic or anything, but she does have a few fussy times during the day, where she cries and nothing can comfort her. But she just doesn't really "get in" to nursing. She isn't very cuddly and seems to just do it because she has to! I joked to DH that she's a baby that doesn't really like being a baby.
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i'm with you bundlefish.
thank goodness for the coffee bean!
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I was intimidated by the length of the other thread as well- but loved reading what everyone else was up to!

Mason is doing well. I have been off dairy and on meat for about a month now and it has made a huge difference in baby's comfort level. DH and DS1 love that I eat meat now. My little brother watched me eat Christmas dinner because I have been a veggie almost all of his life and he couldn't believe it! I was a little sad at first, but nursing is more important to me right now. Plus the food is really good :. I may never lose this extra 34 lbs!!

My guy was one of the earlier term babies- born 10/28, and he is in 6-9 month clothes now. I went back to work this week, and managed to pump 2x a day to increase supply. I just hope my supply continues to be adequate. It did not work out so well with DS1, but I am more determined now. How is everyone else doing?
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Hi Mamas!
I haven't posted a whole lot since Meadow was born - she's been keeping me so busy! I don't know if you all remember my post about her health issues, but she is doing SOOO much better now! : Her hip dysplasia is cured, so she doesn't have to wear the body harness anymore, and her club feet are looking sooo straight! Soon she will be out of the plaster casts and into some tiny orthopedic shoes!

We just got back from Miami where she had her second major eye surgery on Wednesday. She received a cornea transplant in the right eye, as well as artificial drainage tubes to control the pressure from the glaucoma. The doctors were very optimistic afterwards, and there is a good chance that she will be able to see!!!!!::::

We have been preparing ourselves for raising a blind child, but it turns out that she may have some sight. She'll never be able to see well, and will need thick glasses or contacts, as well and further surgery to repair the muscles of her eyes, but there is hope! We are so thankful! And more good news - we don't have to go back to Miami for 2 months! We've been there almost every week since she was born, so this is quite a relief!!

Sorry about the novel, but I am just so excited! In other news, she is still a tiny girl, probably weighing around 8 lbs now. She is just now fitting into newborn clothes and cloth diapers! She is a great baby, a good sleeper, and not much of a fusser. She's getting a lot more alert and active, holding up her head and kicking her legs furiously. I love her more than I ever knew was possible:

BundleFishMama ~ good luck with your hubby's job search! I hope something works out soon.:
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I've got the espresso maker warmed up and can make you a decaf latte, cap, macchiato, mocha, you name it! and bundlefishmama, I'm a pretty anti-soy person, but for you I'd make a soy latte. We've even got the vanilla syrup!

Well, Mr. E was snoozing quite contentedly on my arm but I was hoping for juuuuust a bit of me time since Jo and T are out of the house running errands, so I put him in his bouncy chair and hoped he'd stay asleep. It's not the heater that mama is, but I did cover him with his sheepskin so hopefully he'll stay cozy and sleepy enough to let me use the computer and make myself another cup o' joe...

He is doing well and I'm kind of starting to feel like digging my heels in against all of the "proactive intervention". I KNOW in my brain that it's good to have all of the appointments and make sure that everything is all right because if it isn't, tending to it early can lead to better outcomes and a higher quality of life, but another part of me wants to tell everyone to just leave my kid alone to be a baby.

This week he had an eye exam, for which he had his eyes dilated and then she had to really forcibly hold his eyelids open to examine them. He hated it, and who can blame him? And they kept trying to get his attention with flashy lights, noisy toys, etc and I finally said "if you want to see him focus, just look at him. Make eye contact. He wants to look at YOU." Which is totally in keeping with something I read in a book - omg, I actually read a book written for GROWN-UPS cover to cover - called Expecting Adam by Martha Beck. Her son (who also has Down syndrome) couldn't get the hang of letters and reading until it was tied to the names of his family members. They stopped trying to teach him that E is for egg when he told them that E is for 'wizbet' (Elizabeth, his sister). His life *is* those who love him. I think that's true for my guy too - toys, bleah, let me interact with these goofballs who talk to me, feed me and make silly faces at me.

Next week he has a follow-up echocardiogram to make sure that the murmur he had is gone, as well as a follow-up hearing screen because he only passed on one ear in the hospital. I think they'll both be fine but I will be VERY HAPPY when we are done with all of those appointments.

In addition to those, I (*grimace*) will have an appointment for WIC. I don't love the idea, really, and I don't eat WIC foods anyway, but my partner definitely does, and if the government wants to give them to us, well, then, great. I have my own issues about WIC and the fact that they disallow organic foods and free-range eggs but the fact is that Jo will drink non-organic rGBH free milk and we can use the $30 a month to fund something else. T and I will continue to drink our wonderful whole organic raw milk and eat our free-range all-natural eggs from a local farm's content cows and happy hens.

The week after we get to brave even more bureaucratic happiness as we apply for E's supplemental security income. Ah, lovely, the social security office. Never before have I seen so many unhappy people gathered in one place.

Hopefully wedged somewhere in all of these appointments will be our date in juvenile court when jo gets to legally adopt E. If the county would finally send us our birth certificate, we'd be all set. Grr.

E continues to charm us. He has gained about 2 lbs since birth and is probably around 9 lbs right now. He is less hypotonic (= fancy word for lacking in muscle tone, or 'floppy') than most DS babies, and loves to kick and hold on to peoples' shirts when they're holding him. He also is adamant about holding up his head but it leads to him ramming his face down into my shoulder or collarbone, which makes him cry. It's sad but it's also hard to not laugh at him when he does it because the pouty face he makes is so precious. We've been told that his strength and body tone bodes well for him reaching some of the physical milestones at a rate closer to on par with typically-abled children.

We went to an ECFE 'Parenting the Child with Down Syndrome' group this week and met a bunch of fabulous parents. Slowly I am coming to realize that I can still be the old 'me' even though I am also a new 'me' as his parent. (My specific epiphany was: even moms of disabled children can still be die-hard roller derby fans. In fact, when he's old enough, why not take him to a bout? If ever I have experienced a group of people that is accepting of any kind of difference, it's the derby scene. No kidding.) I find myself looking forward to introducing him to people instead of dreading what they'll think. If they have a problem, it's their problem, not mine or my son's.

Nursing was a complete bust (haha nice pun, jen) with his poor suction and tongue thrust and my lack of milk. I'm trying to sell all of my herbs locally but not finding any takers, feh. It was much easier to forgive myself this time around but I will state for the record that I ing hate bottles.

OK, that's enough of a novel for now. Hugs and coffee all around, j.
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i dont have a whole lot of time, excited to see this moved over to life with a babe
we totally have the poo-splosion thing happening, makes me tentative to want to go out in public!
we have our sleep rhythm figured out, so i can actually get some stuff done sometimes, when she isnt sleeping directly on me.
ok, question, baby is now 10 weeks, is it weird that dh and i have still not dtd since she was born? i would like to, but we are scared to death that i'll end up pregnant and we dont use bc and i'm allergic to latex and morally opposed to sheep skin, so barrier is out too. just feeling like everyone else around us is sexin it up and i'm just not ready mentally to handle wondering if im pregnant.
anyway, got to go
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hugs to you Jen. I think you are one of the most interesting and balanced people I've ever met online. Or you're a psycho and hide it very well!

Nora's been on the once a week explosion since she was 2 weeks old. She's due tomorrow - "please don't splode on the handmade christening gown!"

Originally Posted by titania8 View Post
. my sister said bru has some on clearance, i thought i'd just go and see if there was anything that struck my fancy. im so cheap, i know there are good bags out there, i just have a hard time paying for them!
Nothing good there. A small Skip Hop for $30, but it's black and looks like a formula bag.

And Rebecca, I do need a porter!

Nora's baptism is tomorrow! I know we aren't all Catholic or Christian, but can I say I'm geeked!!???
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jackie's ladybug there are also polyurethane condoms out there, brand name is Avanti and they are more expensive but I am also sensitive to latex and they worked well for me when I used them in what now seems like a different lifetime

teffer thanks! I swear I'm not a psycho. Really. Blessings on Nora's baptism!
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Jen-Hugs mama. You are a goldmine of love and a plethora of information. Wishing all your appointments go well and are over soon!

Teff-Congrats on Nora's baptism. We're scouting a new church tomorrow!

Jackie-I too have not DTD yet. I'm neither scared nor not-interested (double negative just haven't had the time. But I second Jen's polyurethane condom suggestion (Check your local health foods store!).

Well K is doing great, eating like a champ and growing like crazy. She's in 3 month clothes already (I know some other kiddos are much bigger, but DD#1 was in preemie stuff for almost a month so this is a change for me). She too has poo-splosions but only in sposie diapers. So I'm doing lots of diaper laundry and experimenting to find the perfect system for us. ATM it seems like Thirsties fitteds with wool covers are the best (and of course the most expensive option out there ) I've got some prefolds that I'm using, but I haven't perfected my snappi technique yet so I'm loathe to use my wool and I abhor PUL covers for stinkage reasons.
She also loves to sleep with her face covered. She'll fall asleep in a New York minute when we're outside because we pull her BundleMe over her face and she loves it. She'll sleep soooo close to me and use her hand to cover her face while she's sleeping. I can't even try to swaddle her or you'd swear there was an angry swarm of bees in the blanket with her. She'll scream and struggle until she finally gets her little hand out and then sighs and she covers her face like "Finally...".
DD#2 is keeping me on my toes by being "soooo helpful" and asking a million questions a minute. woooo...I'm exhausted!

I'm so excited because for Christmas my mom promised me a new coat, I just had to find one I liked and she'd buy it for me. And, I found one I liked and it's a pregnancy/babywearing/regular mama coat. See here! I'm super stoked, I got the black one and it should be here next week! Just in time for our run of super negative temps : Gotta love winter weather!

Alright mamas...enough of a novel outta me. Stay warm and snuggle those babes tight!
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Lexi is sleeping on my lap and DH is laying down DD1 for bed so I have a few minutes of peace... at least until the timer goes off and I need to check the bread.

DD1 is doing GREAT with potty learning. Shes gone 3 days almost with only one accident-which wasn't her fault, DH ignored her when she was trying to get him to put her on the potty. The only thing is she won't pee with clothing on, she has to take everything off to go, which is only a problem when we go out.

As for the disposables there is 5 pregnant women at my church right now so I have baby shower gifts for all of them and I don't have to shop for them! Im not a big shopper so it works out.

Oops, breads ready to knead, see ya all
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
He is doing well and I'm kind of starting to feel like digging my heels in against all of the "proactive intervention". I KNOW in my brain that it's good to have all of the appointments and make sure that everything is all right because if it isn't, tending to it early can lead to better outcomes and a higher quality of life, but another part of me wants to tell everyone to just leave my kid alone to be a baby.
Jen- I emphathize. We went through the tests and interventions with my firsy guy. He was being evaluated for speech initially, and every service found somethig they thought they could "fix" and referred him to another service for evaluation for something else! I just thought those were his quirks and it was what made him, well HIM! I did not want those things fixed. He is 7 1/2 now and continues speech and OT. He enjoys the individual attention at school, so I don't fight it.
Just wanted to offer hugs, and let you know when the appointments are over, your son will still be your son and YOU will always know him best. Hang in there.
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