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Burst of energy!!

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Hi mamas,

Been checking in to see how everyone's feeling on the "How are you feeling?" thread. Just thought I'd report that today I had a crazy burst of energy -- good energy but also somewhat manic, even? Maybe it's because it is beautiful out (in the high 50's, which for winter is quite nice) and I can actually throw my windows open for a bit, but I took a couple of walks, played with my dogs in the backyard, and now have a desire to clean like crazy... I haven't had this much energy since... well, I don't know when.

Maybe it's also that it's vacation -- I'm in education so I get a long break between semesters -- but I am feeling a little stir-crazy here, like I am all amped up with nothing to do.

Although, maybe I'll test out the early pregnancy-orgasm theory a couple of you were tossing around on another thread... LOL. Something to do, I guess.
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i'm jealous. where are you located that it's 50 degrees? i'm in chicago and we're expecting another 4-9 inches of snow, and by tuesday the temperature to crash down to 0. there's no sun today.

plus i found out i'm pregnant yesterday -- already have a 2 year old who wants me to play play play with her all day -- and i have just no energy. i'm supposedly due 9/16 - 9/20 (somewhere in there) -- do you think maybe i'll be getting a burst of crazy energy somewhere in the next week or so?

that would be really nice because my house keeps getting messier. although we were TTC, i was almost looking forward to the burst of energy i get before AF-- that's when i get a bunch of housework done. but alas it was not to be, and now i just feel so so tired.

enjoy your energy and your great weather!
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<--- jealous too.

i'm still exhausted.
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Wow, did I ever speak too soon.

Exhausted today. Had to crawl back in bed after getting up and snuggle longer with my laptop. I also feel like a cold that I had last week is making a resurgence -- sore, scratchy throat and runny, sneezy nose. Blech!

But DH and I did manage to sneak in a date last night and go out to a movie ("Frost/Nixon" -- kind of awesome).

And I'm in St. Louis, MO -- where it was 61 degrees yesterday and is 19 something today! :
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My energy is fading a little bit. The other morning I had such a hard time getting out of bed, I felt like congealed jello! Lol.
When do you go back to school?

I start back on Monday! First day of my senior year of college!
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Wow, mama, that's awesome.

I go back on Monday -- and I totally get the "jello" feeling. Just totally useless. I ended up taking a nap this afternoon and laying around after we ran some errands... totally not productive, at all!
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