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Hair care

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Can anyone recommend some good resources for natural hair care for our new adopted baby? You can see in her pics in my siggy how curly her hair is. Right now, Ive only washed it twice, with burts bees shampoo bar. I am using trillium shae butter on her skin, which makes her so soft. Each morning, I get her hair wet and towel dry it to make the curls look nice. But should I put something in her hair? Its very soft hair. Will she keep her newborn hair or will it fall out and regrow? Thank you for any suggestions!
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Oh she is so precious, she's got alot of hair, i'm not sure what would be the best on a baby so little, maybe some coconut oil? I wouldnt wash her hair but maybe once a week or every other week. She will eventually need a good moisturizer for her hair. There has been other threads on this topic maybe searching back will help you find them. I like Carol's Daughters products...but i'm not sure they will be good on a baby. She is adorable.
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Hello and congratulations on your beautifulf baby!

You don't need to wash a AA hair only ever week to every couple week, especially a babies because our hair takes a long time to get oily. You can make something called shealoe. It is a mixture of unrefined shea butter (its yellow, you can buy it online also), aloe and add a little coconut oil and you mix it all together so it looks whipped and just put a little in it every couple of days. Also you can visit nappturality.com and register and ask as many questions as you want because the beautiful ladies over there are very helpful. Since she is a baby you don't have to really do much. You can also moisturize her skin with the shealoe.

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Your daughter is beautiful. Her hair looks very much like my DS's at that age.

As to it falling out DS's never did, (although all my AA friends told me it would, so maybe his hair is unusual and your DD's will fall out), it just gradually changed. Now he's 9 and it's super thick and rich and gorgeous, the curls are much tinier than the were then, and have a tendency to matt and lock easily. The texture is a little coarser if it's got a lot of moisturizer in it (it's still pretty soft, but not quite as soft) and very coarse if it's allowed to get too dry and it gets dry very easily whereas at a baby it was almost oily.

At that age I just used baby wash on his hair, because it was pretty oily and didn't need moisturizer. By about 8 months it had changed enough that I started using Cornrows and Company products which I really liked. Then we went through a phase where we kept it super short and didn't need much product. Now, he's got it longer again and I find the Cornrows and Company products are too thick, they get caught in the curls and I can't get them rinsed out (I'm thinking shampoo and conditioner which need to be rinsed out) and so I use thinner products. Also, because his hair is sooo thick and absorbent now I find that I need products with very little scent or it becomes overpowering, the Cornrows and Co. stuff has a nice scent but it doesn't really work now.
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when my daughter was super tiny, i also used burt's bees' shampoo bar and simple olive oil. it will work wonders. kiss that baby!
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I tried to post earlier, but something went wrong, apparently. Anyway, these all are great suggestions, better than mine was.

I just wanted to say congratulations on your precious little one. She is just beautiful. Enjoy the :
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I agree with a lot of the other mamas. My DD2's hair is very similar, she just has more as she's a couple of months older. I don't do much with hers, just wash every week or two with some Burts Bees or California Baby, (or Johnsons and Johnsons if I'm in a mood for the perfume ) Rub it with a bit of Burts Bees Apricot /Mama oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, but it's really not necessary at that age.
As she gets older, maybe closer to a year old, and her hair is longer for barrettes and such, you might want to consider some of the oils or butters to moisturize and aid in detangling. Good job asking and being congnizant of the differences between hair types, but don't sweat it either!
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Well everyone covered my advice. But I can chat in person if you need. Washing only once a week and using coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil, depending what's handiest.

Her hair reminds me totally of mine as a peanut (and I kept all my hair).
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Thank you!!! I got California Baby for sensitive skin both shampoo/ baby wash and conditioner. I also got some pure jajoba oil. I love trillium shae butter, burts bees apricot oil, burts bees honey body butter too! Her hair and skin look great! I love her curls, too bad it's so cold outside, she wears a hat when we go out, lol.:
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I absolutely LOVE curly q's products for my DC. http://www.curls.biz/curly-hair-prod...-products.html
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Wanted to add that we LOVE Carol's Daughter's baby and kid products. Well, I like everything we have tried. I think the hair milk works really well-it's really light too. For DS (now six) we use Shea in the Almond Cookie scent for body and hair milk or mimosa honey (depends long or short) and I LOVE the Black Vanilla conditioner smoothie thingy.
www.carolsdaughter.com (PS-free shipping after a certain amount and FAST delivery). Wish they had a store here!
PS_She is way cute!
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We used just Burt's bees shampoo bar and jojoba oil on my daughter's hair when she was a baby. Now we use Cornrows and Co. shampoo(herbal) and (mint)conditioner, and love it. The shampoo always washes out. Some of the conditioner does stay in, but it is great for blowdrying/braiding - if she was a boy with short hair, it would not work.

She is five now and has highly textured, thick hair that has to be braided or twisted....."flying free" is a very temporary state for her. Her hair is long and healthy, and I do attribute a lot of that to using only natural products.

Relax for now, you are going to get an education soon enough. I started with little braids here and there when my daughter had only a little hair (she had a little mohawk for the first year or so), and that really helped me to be more comfortable as the amount and texture of her hair required a more skilled hand.

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When DS was little I used the CA Baby sensitive shampoo for body and hair and also the conditioner, which I'd often leave in or only kind of rinse out. I used a bunch of different hair moisturizers - sometimes whatever I could find in the "ethinc" aisle of the drug store, or shea butter (which I found hard to work with).
He's now 3 and I use the Alaffia shampoos and conditioners and coconut oil after a bath.
Congrats on your family!
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I'm 25 and I'm still searching for just the right product for my curly hair (I'm mixed). Right now I'm using Motions hair lotion which is NOT natural in any way. However, my hair was very brittle when only using BB hair products. I'm looking into coconut oil but my hair get very frizzy so I don't know if it'll work. For my boys I don't use any product when I cut their hair low. When they have longer hair, I use BB. I use BB on the baby's hair and put it in pigtails (I've waited patiently through two boys with fros to put pigtails on someone :LOL: ) but when I switch to coconut oil (when my Motions runs out in a couple days) I'll use it on her if it works. She's mixed too (obviously) but 75% black and a baby besides (just over 1) so her experience would be more relevant. None of my friends/family members with children use natural products so I get my information from myself and my kids through trial and error (lots and lots of error).
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Motions hates my hair it always ends up crunchy and over oily. Have you tried mixed chicks products, many people I know give it high marks. Also a lighter oil than coconut is jojoba or grapseed. I like BB deep conditioner though but homemade products seem to work better for me. HTH
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I bought Mixed Chicks hair stuff....it is okay but it does curl the hair. If the hair is already curly it is not necessary. Just do not use harsh chemicals at all on natural AA hair. Especially children.

Mixed chicks is okay but a natural shampoo is fine as long as it does not dry the hair. (Mixed chicks is kind of pricey). Baby shampoo is good but try to avoid shampoos for anyone's hair that has laural sulfates in it.
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Originally Posted by azedazobollis View Post
Can anyone recommend some good resources for natural hair care for our new adopted baby?
read the book Curly Girl by lorraine massey. her bottom line is that curly hair is much more s ensitive than straight and should never be exposed to the harsh detergents found in most shampoos. either use a fancy and expensive "no-poo" or wash the scalp with conditioner just like you would with shampoo. i have been doing this for over a year and my hair is remarkably healthier, less dry/frizzy and less prone to breakage. it dosnt look greasy or dirty and there's no strange odor or anything else you might think. she also has some recipes for natural hair care products. i stumbled across her book by accident at the library and vowed that if i ever had a curly headed daughter, i'd never shampoo her! so far i've got a straight haired son though...
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Originally Posted by Jannah6 View Post
I absolutely LOVE curly q's products for my DC. http://www.curls.biz/curly-hair-prod...-products.html
We use these products too.

And you can get codes for them at
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My two boys are biracial(black/white) and we use coconut oil to moisturize. We also have another product that we actually got from the dollar store that works even better--my stepdaughter who is also biracial uses it and works great for her. It is called Softee Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment. It smells so good too, and for a dollar at dollar tree for a 3.5 ounces, a little goes a long way.
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