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Is anyone else getting some serious PP headaches? I remember this last time with DD. I'm wondering if I need to drink more water or maybe eat some more with all this BFing?
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Is it PP or was it the massive amounts of chocolate I had last night. *wink*

When did you get headaches? How long did they last?
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They usually start in the afternoon and get pretty bad by bedtime. I'm wondering if my vision is "readjusting". Somewhere I read/heard that pregnancy can mess with your vision. Right now I have one and it's in about the top 1/3 of my head.
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I'm getting headaches too. I know that I don't eat and drink the way I should be...maybe that's why we're getting them.

Right now sleep is way more important to me than food and fluids lol. Which is so weird bc I LOVE LOVE LOVE food.
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I always get migraines pp but this is the worst yet. I am having 1 or 2 a day: If i don't have 1 on a day then the next day I have 2. I am glad that dh is out of school. He starts back tues so hopefully they will get better soon.
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the herb butterbur has been studied and is apparently effective for migraines. not sure about BFing with it but I've heard good things..
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