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Hello! Newbie here!

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Hi, I'm so excited to have found this website! My partner and I have just registered at a sperm bank, and we hope to get me pregnant sometime soon!

Right now our hold up is due to health insurance, I recently started a new job and won't be covered until April, so it looks like that will be our first month of trying! We've been having fun picking out possible donors, and I felt so positively hopeful after our initial consultation at the clinc. We're going to Pacific Reproductive Services here in SF, and I got such a warm fuzzy feeling. I can't wait to get started! We had our wedding ceremony in April of 08 so I'm crossing my fingers that April is a lucky month for us!

Right now our plan is to contine practice charting with BBT like I've done for the last couple of months, and next cycle I'll try a OPK for the first time.

Once we're all set I'm going to do 2 IUI's...and I'm terrified of running out of money from our baby fund. I'd rather spend a lot upfront to ensure better chances of a pregnancy, but I'm sure a lot of us feel that way. It's hard to read so many stories of years of TTC and all sorts of awful medical issues, but I've also heard some lucky stories!

Well that was a long introduction!
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welcome hopefulmommy04! if you would like to join the queer ttc thread, we'd be happy to see you there. april isn't that far away. if you have any questions, one of us has more than likely been there, done that.

as for me, we have one son and i'm the birth mum. my dp has just started on the path for #2 and we've had one unsuccessful try last month. dp has many fertility challenges so we are using an re and we just went through more testing this week. we feel we are in better hands than our last clinic and the re is confident she can get dp pregnant!

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I'm so glad you found us!

My wife and I have three children plus one on the way. Two of our pregnancies were the lucky first-try kind, and the other one took 3 tries. It definitely isn't always a long, drawn out, (expensive), process! Even with frozen sperm.

That's great that your new health insurance will cover inseminations, etc.! I think that's pretty rare. We paid out of pocket for the first two pregnancies, and then our insurance (different) ended up paying for our third successful cycle, I think by accident (because it wasn't supposed to be covered). I don't know if maybe someone in the RE's office helped us out somehow. Score!

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Our insurance covered part of the IUIs, too -- you want to see if "infertility" is covered. We had to send the forms in to the insurance company ourselves, but figured the worst they'd do was say no, and we'd just be out the cost of a stamp. As it is they covered about half the total cost.

(I'm the non-bio mom-to-be - my wife fozziebear is due in September. We used PRS too (the branch in Southern California, though) and were very pleased.)
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Oops! I didn't mean that my insurance will cover the IUI's...in fact I doubt anything will be covered! I just don't have a health plan right now and even though we have the money to pay out of pocket for a few months of trying, I think it's important to have health insurance for when I DO become pregnant! Does that make sense?

I haven't had health insurance for the past 4 years, and made a point to start a new job where I would get those benefits because I knew we wanted to move forward with our baby making plans! I recently donated my eggs and found that experience highly positive, and the compensation I recieved for that is what we are using as our baby fund. I figured I tried to help a couple in need achieve their dreams, and that in a sense they paid it forward to help me.

When we started looking at all the info we knew it was expensive, but now that we are putting all the numbers together its a real eye-opener. Now that I feel so ready to get going, I'm so worried that in the end it will be money that shuts the door for us! I think we can do about 4-5 months of trying...and I think those are good odds?? At least, I'm really hoping!

My DP wants to carry a child as well, and if I get pregnant quickly we'll keep the remaining money in the fund for her to try later. If not...well...I guess we'll just need to figure that out if it comes to that.

Thanks for the welcomes!! I'm glad to be here.
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Welcome!! I hope your trying to conceiuve process happens quickly. Best of luck to you!
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