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PhD-ing Mamas! Acheiving and Believing in 2009! - Page 13

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wow Mamas----rock on!!!!

Lemon Lady: i have no words---you'll need to share with us ABDers how you've managed two little ones, job market, writing, a working dh, and all the other life inbetween. i'm very impressed and sending you the best of luck on the job search. and big WELCOME to our little crew:

Muchpeace: Congrads!!!!!!!! wow. what a great way to end the year!!!! enjoy having crossed the phinish line!

Carita: job search mojo to you too!!! best of luck on the campus visit/interview next week. we're all rooting for you!!!

no exciting news here, i'm just happy not have to teach today!
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congrats to all who are defending! so awesome. i can't wait for that to be me some day

the last time i posted here, i was stressing about possibly being pg on the job market next year. we were planning to TTC this summer, but i guess the universe had other plans because right after T-giving i got a BFP

DH was shocked (i was on BCP), but he seems to be settling in to the idea gradually. i still plan to go on the job market next fall. if all goes well, this babe should come in mid-july.

ETA: z., could you not tell anyone? we're not announcing in the dept. for awhile! thanks!
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congrats!!!! the only thing that stinks about july is giving up summer conferences... when DS was born I had to give up an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand - *sigh* But its nice to know now, right?

preggo brain stirkes and I accidently shipped my maternity clothes to my old address/state. They are being rerouted, but I hope they get here in time for my interview!!!!
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Ang: CONGRADS!!!!!! (IRL: not a word, promise!)

but really, you were on the BCP??!! yikes! !

Carita: I hope you get your clothes asap. if not, maybe a run to Old Navy? their relatively cheap maternity section saved me from several i-can't-believe-nothing-fits-me-again meltdowns when i was expecting. but it is true, pregnancy/early mama brain is so real. i feel like i just emerged from the fog and my peanut is 16 months.
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I wish it were so easy!! I am a XS petite/ankle length - I can order them online, but I can't get them in store.

What am I thinking going back into the fog? LOL.. No matter what - I've given it a lot of thought, and I think if I get any offers for a FT position, I will ask to start in 2011. I am going to take a year off with the new one, put DS in preschool PT and have grammy watch the new one PT, then devote a little time to research just to catch up on publishing a few things I have on the table and get some funding for new projects. By Fall 2011, The new one will be about 16 mo, and just about time for me to get out of that fog that you and I have after kids...
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Weel - the interview is over. Kind of weird, snowstorm hit and the university was closed, but they still held the interview. so i didn't get to meet many people outside the 2 faculty interviewers, and I had a teaching and research talk each to just those two member. oh well. at least its over. I think they liked me, but i am really iffy about them... I like them well enough, but the school seems to be in so much transistion, and they are expecting me and the other new search candidate (they are running 2 searches) to give them direction, create a minor, promote a program, teach a 3-3 and have a stellar research program. I fear the amount of service work will make it very difficult to get the research done needed for tenure, not to mention they had a faculty member not make tenure 2 years ago and leave and the university is trying to change the tenure process. To top it off, it seems that the salary will just be median, where I was hoping it would be a little higher to cover the increased COL. Anyway, we will see - I won't find out for over a month, but that is a good thing actually becuase I have other job apps out that haven't even been reviewed yet.
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Ding ding ding!!!!! Last week I passed my last QE (3 written and one oral) and am now officially advanced to candidacy!!!!!
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congrats candidate!
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hey there everyone.

2009 is almost over, wow.

i hope you are doing well and moving forward on your professional goals.

i'm chugging along, however slowly, just getting back to my own work after the grading deluge and a little holiday-ing.

we started this thread discussing our goals for the year. perhaps an end-of-the year-virtual reflection might be helpful in celebrating those 2009 achievements and releasing those disappointments and obstacles. then, i suppose, we can start a new thread for 2010?
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Hey! I know it is 2010, and this is an '09 thread, but I just found it and thought I would introduce myself....
I'm in my 4th yr as a biology/neuro phd student. I'm taking the oral portion of my exams next week, so hopefully I'll be able to focus on writing my proposal soon. I took the written last spring, but am just getting to the orals because I had ds in June and was unable to coordinate my committee until now...
Anyway, I would love to be a part of a 2010 thread! Anything to keep me accountable moving toward graduation!!!!
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We probably should start a new thread... but I'm so good at procrastination...
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okay - done procrastinating


Join in for 2010!
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