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When to go to ER with stomach virus? *WE'RE GOING BACK POST 23* - Page 2

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Oh, mama. I'm so sorry! I'm glad you are going to pursue this.

For your dd though, it sounds like thing are improving. I wish you luck!

For future reference breastmilk will ALWAYS be better than pedialyte. I would also definitely consider homeopathy.
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sorry for the all caps but needed to get attention... her body needs to get rid of the pathogen, therefore, it NEEDS to vomit and/or have diarrhea - preventing it will prolong her illness and increase the risk of . Further, antibiotics INCREASE the damage that bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella do to the body by essentially bursting the bacteria which then floods the bloodstream with their toxins. Antibiotics are almost NEVER administered to children for such infections anymore.
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, mama. All 5 of us have had a nasty stomach bug in the last 2 weeks. None of us had to go to the doctor or the hospital, but there were times when I was worried about dehydration -- did my research online and called and spoke with a nurse, which made me feel better. We're all doing fine now... coming out of it... but I know what an unnerving thing it is to see them that way and not be sure what to do, not know if you should do anything... Glad to hear she is feeling better!
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Thanks so much, everyone. I'm fairly sure DD is finally improving. She still hasn't eaten anything solid (since Thurs. afternoon), but this evening she perked up a little and kept down two nursings. Phew.

It was a bit of a learning curve for me, since she needed me to start limiting her nursing--now I nurse her for two minutes every fifteen minutes. The tiny amounts is really helping her keep it down, and of course the frequency is helping her stay hydrated. I feel badly b/c now I suspect part of the reason she vomited for so long is b/c I was allowing her to nurse as much as she wanted, which clearly wasn't the best thing for her. Oh well.

So now my 20mo has gone back to BF baby poops, and she's nursing every 15 minutes. Who wants to bet that I'll be posting again in a few weeks, asking for help getting her back on solid food?
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I'm glad to hear she's on the mend!

BTW, how can you say she's not eating any solid food when she ate two whole cookies?
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We're going back.
She's lethargic again, and is throwing up every hour.
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Oh my goodness!! I hope they figure it out and she starts to get better soon.
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SOunds like Rota Virus to me. My dd had it when she was 2. She vomited and had very foul smelling diarrhea for 5 days. We took her to the doc, and then to the ER where she was admitted for 2 days to get her hydrated. It was awful. I sure hope your lo feels better. Hugs to you mama!!
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Just sending a My DS1's first stomach virus was a lot like this (although he never got as dehydrated - we were lucky). It flared up, calmed down, flared up again at least 2, maybe 3 times over a week. The doc said sometimes a virus will go dormant and then reappear and that was likely what was happening with DS. It was so disheartening. Every time it came back, though, it lasted less time. I hope this is the case for your LO as well.
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I hope she's better soon.
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We saw our ped instead. She decided that DD wasn't dehydrated enough to warrant an iv, and we've been nursingnursingnursing since we got home. She's doing okay this evening, after a long nap.

We're keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks for all the support.
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Hey Mama,
I'm sorry you're still dealing with this.

I read your PSA and it sounds like your DD has food poisoning instead of a virus? Is that what your PSA means?

I'm just so sorry, I hope she is able to get over this quickly - poor baby
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