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No choice

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Is there anyone else here besides me that has no delivery options but a c-section My birthing run down is this. First baby delivered at 38 weeks by a natural vaginal birth. Second baby I was induced once again. Labored for 19 hours. Twelve of those hours I never dialated past a 6 and he never engaged in the birth canal was always a minus 3 station (floating). I had a very c-section unfriendly doctor who said he couldn't let me go any longer and actually let me go longer than hospital policy. Third baby it was discussed with doctor that I would VBAC and he said that is what he preferred over repeat c-sections. It never happened she was delivered at 26 weeks by emergency c-section. My utereus was cut in the dreaded classical incision because of the emergency. Fourth was a repeat c-section which was horrible because I woke up during the surgery. I had general ansthesia because they couldn't never place a spinal. They tried about 8 times over an hour and my back was mutilated. My fourth was also breech and I had postpartum hemorrhage. Which if I hadn't had to have a c-section I would have asked them to try to turn him. Here I am on my last and 4th c-section and I hate it. I want to give birth naturally again.
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Wow...you've had a rough time of it, mama!

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be not to have a choice.

One thing that I have learned here on MDC, is that it seems like the best c/sections are the ones that people really accept and plan for. I admit it would be really, really hard to do that.
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HUGS Not in your situation, but I wanted to offer my sympathies. I hope you can find something that you can come to peace with.

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i like the others have not much advice, but wanted to offer hugs and support.

there is a tribe here tha tyou mauy find good info. it is something like "all children by c/section" tribe. i know your first was vaginal, but you're having this by c/s . it may help to have others in at least a similar boat.
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wow. what a story. I'm sorry you've been through such awful experiences. Where in VA are you located?
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Originally Posted by wearbaby View Post
wow. what a story. I'm sorry you've been through such awful experiences. Where in VA are you located?

I am located in Southwestern Virginia nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains
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