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Your About Me Page/Section?

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This may seem like a silly question, but I'm stuck and have questions. What little of an About Me I have started is quite 'boring teacups' (silly phrase we used as teens that referred to the teacup ride at an amusement park not being thrilling).

Short or Long?

Just how much do people really want to know about me?

What kinds of things do you share in yours?

Is your About Me straightforward or witty?

And WHY am I stuck on the details? LOL
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Mine is a mere blurb--actually, it's a fairly long run-on sentence that sums me up!

I think that your About me section should reflect the way you'll write your blog. If you write "funny", the bio should be funny and so on, kwim? But definitely give the readers some sort of clues as to what they can expect to be reading.
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I'll agree with wordmommy.

This is mine:

I aspire to one day be as witty as some of the folks I read. Though I've been told I'm hilarious in person, most of my humor relies on tone and inflection, and thus falls flat in the written word. But I'm good at being maudlin in print. Really. Oh, and I like crocheting. A lot. And I'll gouge your eyes out with a 3.75mm hook if you suggest it's a) less versatile than knitting or b) the same thing as knitting.
(I wrote it back when my crochet blog was on the same blogging service & was my main blog.)

I need to rewrite it, but I've been needing to rewrite it. I honestly didn't like it much when I wrote it, but I felt the need to have *something*.

As a blog reader, I rarely read them. I will agree with Heather that an ideal About Me section needs to reflect what your blog is about. This is the About Me section from my latest favorite:

If you don't know who I am, you better look at Big Tobacco's Greatest Tits Hits.
And while you are at it, watch my Videos

Big Tobacco is a cigar-smoking, coffee-drinking, software-writing, graduate student who has served in the Army National Guard for over 14 years, attained the grade of E-6, and should have known better than to join the Infantry.

Big Tobacco is married and a father of 2 boys. He stared this blog to keep his friends and co-workers up to date on deployment events.

Just don't take him too seriously.
That is pretty much exactly the way Big Tobacco writes his posts. So it works. Really, it's one of the best I can think of offhand.
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Mine is very short and to the point. It's only one sentence. I tend to only read them when they are short.
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I don't have a blog but I read them, and I always want to know where they live, how they got there, where they're from, etc.
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Originally Posted by mine
We are a small family of three living on a modest income, and we’re committed to eating wholesome, sustainably produced food while maintaining a budget. With the USDA’s thrifty food budget as our guide, we’re maintaining healthy, 100% organic eating on a budget of $441 per month.

So many people believe that organic foods is cost-prohibitive or simply out of their reach. The organic food movement and the slow food movement have both been called elitist in nature. The truth is that nourishing, wholesome foods that have been properly farmed are accessibly on virtually any budget.

The Nourished Kitchen calls for a return to wholesome organic foods that have been traditionally prepared. At the same time, we’re proving that these foods are not cost-prohibitive. Indeed, you can keep your costs affordable by efficiently managing your kitchen.

On this site you can:

* Learn about traditional foods including soaking and sprouting grains and legumes, the importance of wholesome fats, how to make bone broth, sourcing high-quality ingredients.
* Post a request or offer for a culture or starter on the cultures & starters exchange.
* Browse nourishing recipes.
* Find out your family’s monthly thrifty budget by clicking here.

If you have questions, comments or just want to share feel free to contact me and don’t forget to subscribe to the Nourished Kitchen’s feeds:

* Nourished Kitchen: Thoughts on Traditional Food, Health and Wellness
* Recipes from the Nourished Kitchen: Wholesome Recipes for Traditional Foods
* The Cultures & Starters Exchange: Post or find fil mjolk, piima, vilii, matsoni, sourdough starters, kombucha SCOBYs, water kefir and dairy kefir grains.

Pleasant eating and don’t forget to join the community by commenting!
I can never figure out if it's good, bad or whatever. It gets a LOT of hits.
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Snowbunny - I think yours is great. It's very focused and well written. The length for something well written is not an issue at all, I think. It's the poorly written ones that just ramble on and on and on that I don't ever read beyond one or two sentences.

Can you pm me the link to your blog? I'm just getting into Traditional Foods and am very much still in the learning stage. I'd love another resource.
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I iincluded the purpose of the blog, some areas I will focus on, and a paragraph about me (hobbies, family, etc.). I included a few pictures as well.
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I cheated

I filled in the blanks on a bio generator and then added a little bit to the auto generated bio.

I like your about snowbunny!
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Mine covers a bit about each of us and what we do. You can find it in my link below if you want a reference.
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