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Does where you live affect tv time?

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i have a 6 year old dd.

now that we are more in a rural kinda place dd watches much less tv. rarely if at all. summer almost never. winter during bad weather. but even then rarely. i cant remember the last time we watched tv.

we both are big movie people - mostly in theaters when we can afford it. dd has grown up with tv - many hours when i have had to be busy due to an emergency.

but i have found - if there is an alternative she will always go for an alternative. esp. as she grew older. when she was younger she was totally addicted. mostly dvds. but its something we both did together.

so does where you live naturally affect your tv time?

ETA: I am a single mom. with just one child. i never really wanted to be tv free. or movie free. when dd was younger we watched together. i was fascinated by her interest in tv. it was like tv was another toy that we played with when we wanted to.

i am a more of a reader or net surfer.

what i find interesting is as my dd grows older she strays more and more from tv. esp. now that she has the outdoors to explore in.
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Where I grew up, I was ALWAYS outdoors. My sister and I watched cartoons on Saturday mornings and that was it. We weren't way rural, but we had a lot of acreage with woods and we explored all day long and played with our dolls and animals in the grass. I now live in a major city and I can see how difficult it is to be TV-free. We are outside a lot, but it just isn't the same and I give in to a movie every now and then. Our yard, like all the other yards here, is tiny and the kids almost get bored if I don't change it up with new plants, etc. I should also mention that we don't really have seasonal changes, so that definitely messes things up!
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For us, yes. We live more rural, as well and have 1/2 an acre fenced in yard for the kids to play, a swingset, lots of outside toys, etc., They can ride their bikes outside or we can safely go on a walk. Also, our house is large and there is plenty of space to do a whole variety of activities.

When we lived in a small 2nd floor apartment, I don't think living TV-free would have been so easy. I was not comfortable with my kids playing outside (well, we did go to the playground a lot but it was waaay different than now) We didn't have much inside space, they ran up and down the long hallway, driving the people downstairs nuts!

we do watch movies and occasional shows online, fwiw (and are considering a home theatre system) but for sure it has been much easier to not watch hrs of tv per day with where we live now.

ETA: another thing related to this is that we are in a mild climate (it's sunny and fairly warm out today) so it's not like we have to be cooped up inside because there is snow. When I lived in CO, it was a pain to get all bundled up and go out to play in winter -- and we didn't stay out very long.
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We were TV-free in Moscow, Russia for four years. We had a paved over courtyard/parking lot five flights and a gauntlet of smokers away, and a disgusting playground a fifteen minute walk away. Winter started in October and lasted until May.

Now we live in a small New England beach town. We have a great backyard and wonderful playgrounds and a library within walking distance.

Does this make a difference? Absolutely. Is location a deal-breaker? It doesn't have to be. Still, looking back I don't know how I did it. I wouldn't want to have to try it again!
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We've been tv-free in apartments, a house in the city, and now in a rural suburb.
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