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North Metro Atlanta playgroup--2009!

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I started our new thread!

re: doggie playdate--we checked out the Leita Thompson dog park today (brr!), and Gable had the best time EVER. Dave and the kids walked on the trails while Gable played. The sign says no kids under 12 unless they're accompanied by an adult and that parents "should not" bring in toddlers or small children. That reads like a guideline rather than a rule to me . On the other hand, there's really not much of anything for the kids to do there. It's supposed to be 47, but sunny, on Tuesday. I'm up for whatever, but I'll need probably need to leave at noon for lunch with my grandmother.
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OMGosh, I forgot about tomorrow! We can play if you still want to Gretchen, does anyone else want to? Maybe around 10:30?
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no dog park for me but subbing to the thread!
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We're still up for it! Should we meet at the dog park at 10:30? Or would you rather do your house so we can watch the dogs from inside where it's warm?
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Do you just want to do the dog park, or walk too? You can go on the trail & end up at the dog park.
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Daisy probably wont do so well in someones yard, but I dont know if taking the kids in is a good idea if there are other dogs there. I am ok with dogs of owners I know around my kids, but other dog owners can be dummies. I'll probably make a game time decision tomorrow, so dont decide around me.
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Originally Posted by Lula's Mom View Post
Do you just want to do the dog park, or walk too? You can go on the trail & end up at the dog park.
I think dog park first would be the better plan, as Gable will be completely nuts until he gets to play. Maybe wear dogs out first, then walk?
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Sure we can do it that way if you want. My thought was that they'd get to walk together and pee on the same trees, have a bond of sorts, before they were let loose to... do whatever they're gonna do. But I'm sure it will be fine.

So we'll meet at the dog park parking lot and let them play for a few, then.
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We are out for the dog park, but I think we saw Kristi and Marcos leaving Roswell Park yesterday as we got there, too far way to say hi. It was the most lovely day-- perfect temperature, but everyone thought it was too cold. We had the whole park to ourselves!
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Yeah, we were there!! Lula had gymnastics, so Marcos & I took a walk and stopped at the playground for a few minutes. It was deserted for sure. Everybody else missed out, huh?
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Wow. It is really cold. And grey. I'm not saying I'm wimping out though. Unless you are.
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We'll only be there a little while! We can do it! My motivation is that Gable is impossible to live with if he doesn't get to play for awhile every day. I meant to get a lazy dog this time....
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Hey North Fulton MDC mamas! I would love to start meeting up with you guys in the March timeframe. I have decided to leave the corporate world to stay at home, and I need some activities to fill our days and some contact to keep me sane. I have a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old.
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You are welcome any time, Molly! Just check the thread often; we sometimes decide at the last minute where we'll be meeting.

Well, my dogs were Not Awesome at the dog park. It's funny because I kind of thought Hardy might not enjoy it, as he has trust issues, especially with other dogs getting behind him where he can't see and yikes who knows what they might be about to do to him! But Puck surprised me! He has been a little marshmellow as far as I've ever seen him. If I hadn't had them both there, they wouldn't have been able to take cues from one another, and it might have been different.

Not that I will ever know for sure, because going to the dog park is not necessary for me and not worth the stress. The walk was awesome though! I love when our kids get together. They really think alike in terms of exploring, and jumping over/in creeks, collecting rocks and petting worms... What childhood should be, you know?
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I totally forgot to check back in~~!! Glad you guys had fun!
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I bet they would have been okay once they got used to the whole thing, Kristi...but, yeah, they can play with each other at home so you don't need no stinkin' dog park! I love that we can bring our kids to a dog park and they still have a great time as long as they have each other to play with
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Missed you guys today, but we're too cold to leave the house!
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Hi ladies! I finally got around to getting a new login.

Brrr.... it's been way too cold for us to go outside. I'm a big wimp. Though now that Gavin's Spanish class has been moved to 9am on Friday mornings, maybe we can come to another park day when the weather is warmer.
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Just popping in to say "hi!" We'll make it back to playgroup one of these days, I swear!:
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Anybody want to play tomorrow? Weather says 63 and partly cloudy!! I'm up for either of our two normal parks, or you guys can come here (Canton for those who dont know) to play in the back yard. Its wide open to the sun, until about 3-4pm, and fenced in!

LMK what you guys think!
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