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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Life With a Baby › what "shoe" size does your 9-10 m old wear?
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what "shoe" size does your 9-10 m old wear?

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i'm trying to order baby slippers and i have no idea what size. i'd like them to last until may-june? so she will be 14 months old then. she's wearing robeez size 9-12m
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First off, let me say, that those slippers are the cutest things I've ever seen!! LOVE. them.
When my DS was that age and he was wearing Robeez (or the knock off brand), I always put him a size a little bigger so that they could last longer and leave room for socks, too - he was in size 12-24 months when he was 10 months old. So maybe give those a try? But he's also almost 3 years old and wears a size 9. He's always had big footsies.
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DD is 8 mos and wears a size 2. Her actual size is a one. It looks like those slippers dont come that small :/ DD COULD wear a three, but it would still be way big even into may/june.
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My DD is eleven months and wears a size 3, but with plenty of room for growing into them.

I agree those are the cutest
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My son is 9 mos and I recently bought him a pair of size 4 shoes. He has a LOT of room in the toes, but they stay on just fine, and they would be hard to put on if they were any smaller (he has some chunky thankles!)
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DS wore 6-12 months in Robeez at that age, but when he got actual sized shoes at 13 months he wore a 5XW. I would probably get them a little big to be sure and then she can wear them longer. They are super cute!
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My 10.5 month old DS wears size 5-6...lol He has always had big hands and feet, even when he was born He is big for his age (95%tile for both height and weight) and is already in 3t clothing, so his feet don't really look THAT big...
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DS has those exact pair, I love them!

I bought them from this site though (Montreal store). The drop-down box is by age, he currently wears the 3-18 mos size, but would need a larger size very soon (he's almost 9 months with big feet): http://boutiquebummis.com/produits-p...&lvl2=Padraigs
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