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I thought I would be joining you and...

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Here I am!!! ::::

I posted in one of the first threads here that I felt this would be our month and sure enough I got my BFP yesterday. I am so excited, yet VERY scared!! Our last pregnancy ended sadly around 8 weeks in November in a missed-miscarraige. I am trying to be positive, but am really just scared that something will happen again.

As for symptoms... they are really low this time which also scares me. My boobs are usually a first sign of pregnancy yet they barely hurt yet. I have been crampy off/on for the past week which must be the little one burrowing in. Please pray that I have a sticky healthy little bean!!

I am very excited about being here and hope I get to stay for a long nine months!! I look forward to getting to know everyone too!! :
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congrats!!! i just got here myself but welcome. so sorry about your loss. i am scared too...it's so hard yk? i had some spotting a few days ago which is when AF was due. when i use the bathroom i am so afraid i will see blood. GL. *fingers crossed* for us both.
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I've miscarried too, in between my dd and ds. I'm nervous right along with y'all. It's going to be great, and we are going to have the most beautiful bunch of September babies in history!
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Glad you are here!
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There's a woman that's in ECC classes with my kid...she has a two year old and a fourteen year old. She said they're basically the same person - EGOCENTRIC beyond belief! Your siggie reminded me of her.
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Welcome and Congratulations!! I've been having some cramping too. I had it with DD and my midwife said it was ligament pain. I'm hoping that's what it is this time too. Sending prayers your way.
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Welcome! I cramped a bit this time, but I cramped until 14 weeks with my DD.

Still, sending you sticky vibes!!! Hang in there, little one! We want to meet you in September!

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Congratulations and welcome!! There's also a PAL (Pregnancy After Loss) thread that another mama started if you need extra support.

I feel you on the few symptoms thing; I had a m/c last pregnancy (my first: first pregnancy, first m/c) and I haven't had many symptoms with this one, but so far everything seems to be going fine... fingers crossed!

Congratulations again, so happy you're here.
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greatfully baby #2 is on their way here too...I also had 2 m/c at 14 w both times before dd was born; so my excitement is tempered with fear it is nice to know there are others like me in the EXACT same boat
due 9/18/09
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congrats on this one which i'll pray for you to be a sticky baby, and sorry about your previous loss.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome!!! I have not slept well since I got my BFP... anything from dreaming about spotting to not being able to sleep at all!!

I have an appointment with my doctor today - I can't wait!! I know he will run some lab work so I am hoping that will come back okay and ease my worries at least a little bit! I just want to know that my little bean is going to stick around here for the next 9 months!!
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