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Hello! and book Q

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Hello everyone!

my name is Ellie and I am hoping to eventually live in the country and be as self-sufficient as possible. I spent the weekend at an organic farm community and that only strengthened my resolve!

currently I'm a student (only one more semester! in a city and next year I'll be living ina college city as well (Ithaca) but I'd really like to spend that time learning as much as I can about farming and becoming self-sufficient--do you guys have any good "beginner" book recommendations for me to start out with?

since I'll just be reading and not practicing so much any books with engaging authors (=less dense) would be my preference

TIA!! I look forward to getting know you all here!
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John Seymours - Self Suffiant Life

Carla Emery - Country Living

Root Cellaring

Four Season Harvest - Eliot Coleman

Ball Book of Canning

5 acres and independance

http://www.motherearthnews.com/ (was great in the 70's & 80's is now much more "yuppie" but still has good stuff in it)

You can learn how to cook from scratch, bake bread, sew, craft, garden, can, dehydrate, etc, etc before you move to the country to start actually living like this full time.
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thanks so much--look like great books!

and yes I am definitely planning on learning a lot this year and next year--I am hoping to sign up for sewing clsses pretty soon!
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