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I've heard it depends on what the animal has been fed. My farmer friend says manure from grass and hay-fed animals is ready sooner than manure from grain-fed animals. She'll use the first after letting it compost for a few months, but won't use the latter unless it's been cooking about 9 months. Can anyone else confirm this theory?
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Meat eating animal feces are not as safe for the garden. The reason being that intestinal parasites from these animals are harder to kill. In a well composted pile, they will be killed by the heat of the pile. But often compost piles do not get as hot as they should if they are not maintained properly.

Sheep are a grain fed animal. The only concern with using that manure is that IF it is not composted well enough, if could burn your roots.
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compost and cacti

i have some dead cacti, would it be ok to throw them in the composter? the pokers kind of scare me, but i guess i'm really not going to be digging around in there with my hands...
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