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When did your baby start sitting up?

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Hi all. Well DD is about 6.5 months old now and is not sitting up on her own yet and will roll from her stomach to back once in a while but cant seem to roll from her back to her stomach, though she tries. My mom says that she should be doing these things by now (she works in early intervention), but I think that all babies are just different. My son was sitting up and crawling by 7 months but I believe that I have heard girls usually take longer in this department. She is more advanced in the verbal department than my son was at this age. I am just curious to know at what age your child, especially girls, started sitting up on their own.. I appreciate any advice!

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ds could sit unassisted at 7 months. He could go from his tummy to sitting up when he was 10 months old. He's a little slow on his large motor milestones. He just started true crawling (as opposed to army crawling) right at 11 months and still is not cruising yet.
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I don't know what qualifies as sitting... my son could sit without being propped up for about 10 seconds before keeling over at 4.5 months. Still not sure if her has really hit that milestone or not yet,,,
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Your baby sounds totally fine to me, mama. I wouldn't worry a bit. 6mo is way too soon to be concerned about not being able to sit on her own. Is your baby very big? I've noticed a lot of babies who are larger sit/roll over/crawl a bit later than their more lithe counterparts. Anyway, not to worry.
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My baby was early to sit up at 5 months (a boy). He rolled over onto his back at 4 months, and back to stomach at 6 months, crawled on all fours at 9 months. I believe I read somewhere (I don't know where) that the "deadline" for sitting unassisted is 9 months. So don't get worried until 10 months! Think about putting a babe in a highchair at a restaurant, or in a buggy at the grocery at 6 months! They are still small for that, I think your mother is jumping the gun, I bet you anything she will start sitting on her own before you could get an appointment for an evaluation.

Here's a link to a mainstream website that talks about sitting. That's basically my understanding about sitting.

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dd is 6 months old and she sits on her own BUT she does fall over, although i think its because she's trying to grab from something out of reach.. she ONLY rolls from tummy to back and ONLY one way..and not all the time.
i dont know how it happened, so i dont really have any "advice".. sorry..
but i think that every baby is different and moves at their own pace.. i dont think that i would be worried if i was you..

she's a girl.. talking is way more important!!
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My first 3 sat alone ( if I sat them up) at about 4 1/2- 5 months. Thats sitting with both hands down as support 5 - 5 1/2 months they could with a little wobble. Mine have all crawled by 6 months and walked by 10.
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My DS started to sit unassisted at 7.5 mos, before that he'd fall over after a second or two if we put him into a seated position. I think your LO's just fine, I've seen plenty of babies not sit up on their own yet at 6 mos! (plenty that do too) you're well within the range of normal.

ETA: DS went on to crawl before 8 mos, and walked at 11 mos. If it matters any...but just to compare......
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Since your mom works in EI, I wouldn't disregard what she says all together. Is this the only thing that concerns her about your DD or is there something else? DH had 2 delayed children and he disregarded what everyone was telling him about his first child because he didn't want to believe anything was wrong. He was 3 yrs old before he got any help. So my advice is to not be overly worried about this but at the same time be open to your mom's concerns since she has alot of experience with this.
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DS is 5.5 months right now. He was working and working and working at sitting up since he was about 4 months. It was right around 5 months that he was able to sit up, without using his arms as supports, for any length of time (a few minutes) ---unless, of course, he reaches for a toy that's out of reach.

In the last week he started rolling tummy to back. (Not back-to-tummy) The rolling tummy-to-back thing is influenced by time spent on tummy. Since babies are now being put to sleep on their backs/sides, the timeline for this milestone has shifted. It may that your mom is thinking of the old timeline for rolling over. DS has always hated being on his tummy. Around 5 months I started giving him "tummy time" more regularly...which he did not like. He would try to get off his tummy (i.e. roll over), though...which was what I wanted to encourage. So we'd do just a few minutes of tummy time at a time. He would definitely fuss and let me know he was frustrated. If his fussing escalated, I immediately picked him up. Otherwise, DH and I would cheer him on and coax him with toys as he tried to get off his belly. Interestingly, now that he can roll tummy-to-back, he tolerates time on his belly much better...even enjoys it sometimes.
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Thanks everyone. There probably is no need to worry yet. I try to do tummy time also and of course she hates it. lol I am glad she is babbling alot though. My son never did that at her age.. Though he has autism and is still nonverbal now at age 5.. I don't really see that happening to her, but I am probably watching milestones closer than I did with my son when he was a baby..
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I wouldn't worry. My DS is 8 months and doesn't sit yet - he does for about 20 seconds but thats it. I think he could sit longer than that as he sits lovely in those crappy restaurant highchairs and in his bouncy seat he will sit up unaided too but not on the floor for some reason??

He has been very slow with the gross motor milestones - didn't roll until 6.5 months (back to tummy - hasn't done tummy to back yet!) and no way is he crawling like most of my friends babies were at 8 months.

He's just different. He is fairly big too at 20lb 7oz. I really wouldn't worry, she'll be sitting soon.
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DD1 sat alone, unsupported for several minutes, at 5 1/2 months.

DS did the same at around 8 months.

DD2 was about 6 1/2 months.

None of mine crawled early. DD1 crawled at about 9 months, and the twins never crawled-- DD2 scooted on her belly starting at about 3 months old, and graduated to sitting up and bum-scooting at around 10 months. DS wasn't mobile until almost 12 months.

They all walk and run and jump normally now.

My criteria would be no rolling at all at 6 months, and not sitting up at about 7 1/2 months. That's when I would look for an evaluation.
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DS started sitting up unassisted around 6 months for a few minutes. We used a boppy to keep him propped up and from falling over on to our wood floors while he was playing with toys (even with a blanket on the floor, I was STILL paranoid). Anyhow, he started crawling around 7/8 months...cannot exactly remember as it has been almost 2.5 years!!
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DD could technically sit on her own (stay in a sitting position) at 6 months (to the day!), but generally preferred to be not sitting since she learned to commando crawl shortly thereafter. She didn't start actually getting into a sitting position on her own until about 8 months, I think. Maybe 7.
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DD wasn't able to sit up until after she learnt to crawl, at 8 1/2 months, and she sat on her knees before on her bottom! Well before that, however, she was pulling up on furniture, and moving along furniture. Children are just different.
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DS#3 just started sitting on New Year's Eve - just days after he turned 6 mo old.
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swaddle sacks

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DD sat at 4.5 months and sat well by 5 months, but still doesn't roll from tummy to back though she rolls from back to tummy and has done so for months. She gets up on all fours and rocks and does hands and toes and scoots backwards.
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