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Pics from your NICU stay wanted

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I'm putting together the first newsletter for our charity organization. If anyone is willing to have their picture printed in a newsletter I would really appreciate it. Along w/ the photo I'll need their birth age & age at the time of the photo.

Thank you!
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What types of pictures? DD wasn't a preemie, but would pics from her stay so far help at all? I have many pictures of the whole process with her gastroschisis...
What charity is this and what do you do, out of curiosity?
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nicutimes.blogspot.com is where I blogged about our entire 225 days in the NICU and there are hundreds of pictures ranging from her at 1lb intubated on the oscillator to 14lbs and trached. If you want any of them I can send you the originals for print.
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What is your charity? I'm slowly reuploading some onto my son's website in my siggy after a tragic accidental delete key strike. Feel free to email/PM me about any of them!
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I've got a ton of pics on my blog that you're welcome to use.
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I have a lot of pictures too. We have some smaller size files here.

If you would like the higher res files, let me know.
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Thanks so much everyone. I'm going to search your sites now. Any NICU pics, not just preemie pics.

We're starting a non-profit which we've named Molly's Mission. We don't have a website just yet as I'm researching costs and such now. Basically we're supporting NICU's & raising prematurity awareness. We're starting local & plan to go national. So far we've held our 1st NICU fundraiser (it was small, but w/ a nursing preemie at home it's all we could do this 1st year), held a successful clothing drive, and started out 1st NICU Family resource library.

If anyone would like to receive our newsletter you can pm me your email address.

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I would love to share a photo of our beautiful son Simon in the NICU

born at 36, 6 gestation he is only 2 days old in this photo.

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I would love to share Amelia's photos for this cause. She is still in the NICU and I am adding pics to her photobucket site all the time, please feel free to use any if you want, the site address is:


btw, she was born 10/21/08 at 24weeks 3 days weighing 1 lb 7 oz.
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