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how many of you just knew?

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hi all

ho many of you just simply knew before any scans or dopplers etc,did you just know?

I knew because:

* I had a dream..yes,just the one
* I felt it deep down
* my son kept telling me
* I felt movement at 7 weeks..yes realy
* when people asked about the baby it felt wrongi had to tell them i suspected babies..and they instantly believed me!

this is my 4th pregnancy,I am so exited.yes,a tad nervous but more exited :::
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I always find it interesting to read all of these stories of people just knowing...I had NO clue...I mean, NONE...no family history, no symptoms that made me think "twins". I mean yes, I was exhausted, terribly sick, and a little bigger than I expected, but it was also my 3rd pregnancy and I guess I just attributed it to that. In fact, I told my husband to not even bother coming to our 12 week ultrasound...thank goodness he chose to ignore me and came The only thing I can say is that when I had my first daughter and she was about 3 days old I remember thinking, 'how on earth do people do this with twins'...I'm sure my fate was sealed that very day
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I just knew the seond time. The first time I was clueless.
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I knew. I was measuring bigger but assumed because it was my 3rd pregnancy. But, I was having twin dreams and obsessing with coming up with names for boy/boy, boy/girl, girl/girl. And was thinking, why am I doing this of course there's one, but it was a nagging feeling that just got bigger as I got way bigger than I should have been. When I went in for an U/S at 12 weeks (i hadn't planned on it at all) I think I would've been more shocked that there weren't 2 in there.
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I wouldn't have suspected twins. I don't have the family history, haven't had any dreams about twins, and don't think my symptoms are terribly exaggerated. BUT, DH had dreams about twins, and so did my brother!
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Nope, not me.

In retrospect, there were a few weird things that made sense. But before we knew it was twins, it was easy to explain them away as partly being due to enormous stress I was under at work, and partly due to "every pregnancy is different".

I really thought #3 was twins. But nope - just an 11 lb 1 oz baby (I think he was draining resources early on!)
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I had no idea it was twins until we saw them on the sono. But once I knew it was twins, I just knew they were MZ girls. I posted about it on another board when I was 9 weeks along, and I was proven right just about a year later when we got the genetic testing results.
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I love it :intuition is so amazing isnt it?
all i could read about was twins,and even before i knew when people asked i couldnt say there was one baby..i ised to tell people and think what if im ...but i knew i wasnt wrong .
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I didn't think about it one way or the other but my husband predicted it and the next evening at an eight week u/s, there they were!
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I think I knew
I was the one that told the OB at my 5 week ultrasound to look for a second one LOL
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I just knew. The whole way to the u/s, i was hoping I was wrong, but turned out I was having twins.
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Looking back I would say that I knew. I was bigger, sicker and just had that feeling but I always talked myself out of it. Every once in a while I would get that feeling but then think "OK, no way are there two babies". But something told us to do the ultrasound at 14 weeks to confirm and there they were. I was still surprised but more in a "I can't believe I knew it" kind of way .
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when i got my hcg results back, i knew. they were high, but not scary-high... i wasn't really basing it on the numbers, but it just cemented a feeling that i already had. i cried at the first u/s, when we saw the two sacs... such a sweet memory...

even stranger though is that when my husband and i first started dating (8ish yrs ago?) a friend of mine who professes to be a bit psychic predicted that we'd have twins together eventually...
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I knew. I kept telling my MW to reassure me it was just one. I had twin dreams. I was SO sick. And I too felt movement WAY early.
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I knew -
-3 dreams 3 nights in a row
-buying one boy thing and one girl thing at garage sales
-asked the dr. very early to see if she could find 2 heartbeats (she shhshed me )
-felt movement early
-always called them "they" not "he/she"
-grew out of my regular clothes by 2 months
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I don't think I KNEW, not exactly, but I think I kind of had a feeling. We'd been joking for weeks that I was having quads (!!!) because I was so big so early, and I felt so different from how I felt with one. Plus, people kept asking me if I thought I was having a boy or a girl, and I kept having these really strong intuitions that it was a boy, and then later I'd feel exactly the same way that it was a girl. Turns out it was both!

When the midwife mentioned the possibility, and recommended that we change our plan and get an u/s after all, I wasn't really all that surprised.
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I'm also one of those who aren't sure I knew, but I wasn't surprised when we found out. It just felt right if that makes sense.
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Well, my twins come from IVF, so I had early blood tests, early u/s, and obviously a heightened chance of twins, so not much time to build up intuition. Not that I would have trusted it if I had it-- I "just knew" that I was finally pregnant about a million times when I really wasn't during some years of infertility.
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I just knew it because my belly felt much far along than the doctor told me and I was just too sick, too tired and too hungry. My husband and I went to my friend's birthday dinner on November 1st, and I told my friends that my baby has to be much furter along or its gonna be twins! My friends were like, ahh I see.

Then on Nov 8th, had an ultrasound, YEP twins! I said to my husband, See I told you! I told you! I knew it! I knew it. My doctor laughed and looked at us. My husband was just standing there looking at the ultrasound machine and was really surprised. He said, you were right.

Then I announced to all of my friends and every single of them said, wow you were right!
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