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Iron...for how long?

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Just curious....

If your DC took iron, how long was s/he on it?

Trying to get it into DD coupled w/ the iron spit-up stains is driving me nuts. Switching to Floradix has helped (she no longer stops breathing now that we dumped the nasty stuff from the formula company) but she's still not crazy about it.
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With my son we gave it for about a year along with additional iron because he was fairly severely deficient. With my daughter we gave it for about 2yrs and then she started adoring red meat and we dropped it.
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I think my son was only on it for about a month until we got him exclusively breast fed. Our visiting nurse told us not to worry about it, just to worry about nursing - and now his cheeks are even pinker, he is warm and alert, and so I feel like there is no way my baby is anemic. My ped also was excited about the EBF and said, "He is getting the best iron in the world!" so I took that as a goahead to stop PolyViSol as well.

I do take an iron supplement to make sure that my body has lots to give to him, but I think he's actually getting way more iron now that we're not giving him the hard to digest iron in PolyViSol and Neosure. I think the Neosure made him feel way too full, and so he was getting more calories from it than breast milk, and so not getting as much of Momma's pre-processed iron, and so seeming anemic...it's such a vicious cycle!

He was also on thickened feeds, and my sil who is a health food specialist said that rice cereal actually inhibits the absorption of iron, as well.

ETA: DS wasn't severely deficient, but always right on the border between anemic and not.
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Molly has always been anemic. She's 7 months now & still gets iron.
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Thanks for this thread.

I was just wondering last night how I was supposed to be giving dd her poly-vi-sol when we are not on bottles anymore. We are not exclusively breastfeeding. She looks healthy and is thriving even with a little reflux. She is 3 months now and all of 8lbs 5oz.
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How are your levels?
BFing gives some iron and the best iron for absorption w/in a tiny intestine.

If mom is low, it can take a very long time to obtain optimal levels.

So, down some floradix yourself. The company even has tablets if the liquid is just gagging.
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I gave iron supplements until about a month before his first birthday. We traveled for the holidays, and it just got away from me. Just after he turned 1, the ped drew a CBC, and it came back normal. Since I hadn't been supplementing for a month, I knew he was getting all the iron he needed from solids and BM, so I stopped.

As an aside, we used the My Kidz brand, which was so much more pleasant than the tri-vi-sol. It tastes like bananas, and doesn't stain. DS actually liked it! I could squirt it in his mouth and he'd smile.
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