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wren and divine out of business?

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I ordered a chair from Wren and Divine (used to be a brick and mortar store in McLean) back in August and the chair is way past due. They closed and moved their operations online in October or so, and I got an email coupon from them and used it at their online store in November, and I haven't gotten that merchandise either. I've been trying to call and email them for a month now and I have gotten no responses. My credit card has been charged for the stuff, and even the chair company can't get a hold of anyone at Wren and Divine! I was wondering if anyone has any kind of inside scoop on the status of this place before I try to do a chargeback on my missing stuff! Thanks,
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Wren and Divine

Hi. I am going through the same thing. Ordered a crib and dresser in Oct and cant reach anyone at the store now. Im going to call the furn manufacture tomorrow and then do a charge back. I did get an email from them as recently as 1/1 regarding a sale, but cant seem to get anyone to call back.

Keep me posted on what happens with your chair!
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Well, magically all of a sudden my missing stuff has showed up...the thing I ordered in November was delivered yesterday and I got a call saying that apparently my chair has been in a warehouse this whole time and will be delivered in February. Good thing too because that's when I'm delivering. I don't know whether it was my recent email and phone call to the chair company, this forum post, or my messages to the store that set things in motion.
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WREN & DIVINE moves online

WREN & DIVINE is not out of business. I heard that their online business has tripled because of their great pricing and selection. I just received a monogrammed moses basket from them on time and for 30% off!
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The best prices on Stanley Furniture

I also bought furniture there for below wholesale during their move to the web and although I did not receive it right away I was happy to get it for 60% off and in perfect condition. In this economy that is a good thing....
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