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I see what your saying...

I wouldn't go the preschool route either. I like that my kids are in the child watch room so that if they do need me I can be there in a moments notice.
So much depends on individual circumstances--the child and the gym and the other kids who attend...
I hope you find a way to exercise that works for your family.
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I caught up on your thread from a few days ago. I can see both sides of this, but I think I'm solidly on the side of not leaving him when you say that it just 'felt wrong' to you.

There's your answer, NM. You know H better than anyone else in the world, and if something feels wrong to you, then there's your direction.

With love,
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I have been through the same thing with my two boys. Unfortunately it led to me paying for a gym membership for over 6 months and not using the gym. We just started going back to the gym this month and both of my boys do fine, they don't cry and they tell me about what they did while I was gone. Fortunately we belong to a gym who has a children area that is just about as big as the adult area and they have lots of activities and places to rotate to keeping my boys busy. Hopefully you will be able to find other ways to have some time to yourself and to exercise until your little one is ready to be left with the gym staff.
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It depends. Is this really the only way you can get any exercise and time for yourself? Because a little of that is important, too. If so, I'd keep going but stay with him the next few times. Then try staying with him and settling him in and leaving for justa few minutes when he is comfortable. If that doesn't work, maybe try again in 6 months.

I never did use a childcare gym because the ones nearby here are, IMO, not places I'd leave my kid. Poorly supervised, dirty, kids baby to age 12 all crammed in one room. I'm sure not every place is like that.
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Sounds like you made your decision already, I just wanted to relay my experience. When my DD was 3.5, I mistook her coherence and social competency as a signal of her ability to be away from me for periods of time. Wrong!

As a first time mother, I gained perspective on this only by living through it.

If it feels wrong to you, there is a reason for that, I wish all mothers would listen their intuition (myself included!). I agree with your DH that it is CIO. And its easy to say this now having been able to watch the progression through time...as when you don't force the child into this, and then are there to witness when it truly IS something your child is ready to do -- its soooo easy. They *want* to do it, and they do it without any concern over you! And while you have longed for this day, you may be surprised to find how very bittersweet, and shocking, a moment it is.
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PS: I'd also like to say that I tried, in vain, to find a gym with an acceptable child care room. (I've since found one that I think I'd be OK with, but now I have a treadmill and do yoga with my daughter at home, so its not needed!)

But I do agree with the other posters about a preschool being preferable, as the kids, teachers, and the routine would be the same every day. A very important distinction from the chaos of a gym environment, with differing kids of differing ages coming and going, etc. Of course this all depends upon finding a quality, play-oriented preschool, and I still would only do this for a couple of hours a day a couple times per week. We did not find this to deter from our homeschooling whatsoever!!
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My kids happily go to the gym daycare. The baby, though he has gone since 3 mos (currently 14 mos), is getting upset if I come check on him or if I leave him and he sees me. If he doesn't see me, he's fine.

My older kids have gone to various gym daycares since they were around 3 and 4 yrs old. I just told them, "You're fine" and went about my workout. If they cried for too long and didn't calm down, then the staff came and got me. At our current gym, they give it 20 min and if the child can't be consoled AT ALL and doesn't calm down, they call the parents. (They will page or come get a parent sooner than 20 min if the child is REALLY upset and showing no signs of calming down.)
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Originally Posted by New Mama View Post
Well, after the last post, I'm hesitant to write this, but...

I've decided not to push it anymore. My son just kept saying he didn't want to go back there (it was the first thing he said when he woke up this morning)...it was breaking my heart. I told him I wouldn't leave him to exercise anymore, and I apologized for leaving him before, telling him that I thought he would be okay, but he wasn't, so I wouldn't do it again. Two minutes later he asked if we could go there today (they have an indoor gym for kids that we also go to).

We may still join the gym but I won't be leaving my son in the childcare room, at least not now. I HOPE he'll be okay at some point in the future, but we'll see.
Your posts tell me you're feeling something you're not comfortable with. Trust your instincts. That's not to say the gym daycare is a BAD thing, just not something that works for your ds right now.

Maybe you can take an extra hour or so after your knitting circle and go to the gym or do some exercise somewhere. If not, maybe at home w/ your ds.

It's important to take time for yourself, too.
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just wanted to add that we don't use gym/childcare but I have discovered Leslie Sansone walk fit dvds. I use these at home and love them (I actually got them from the library and netflix). Mostly I do it after they go to bed or their rest time but sometimes I do it when they are awake having playtime. I figure they don't have the downtime of a car ride, no germs to worry about and they get time to play independently uninterupted. Works for me
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I don't have time to read all of the posts but to the OP:

I had the same problem. So I just asked the day care (at the YMCA) if I could come in WITH my child (20 mo DD). I did that twice a week while my oldest was in his gym class. It took a few months but its fine now. I just brought something to read while she puttered around the play area. Each week I sat a little closer to the door and last week was the first week where I left and worked out next door. Worked like a charm! Now I can work out twice a week. She doesn't even care if I leave now even though she cried like she was in terrible pain before.

Of course, I go at the same days and times every week (due to my DS's class) so there are always the same caretakers there.
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