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Are there any of us are left??

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I keep seeing all these new threads w/Mommas and their brand new babies. Huge congratulations to all of you and your wee ones!!! :::

Somehow it feels like I'm the only one who still hasn't had hers.

Are there any other January Mommas still waiting for their little one's arrival??? If so, how are you keeping sane/passing time?
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I'm still here! This morning DH asked me if everything was cool (he is such a dear to let me sleep in) and I told him just a minute- I'll check- sure enough still pg....

I am keeping busy by doing fun things that I won't get to do after the baby- like knitting and dyeing yarn and going shopping (well- if we weren't having such yucky weather right now- I would be doing that)- play dates..... naps.
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Still here. Losing my mind. lol Some days I have a REALLY hard time getting through the day and accepting that it means another day of pregnancy. Other days I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas, except I don't know when Christmas will be. And other days I'm in complete denial that this baby is ever coming out.

Mostly, I sleep. No lie. DS, DH, and I go to bed around 11pm. DS and I get up around 10:30. I'm almost completely useless in the morning. DS and I nap from 3-5 and it's only after 5 that I'm really able to do...anything. It's horrible. I feel like the world's worst mom because my son has watched SOOO much TV lately. I can't wait to have this baby out and hopefully get some energy back.
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I sure hope there are lots of us left! The month isn't even half over. My EDD is tomorrow and I'm going crazy! I sure feel for, and hope I'm not a mama, still waiting 1wk or2wks+... past their due date.

I've really been nesting. If I don't have this baby soon, I won't even have a messy kitchen drawer!

I'm ready! Come on baby!
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Yup, still here........

Since I am swelling, so uncomfortable, and trying to take it easy for fear of pre-e I haven't really been doing much BUT going crazy. I wish I could be busy because we are usually going to homeschool meetings, playgroups, doing crafts, etc. Not doing these things really bums me out and I know DS is going stir crazy too. He's been such a trooper.

I have 5 days left, who's counting?, and if I haven't had her by then I am totally going to try CO, accupressure/puncture, black/blue cohosh, EPO, all the tricks in the book. DH goes back to school soon which is a 50 minute train ride into Boston. Yeah, and trains don't run every five minutes so it could potentially take him several hours to get home. Not a situation I want to be in. Plus the weather!!!
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Still here. 42 weeks today by old EDD, 41+2 by new one (God bless those midwives!). I've been getting acupuncture for weeks, tried castor oil, homeopathics, EPO, pineapple, sex, walking, whatever.

I am losing my customary good cheer.
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I'm here!

Don't know if it's the pregnancy or a stomach thing?? but I've been nauseated for a couple of days now. No loose stools or anything like that, but I can't eat very much without feeling ill. I just feel kind of "off". Had lots of contractions last night but stopped when I went to sleep I guess.
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I'm here, not "due" til Sunday. I wouldn't mind the waiting so much if I didn't have so many damn ctx and other signs messing with my mind. DD is completely out of room in my uterus. Her movements are so painful, and I'm pretty sure that she's part rhinocerous (sp?) from all the stabbing pain she's causing my cervix.
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I'm still here, my edd was last thursday.. I saw my midwife today and everything still looks great... no worries on how the baby is doing.. so, I waite and waite... My mother is here breathing down my back, she goes home on friday, baby or no baby... I think I will get my hubby to dtd tonight and see if that helps anything...
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Another one still here. I am not due until 1/30, so there is a good chance I WILL be the last one here
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Originally Posted by babywolverine View Post
Another one still here. I am not due until 1/30, so there is a good chance I WILL be the last one here
I have the same due date as you...only we're pretty sure I'm due 2 days earlier (charting). So I use the 2 days earlier one. However, my "official" due date is the same as yours. Hopefully we won't be last.
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I'm still wait EDD is this Sunday. My 2&1/2 yr old is keeping me busy
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I'm here. I'm due 1/28. I keep hoping that I'll go early, but we know how that goes. I have been making diapers to keep myself busy and now I'm hoping he does come around the 28th so I have a chance to finish them!
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I'm still here. I had to "go offline" a bit because I was so jealous of the other mamas having their babies. I know, that sounds silly. But I'm past due, which I find a bit frustrating (to understate my feelings on the topic).

How am I staying sane? For the most part I'm not, really. But in my sane times I tie up lose ends. I have a work-related project I'm putting the final touches on. Each day I pick a new to-do (simple things like setting up a PO Box...reorganizing the kitchen pantry...etc.).

I also stopped working the Tuesday before New Years and made a commitment to myself to not worry about my due date for a full solid week and to really treat my time off as a vacation to read, write, go to movies, etc. That week has expired, so I also supplement my free time with sobs of "why won't my body go into labor??? WHY??!!!", every now and then. It's cathartic.

Apparently, I'm "long and posterior" meaning that despite the cramping and pelvic pressure, it's still not my time. I will not let this get me down. At the very least, I'll try not to. Until then, I tell myself, he will be born on his birthday. Simple as that.
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I'm still here and I was due 12/29 But i feel like baby will be here within the next 2 days--please!!!! I'm 42+1 today but started having contractions I can actually feel yesterday. And I've been watching The Office, seasons 1-4, on netflix watch instantly, and taking a nice long walk every day. and ignoring the phone.
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Originally Posted by babywolverine View Post
Another one still here. I am not due until 1/30, so there is a good chance I WILL be the last one here
That's my due date as well. Sometimes I think I will never have this baby. The last 10 weeks for me have been horrible for me healthwise, so I am ready...but not. KWIM?
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I was due yesterday per ultrasound. Other than the ultrasound I due not have a reliable due date- I could easily go until Feb. Generally I don't feel super anxious-it is the people around me that I have to find ways to be with. I walk, nap and cook. I have really enjoyed cooking and baking all kinds of things. I really enjoy just being home and secluded.
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someone said they were eating pineapple to help bring on labor. I have never heard of that-what does it do? how?
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lol I was thinking the same thing! Everytime I come on the board to see what's new, there's a new baby!! I'm due Friday, but have been pretty crampy for a week or more, and this morning I'm pretty sure I lost my mucus plug! IT was mucusy, but really wet too so I put a call into the midwife to make sure she doesn't think it's my waters leaking too. I'm pretty ready to meet my little sweetie!!
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Still here. I'm 38 weeks now with third baby. The highlight of my day is reading birth stories from MDC's January Club and evenings (when I experience most BH ctx and some cramping). I'm impatient sometimes. Other times, I'm okay (I try to enjoy the pregnancy as it'll be my last, tho' it's hard to at times). Had my doctor's appt today. It's not their practice to sweep/strip membranes, so that's out of the question. I'm not having any contractions (according to NST). Seems like nothing exciting is happening to me anytime soon...lol...
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