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What's your weight gain?

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C'mon ladies... fess up! What have you gained? We're all either in the 2nd trimester or just shy of it.

Me? I've gained about 5lbs but I was overweight to begin with. I'm trying to keep what weight I will gain under control since I already had some extra pounds to begin with. I started at 176 and I am now 181. I am 5'7", btw...
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I have actually lost weight, which is not too surprising since the three months leading up to conception I was unemployed and spending way too much time sitting on the couch brooding about it. I actually found out I was pregnant and started my new job within two days of each other.

However, my husband keeps looking at my popped-out belly and saying "are you SURE you've lost weight?"
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I don't know what my weight was at the beginning, but I'm pretty sure I've lost at least 20 pounds. Not that I couldn't afford to lose them, but I could do without the N/V.
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I've gained about 3 lbs. (I haven't weighed myself in the last few days though.) However, it seems like much more since I can only fit into two pairs of pants I wore before getting pregnant. I'm on the thinner side of average to begin with.

My OB is super cool about weight gain. He told me he's not concerned about weight gain in general. However, if it seems like I'm gaining an excessive amount (like 70 pounds), he will try to find a nice way to tell me to try to slow down.
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I've lost about five pounds.
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I think I've gained about 2, I am petite and only gained 20lbs with my last pregnancy (but I puked, a LOT) so I am curious to see how much I gain this time!
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I'm sure I've gained too much already... darn christmas cookies! My appetite was out of control the first 10 weeks. It seems to have gone back to normal over the past few weeks, so hopefully I can control my weigh a little better.

I think I've gained 10 lbs? I'm not exactly sure of my starting weight, but that's my best guess.
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Probably 2-3 lbs. I usually put on at least 5-7 by now, so I'm VERY happy!
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i have lost about 5 pounds. With the last 2, i lost about 20 by now!
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I have gained 1-2 lbs. I was 137 lb to start with and now I am 139 or 138 depending onthe day.

I lost weight in the first trimester with DD because I was so sick. With DS i think I didn't start gaining until the second trimester but then I packed it on.

I gained 22 lbs with DD and 47 lbs with DS.
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i've gained probably 5 lbs in 14 weeks. maybe more- my body holds on to evry blasted calorie once i become pregnant.
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I've gained 5 pounds in the last 8 weeks (I'm at 14w 4 d). I was underweight from an enthusiastic nurser, so it's good. I'm up to what I weighed before having my ds.
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I'm up about 6 or 7 pounds, depending on my constipation level. It's really bad this time!!!
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I think I am up about 7 pounds. I am pretty sure my eating habits over the holidays are to blame. I am wearing my "fat jeans" but no maternity clothes yet.
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I'd say about 10...I gaining that pretty quick...haven't really gained since. I swear I had m/s from 4-8wks only with DS1...and I'm 15wks and STILL feeling icky this time--but, at least it helps with weight gain! I've already planned with my brother to do a triathlon in July 2010, so I'm trying to exercise and stay in shape now, so training will be easier.
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I'm about the same wt. Still have bad nausea and some vomiting (on meds, so the vomiting is better). I usually don't gain more than 13-18 lbs while pregnant b/c of the bad n/v.
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Overall I've lost 3. I gained about 2 then got really sick and lost 5 and despite not feeling ill anymore and eating like a hobbit (you know, breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper....) I haven't put any weight back on from when I was sick. I am small to begin with and really don't have any weight I can afford to lose.
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I'm 16 weeks tomorrow. I started at 177 (still had some weight from last pregnancy) and I've gained two pounds so far. My MW isn't terribly pleased. I'm not really eating enough but I'm still really nauseous so I'm just doing the best I can.
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I'm 15 w 2 d and I have gained about 3 lbs total. I had a mw appointment today and I couldn't believe it. I feel like I've gained about 10!
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I weighed myself last week and I was up 4 lbs, which was way better than the 10 lbs I'd felt like I'd gained! I lost 30 lbs over the summer so my goal is to keep my weight gain within that range. I'm still a good 30 lbs over my ideal weight so it's not like I need to gain a whole lot.
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