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I'm 13w5d and I'm actually down 7 pounds. My stomach is way popped out, though, so I have no clue where I lost it from! lol I don't mind the weight loss...I'm 5'5" and started at 152 and I'm now at 145. Besides, I know I'll start packing on the pounds any day now!
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I'm up 8 lbs, but I feel o.k. w/ that. I'm making healthy choices and I've been able to start working out again last week. I'm 13w5d, its my 1st baby, but I'm officialy in maternity clothes! I'm only 5' 3'' so maybe that's why??
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I've gained b/w 8-10 lbs, depending on the time of day. I have been eating healthy, but I have totally dropped exercising for the last 13 weeks. I have been so, so tired, lightheaded and dizzy. I have been feeling slightly better for about the last week, so I think I'll start heading to the Y 3 or 4 times a week again.

I gain an exorbitant amount of weight when I'm pregnant (65 with dd1 and 80 with dd2!). But it's easy to return to pre-pregnancy weight if I eat properly and stay active throughout and after.
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I had gained over 8 pounds when I stopped my obsession with weighing myself each morning. I gained way too much last time around, and I don't want that repeated. Since my m/s has finally disappeared, I'm finding it much easier to eat healthy, and so I'm not so concerned with how much I gain because it's not from too much unhealthy foods. My clothes are tight, but only around the tummy where I expect - as long as my tush and thighs fit into my pants I know I'm gaining in the right areas.
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As of my appointment at the beginning of the month, I had gained 4lbs. The problem is that I lost weight over the previous four weeks and I am starting this pregnancy slightly underweight. My midwife just wants to make sure that I keep an eye on my protein intake and hopefully we will see a gain by the next appointment.
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I've lost 1-2 pounds, but I've had severe nausea and vomiting and I was pretty overweight to start with!
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I started at 147 and at my appointment a couple days ago I was 149.4! So I think I'm doing alright! I told my DH that I'd only gained 2lbs and he looked at me in shock and asked where all the food has been going!:
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Up 4 kilograms at 15 weeks 3 days
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I am probably the least close to my second trimester here (i'm technically due AUg 2) so that makes me mid week 11. I'm 5' 2'' and weighed 119 pre-pregnancy

I have gained 0-3 lbs depending on time of day and what i ate that day. I usually weigh myself in the AM before meals, naked, after pee and poo. Then I have always gained less than 2 and sometimes none.

I am REALLY watching it. I gained 80 with my last baby, alot was fluid in my last month and I want to make sure I take that into consideration. I am hoping for about 30-35 lbs total
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I'm 16 weeks and down 12-15 lbs depending on the day. I had a lot of extra fluff though, and my midwife is really happy. No nausea either.
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I only get weighed at midwife appointments. As of this morning, I've gained a pound. She's not concerned, because the uterus is growing and there's a beating heart in there! My body tells me what I need.. if I ignore hunger for too long I get nauseous, so I have incentive to eat enough!
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I am down one pound at 16 weeks. I am 5'6", and my starting weight was 133. With DD I started at a smaller weight and lost 7 pounds during the first trimester. I didn't start gaining until the end of 5 months and I gained 27 lbs total.
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I've gained about 9 pounds. Tomorrow I'm considered 14 weeks. So I'm up to 112 (5'5" tall). I find that with each pregnancy, I immediately put on some weight, and then don't gain as quickly for a while after that. All my pregnancies have had healthy weight gain (~30 pounds). I do think that I have gotten a lot bigger this time than with my previous pregnancies at this stage, but I trust that my body knows what it is doing. My jeans actually fit better now! I had bought them when I thought I was back to my regular size after my last baby was born, but I still had a few pounds to go. I wish I could have stayed that size! Oh well, I'm underweight, but healthy as anything!
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I am down a couple pounds, but I had some morning sickness which is just starting to fade now. I am not sure how I will ever gain, because I can only eat tiny amounts of food at time (It's like there is less room for food), and I was always a girl with a big appetite. I could have stood to lose a few pounds anyway, so I am not too worried about it.
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not bad

At 12 weeks tomorrow, it seems like the m/s is over. (Knock wood!) So far, I've gained two pounds, but started 6-9 pounds heavier than previous pregnancies. Still, if I'm slow and steady, I'll be happy...I do feel like I'm eating almost constantly, and if it's only 2 pounds, they are RIGHT IN FRONT. I can't wear non-maternity pants anymore; I can't stand anything binding around my waist!
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I am very overweight, and have lost 4 pounds. I plan on not gaining any weight for this pregnancy. We will see how it goes. Here is an article on the research I found that helped me to make this decision.

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I'm 13 and a half weeks or so - I've lost a total of 7 lb. I will probably start to gain again (and rapidly) in another 2 weeks or so? LOL. I'm positive this is a girl pregnancy lol. My sons were all the same. My daughters pregnancy was very different from the boys and is identical to this one. I lost weight with dd and then gained.
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13 weeks 1 day and up 3-4lbs. I am thrilled. Last time I was up close to 15 by the end of the first trimester, 20 at 20 weeks, and 60 by the end. I am hoping to gain less this time.
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i've now gained at least 6 at nearly 15 weeks and i swear to maude they're all out front. my chiropractor asked me if i was expecting twins. nope- just my third. i have cheeze-whiz for abs.
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i'm envious of some of you gaining only a few pounds.

i was 127 before and after 15 weeks, i've gained 10 lbs. i'm 5'2. i'm really trying to watch what i eat because i can pack on these pounds faster than anything else.

i think what has prevented some of my weight gain is that i've been sick sick the last month or so and was vomiting lotsa things.

with my first, i gained 60 pounds and with my second, i gained 55 pounds. no vomiting with these two. i don't want to gain a lot of weight because it's hard trying to lose them afterwards. oh well...still over 5 months to go.
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