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Who is still working out?

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I'm still going strong, with a few little breaks due to illness/injury. I've been running a few times a week, swimming a little, and going to yoga class at least once a week, sometimes twice. I do feel like I am starting to get weird looks at the gym - I look like I am about 5 months along.
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Me! I actually took about 4 weeks off from running because I was feeling so sick but I've been back at it for 2 weeks now.

I run 3 miles three times a week, do yoga twice and work out with a personal trainer once. And I plan to do this throughout the PG.

Back when I was PG with DD and DS, I just ran every other day. With her I ran until 7.5 months and then I had really bad sciatica so I switched to swimming.
With DS, I ran until I was 8 months and then I was too fat to do it anymore. I switched to swimming again and went 3 times a week.

With both kids I worked out until the Friday and then went into labour with them on the weekend.

You sound like you are doing great! Don't worry about the weird looks at the gym, it is actually very good for your baby to work out when you are PG (as long as you were active before the PG!).
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I guess you can't "still" be working out if you weren't before, huh? I've been walking and doing some occasional yoga or pilates. That's as close as I've gotten to working out since before my ds.
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My working out completely and totally went down the tubes when I started feeling sick!
I'm going to start again, this afternoon actually! I do something called Fit Yummy Mummy, and will be modifying the program as I get bigger. I was surprised to hear of folks still running, I cant imagine, I feel funny about jarring and jumping around. :/
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Hmm. I am still exercising, but it is so far from how active I was before I had my 2 yr old, that I hesitate to call it "working out". I go to a yoga class twice a week (sometimes 3 times, usually not) and walk 3 miles or so several times a week. I would like to do more, but I can't seem to manage to do it.
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Me too..though lightly because of dizziness. I'm actually taking several fitness and physical education classes at school this semester lol, ironically, the last time I took these type of classes at school I was pregnant with DS1.
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Between finals/sickness/holidays/visiting family....I haven't done anything except for walking to and from work and the bus stop (not more than 1/2 mile one way) I definitely notice that I'm getting more winded already just walking around and up and down the stairs at school. I plan on getting back on the exercise bike this week.
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I finally made it back to the gym today after not going for about 4 weeks. Between the holidays and the fatigue and getting sick it just hasn't been a priority. I was actually stressed out about trying running because it had been so long but I knew I'd be sad if I had to give it up already. I ended up doing not too badly at all, though I did have to knock my speed down even more. Normally I do 10:1's but today I switched to 5:1's and it suited me much better.

My biggest problem was trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy workout clothing. I had to ditch my running pants because they hurt my belly but I've got a pair of yoga pants that worked pretty well. My bra is just barely fitting around the band and my shirts are a joke! I wore just a cotton tank top but I'm going to look into getting some actual maternity workout tops. I'd much rather look pregnant than chubby and bulgy!
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I just started feeling well enough to work out again last week. I have a preggers workout buddy who is 7 weeks ahead of me, so we are keeping each other motivated. I mainly do tabout 2/3 miles on the elliptical b/c its a good cardio workout with low/no impact.
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I also stopped everything while I was feeling sick. I just started using the treadmill about 2 to 3 times a week again last week. I was practicing yoga regularly, I am going to start again probably next week, I have to be alone for that and I don't get much alone time these days. But you ladies are putting me to shame, I'm going to try harder!!!
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i'm so frustrated with this aspect! i was determined to continue running through this pg but i was hit with such nausea and exhaustion, not to mention 3 weeks of bleeding and cramping, that i stopped for 4 weeks. i did finally go on a 3 mile hike this weekend. i want to slowly build back up to gentle runs. with all the bleeding, i'm a little nervous though. i'm going to talk to the mw about this at my next appt.
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Before the pregnancy I had a strong Ashtanga Yoga practice 5 days a week. Since the nausea and fatigue- I am lucky to practice two or three times. I am finally feeling better- and about to kick my practice back into high gear. I probably only have about 10 more weeks of being able to practice the whole series before I have to step it back a bit.
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I turn on my wii and do ddr a few times a week on workout mode. It really does get the heart rate up. I can't wait until the weather gets nicer and I can take the girls too the park and walk around the track.
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I used to hard-core weight lift. I was going to compete in a competition and everything. I was hoping to get back into some lifting now that I am feeling less tired. Anyone lift weights?
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Originally Posted by NaturalMindedMomma View Post
I used to hard-core weight lift. I was going to compete in a competition and everything. I was hoping to get back into some lifting now that I am feeling less tired. Anyone lift weights?
Not hardore but my trainer does have me lift weights, yes!

I did not run last night, too sick again since I forgot to take my meds the night before. Will do Power yoga today and run tomorrow. Trainer on Friday, run Saturday.
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Originally Posted by KimProbable View Post
My biggest problem was trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy workout clothing.
I had to buy a completely new workout wardrobe already! My MIL gave me a Target GC for Christmas, and I bought a couple of new sports bras, a couple of tank tops and a running skirt. Earlier in December I bought two new pairs of yoga pants, too.

I figured aside from the fact that my old clothes didn't fit, new workout clothes always motivate me to get to the gym.
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Definitely! I slowed down a LOT when I got super sick in the first trimester (not including the exercise classes I teach of course haha) but now I'm feeling a bit better so I can workout after work in the mornings (I'm an EARLY morning personal trainer)... it feels great! I trained a client who was preggo today, so much fun!

I totally attribute my exercise with my short labor last time and my quick recovery. It's sooooo worth it ladies!!
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Hi there!

before pregnancy I was sculling (rowing), road and mountain biking, playing tennis, and more.. at least 6 days a week - sometimes I'd do two activities a day! Alas... severe morning sickness and fatigue meant that from 6 weeks on I've done barely nothing. Last week I started to feel a little bit better and joined a gym. I am SO out of shape, already. It's a bit depressing, but I've completely changed the activities I'm doing as I stress fractured a rib rowing just before pregnancy and I'm run/walking and today hopped on the elliptical. I had an induction with a trainer who specializes in prenatal fitness and she helped me put together a basic weight training routine, which I really like already.

I'm hoping to exercise throughout as it's such an antidepressant for me and I'm much better to be around when I've moved But, boy, my resting heartbeat has increased exponentially and I feel really oafish!!

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I was running 1-2 miles 5 times a week until the serious nausea and vomiting hit. It's lasted 2 months, and this is the first week that I can finally get out of bed easily without running to the toilet and can stand to be in the kitchen. Lol. So, I'm finally starting to think about picking up my running again. I'll probably start with short runs and work up to 2 miles at a time slowly, since its been so long since I ran.
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I was attending a high intensity hoop dance class all through my first trimester, but I missed 3 different classes due to barfing and having no energy. The new class started last Thursday, and I didn't go. When I did go, I'd feel just amazing and felt much better.

I do need to do some sort of walking though since I didn't hoop much over the holidays.
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