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A quick check-in. An hour of prenatal yoga last night, and today 50mins on the elliptical. Tomorrow I hope to do both elliptical and weights!

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Just dropping in. Last week I was on vacation in the mountains, so I swam laps four times for an hour each. It is way easier than running, even at altitude. I went cross-country skiing twice, since my husband would have killed me if I attempted downhill skiing.
Now that I'm back I ran/walked 3 miles today. I'm doing a 5K race (but I'm not running the whole time) tomorrow. Sunday I have a dance practice which can be aerobic. Monday I take a beginner ballet class with I use to stretch.
Basically, I am run/walking 3 miles twice a week and dancing 2 hours twice a week.
I'm so happy my husband's new year resolution is to get in shape. Now I have a running partner and it is so much more enjoyable. I don't really like to run, but it is a convenient and cheap way to exercise.
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I've been noticing lately that I'm not sweating very much at all when i work out. I know I'm working out hard enough to have a decent sweat, but it's not happening. Anyone else noticed this change? I'm drinking plenty of water so I know I'm not dehydrated. Any thoughts?
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Only one cardio/weight machine workout this week... and no yoga. DD developed bacterial pneumonia and I have a cold. I can't wait to get this stuff over with!

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Hey everyone, I am back from Cuba, where I did almost no excercise. There was no gym and the sand was too deep to run on the beach.

So I will run home tonight (about 5 K) and Thursday night. Power yoga Wednesday and trainer on Friday.

We had fallen way down the list but I am sure we can all continue to motivate each other!
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I asked in another thread, but I'm not sure anyone will notice . Has anyone had any round ligament pain when running? Anyone ever use one of those belly band things for jogging. Any recommendations?
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I have had RLP during short sprints chasing my dogs but I am no runner. Sorry I can't be more help.

I am still keeping up walks every day and hiking on the weekend, but have slacked a little on the rest of my workout routine. I only got 3 days in last week and one so far this week. I plan on doing some yoga when I take a thesis break in another hour or so and then respect my routine for the rest of the week.

My motivation- I started to get minor mid/low back pain when I skipped out on yoga/workouts. Also think I felt sciatica cuz I have been on my butt in front of the computer. I substitute a ball for a chair and it helps, but I gotta keep active and fit!
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Originally Posted by AniellasMommy View Post
Has anyone had any round ligament pain when running?
I think I just started having round ligament pain. My tummy muscles are aching and my tummy seems to have gone from surprisingly flat, to hello, I'm pregnant in just a few days. So, yes, I should be out running right now. But, am I going to? Nope. I don't feel like it. Not only are my tummy muscles sore, but for some reason my quads are sore. How can my quads be sore? I haven't been running this week and they haven't been sore in months since I started running. I think my body is planning tricks on me. So, I'm letting it win for this week and I have a new book to read.
I am feeling a bit better and I'm sure it would be fine to run. I don't think you would feel the pain much more running than sitting around the house. I'm also hungry. : Many excuses for not running today
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I'm having a lot of RLP this time too! I'm just now 20 weeks and really really starting to feel it.
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I'm starting to get rlp too. I'm 20 weeks. My Dr. today said this was the time for it! I have noticed it more when I walk quickly, and when I'm stretching in general. I have yet to try anything for it...

As for working out: I have been consistently doing weights, the elliptical and a couple of hours of yoga a week. I am feeling rather rotund all of a sudden, though!!! I have gained a total of 7.5 pounds as of today. Not sure what that means in terms of what I can expect to gain the rest of the pregnancy. It's all in my boobs and tummy Have no idea where an additional 20 pounds would go....!!!

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I've been pretty consistent about working out on Tuesdays and Thursdays... I'd have liked to get a third workout in but this is better than nothing!

So my question: If I go to my yoga class today, I will be late to my sister in law's birthday dinner. By about 15-20 minutes, at a restaurant. If I don't work out, I'll make it to the dinner but will only have worked out once this week. I do not have time to replace this workout on some other day. What would you do?
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Yoga will make you feel so much better- I'd go! You could always have been late because of traffic anyway.

I had my first sneeze-pee yesterday. Just a tiny bit, but woah! I have been practicing Kegels for like 6 weeks now everyday, so I don't know what else to do. I did have a very full bladder, but that was still a weird feeling. I will do so many Kegels that I will eventually be able to crack a walnut!
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I wore Mothers In Motion shorts after 20 or so weeks of PG with both my previous pregnancies. They have a lot of support and it helped with the RLP whilst running.

I haven't dug them out yet (18w5d) mostly becasue I am running outside and it is too cold for shorts.

But my run was tough on Tuesday night. I hadn't been for 2 weeks (sick then vacation) and I really noticed the extra 7 lbs, which is all in my BBs and my belly.

Running home tonight too, I hope it is easier.

Did Power Yoga yesterday but had to modify or skip a number of poses.
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Ran home last night. Going to hatha yoga and to see my trainer this afternoon.
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I walk / run 3 miles a couple times a week, play tennis 4-5 times a week on a team, and with my husband, and am about to start prenatal water aerobics! Plus I kayaked a couple times (whitewater, in the early stages, but now it's just mellow runs in one of my bigger boats that doesn't tip so easy). I've been experiencing RLP this week too, and am having to wait until that feels better before I can play tennis again (too much twisting); but I think I'm feeling normal again and can back into my regular schedule
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Originally Posted by penstamon View Post
I had my first sneeze-pee yesterday. Just a tiny bit, but woah!
Me too unfortunately. It's happened like three times. I haven't been Kegeling, because I don't like to, but now I have a lot more motivation.

I did go out running yesterday and I feel so much better. I have a lot more energy after running and all day today. As for the round ligament pain, it hurt during my first lap while I was walking, but as I started to run, I didn't notice it. At night when I layed down my tummy muscles were pretty sore.

I seem to have sprouted a little belly this week. It seems to have appeared out of nowhere. One day while I was at work, I seemed to grow by the hour. Hence the sore muscles. So now at 22wks someone might believe me if I say I'm pregnant. That's only a might. I've gained at least 13 pounds. I don't know where it is. The baby feels like a rock and I'd swear he weighs like one too.
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That is too funny, my belly is HUGE and I have only gained 8 lbs. I guess that is the diference between a 1st baby and a 3rd. Or so I like to tell myself anyway.
My trainer is impressed with my abs. We are doing plently of non-lying down ab work and she said "nothing wrong with those abs" on Friday.

I am 20 weeks. I didn't get into maternity clothes until 26 weeks with my first and that was only because I was impatient!

But honestly, I am shocked at how big my belly is this time. Nowhere else (well except my BBs). I can still wear my regular jeans asince they are fairly low cut.

So, back to working out. I did hatha yoga and met with my trainer for 50 minutes on Friday and then ran 3 miles yesterday. Nothing on deck for today as DD is sick but I will run home from work tomorrow (about 3 miles).
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I swim 1000m about 3 times a week, walk/run..I am so active - I feel fantastic! It feels wonderful! And I love that everywhere but my belly is getting smaller - and that I have a little bump this time....the only...not good part...according to the scale I have gained 24lbs already by week 23....I dont get it..lol..But I feel fantastic, and Im eating well - so Im not too concerned. Stupid Number!
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For RLP the stomach band has been a life saver for me. Finally dug mine out of the attic and it has been wonderful. I use it during my spin class - no pain anymore!
I'm still faithfully working out 4-5 times a week. Varied between spin, yoga and a weights class. Only gained about 5 pounds at 21 weeks but definitely starting to look pregnant.
Keep up the good work ladies!
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Wow, you ladies amaze me!

I will run tonight. 3 miles. Slowly.
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