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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
Wow, you ladies amaze me! I will run tonight. 3 miles. Slowly.
Why are you saying we amaze you? At this stage running 3 miles is a feat. I'd say you amaze us. My 1.5 mile run is plenty enough for me.

My husband is out of town for three weeks and he was my running partner. I don't want to go to the park without him although I may. So, today I rode my bike instead. I rode to/from work 2.5 miles each way. I could jog to work if I felt adventuresome, but it seems to far. I actually did want to try it tomorrow, but after biking home I started to do yard work and when I got finished I felt like I was having period cramps so I am taking the evening off and I'm not going to exercise tomorrow.

So exercise this week...
Sun- dance, Mon- dance, Tue- bike, and maybe Friday walk/run to/from work.
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Originally Posted by poiyt View Post
I am so active - I feel fantastic! It feels wonderful!
I agree with you poiyt. I've always been athletic, but I've not consistently exercised. For little reasons like (not exact quotes but similar)
"If you exercise when you are pregnant, your baby will score higher on
intellegence tests at age five"
"If you exercise you'll have an easier delivery."
I have been more motivated to exercise on a consistent basis. I feel like it's not only good for me, but it's good for the baby too. To me the baby feels strong already. He's able to squirm around a kick me pretty good even though I'm only 24weeks along.

I too and so happy to feel so well. I praise God for an easy pregnancy where I am able to exercise and stay active. I eat well and in general I feel great. I'm sure I won't be running at nine months for obvious reasons, but hopefully I'll be swimming like a happy little fish and be able to exercise to the end.
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Running is rough for me in pregnancy, you ladies who are running ROCK. I've had to switch to eliptical for cardio. It'll be so great to run again after this pregnancy- I'm planning to run the Chicago marathon NEXT summer since obviously I can't this summer.

I'm doing weights (I'm a personal trainer and it's getting hard to demonstrate some things to clients now that I'm past the 20 week mark!!), yoga at least once a week, and then eliptical on most days.

I've had kind of a rough pregnancy with being sick and now having pelvic pain, but I'm persevering because I really think it helped last time... everyone in my family has super long labors and mine was quick quick quick! And I sprung back to pre pregnancy weight really quickly.
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Anybody have any idea what my RLP or frontal uterus area (lol) seems to ache a little more when Im jogging down hill? Ive had to stop doing hills because Im concerned that pain isnt normal...
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Lindsay, I HAVE to wear my MothersinMotion running shorts at this point. It's been cold so I wear them under my running pants. But my RLP would be bad if I didn't have that support. I think it makes perfect sense that it would be worse running downhill!

Missed yoga at lunch yesterday because my boss pulled a "must attend" meeting out of his hat.

I will run 3 miles tonight, do yoga and see my trainer tomorrow. My calves are still sore from the 22 flights of stiars last week.

With both my previous pregnancies I had to switch to swimming from running at some point. 7.5 months with DD (bad sciatica), 8 months with DS (too fat).

I have been running home from work a fair bit lately and always get lots of commentary when I change into my running clothes and walk to the elavator to leave.
it's like they've never seen a pregnant woman exercise before.
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
it's like they've never seen a pregnant woman exercise before.
I get that feeling sometimes too... of course, I rarely see pregnant women exercise, and when I do, I get excited because I think it's cool!

Still doing cardio and weight machines once a week and intermediate yoga once a week. I definitely get tired during the workouts though.

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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
it's like they've never seen a pregnant woman exercise before.
Ok, so it's bad enough when the people who have been pregnant tell me I'm not supposed to be doing the things I do- run, bike, dance. But what annoys me is when non-pregnant people try to tell me what to expect in my pregnancy. Like, "soon sciatica will hit you and you won't be able to run." Or more typically, "just want till the cravings/adversions hit." I haven't had cravings yet. Ok if you haven't been pregnant, you don't know. Yes, sciatica may come. It may not. When I can't run, I'll swim. Easy as that. I don't plan on being 9 months pregnant and running.

I know I have to get used to the comments. I am going to exercise because it makes me feel good. But comments can make you wonder at times. My coworker said I should be reaching above my head because the umbilical cord can get wrapped around the baby. She said it was wrapped twice around her baby. When do you give a comment a thought? I'm not listening about the running. Pregnant people can exercise.
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Yes I hate the advice! People try, maybe not on purpose, to make me feel guilty for continuing to do things...Im listening to my body...gah!
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i've stayed away from this thread too long! i have continued with exercise 4-5 times a week but i've had to drop the running. we have nothing but major mountain HILLS here and it doesn't feel good. the uphills are just too steep for me and the downhills give me cramps on one side. so i push a heavy jogger around and walk briskly and i still feel my heartbeat way up there.

i'm also doing dvd's when the weather's too bad for walking.

you ladies are wonderfully inspiring!
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Was too sick to run this weekend, hopefully will feel well enough on Tuesday.
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I got sick this weekend too but did keep up the hikes, just not as far. Otherwise, I am still walking 2x day (trying to hit as many hills as I can) and aiming for yoga/Nia/pilates or a DVD everyday. It usually only ends up being 4-5 days/week though.

After March is done (and I am done with grad school), I plan on signing up for prenatal water aerobics! Yay! I plan to add this to what I already do. Coupled with good weather and gardening, I am very hopeful that the exercise will be abundant.
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Good for your Penstamon!

Me: still too sick to run or work out. Leaving work early to go home to bed.
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Overdid it in the gym the other day-- baby has changed positions (finally... he had been camping out up real high for a long time) and I started having a lot of pain? pulling sensation? hard to explain? in my lower "abs" area halfway through my first superset. Almost afraid to try again tonight
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Hi all!

I had a forced break from exercise whilst we were on Spring break in Florida. We got hopelessly lost on a 'gentle' 4 mile hike... anyway, 4 hours later and about 10-12 miles in the baking sun, we made it back. By the evening my right foot was killing me and I could barely put any weight on it. There were our plans for lots of tennis and hiking, etc.

Fortunately it's feeling better now and I've been back to the gym this week. On Wed I did 5 miles on the elliptical and a quick set of weights, today I did an hour on the elliptical. I also walked 3 miles with the pups (which means a VERY slow walk!) I am slowing down, though... I noted on the eliptical that I simply can't quite use the same resistance without getting really tired.

My dh works with a woman who is quite a good runner (came third when she was 5 weeks pregnant in a state marathon). She's 30 weeks pregnant and works out at the gym. Mercy, she works our HARD. I feel guilty seeing her... A couple of weeks ago she went out for a 5 mile run followed by an hour on the elliptical. She isn't showing very much. Part of me feels envious because I haven't been able to do anything near my pre-pregnancy exercise, and the other half is glad that I am listening to my body.

But, wow.. makes me feel inadequate!!

Oh, veganmama, hope you're feeling better soon. I didn't work out Mon or Tues because I was feeling ill.

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Thanks Zubee, still stuffed up so I don't think I can run. But I do see my trainer on fridays and I will go to yoga.

Don't compare yourself to a marathon runner, seriously!
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You guys are marathon runners compared to me!

I have been getting outside a lot this week and have been way more active which makes me feel great! On the downside I did not make it to one class all week and have only practiced yoga or a DVD 3x. Oh well, as long as I've been getting fresh air I'm happy.

I've noticed my stamina decrease too. I generally take short breaks while I hike now and have to be conscious of hydrating and eating before I leave the house. I feel very motivated to keep this activity up!
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I am going indoor rock climbing this evening and I am beyond excited!
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On Sunday and Monday I went to dance classes. On Tuesday I enjoyed riding my bike to and from work (5 miles round trip). The weather has been so nice here to ride. It has been close to 70 in the afternoons. Today, I ran/walked 3 miles.

The running and even the walking is getting tougher. So, I decided to treat myself today after the run figuring I had to make up for burnt calories. I strolled over to McDonalds for a $1 Caramel Sundae which I used to love as a kid. I had been craving one all week despite not having eaten one in a really long time.

So, I ask for a Sundae and the cashier asks me "Hot Fudge or Strawberry?" I reply, "Please don't tell me you don't have Caramel." Seeing my disappointed face she replies, "Honey, we haven't offered caramel sundaes in years." Deny a pregnant women something she is craving : Not fair! I settled for the hot fudge and it wasn't too bad, but it was not my childhood delight.

Just wanted to share my funny and vent. Keep it up you all. Oh, you know what else felt good during my exercising today- I took a break on the swings. I wasn't swinging hard, but as soon as I sat down on it all the tiredness in my back and tummy pains disappeared. They came right back when I stood up to finish my walk, but I did enjoy my those minutes on the swing.
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Originally Posted by poiyt View Post
I am going indoor rock climbing this evening and I am beyond excited!
How did the rock climbing go? I am curious because I don't know how a harness would fit around a belly. Plus I do tend to fall when I climb and my tummy would have a chance of rubbing up against the wall unless the belayer was keeping a very tight line. Even without falling, I think even a little tummy would push me out further from the wall than what I'm used too and would make my body work harder to compensate. Anyways. Did it work for you? Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. I love climbing.
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