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I ran on Sunday! I took a bunch of tissues with me and had to blow my nose every walk break (I am doing 10s and 1s) but it was the first time I ran in 10 days.
I am slow and I felt it in my knees towards the end. But I got my 3 miles in and the knees usually act up when I haven't run in a while, hopefully they will behave from here on it.

I have never been rock climbing although I would love to try it. DD did it when we were at Mt. tremblant last summer. She made it all the way to the top on our last day. She's so petite that I think everyone though she was younger than she was and they were all cheering madly for her.

I have only gained 11 lbs which I think is totally reasonable at 22 weeks but I feel HUGE! I don't remember my belly being THIS big last time. And I know it certainly wasn't the first time. I didn't wear mat clothes until 26 weeks.

The thing is, I haven't gained any weight anywhere else because I can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans buttoned up (they are fairly low riding).
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Originally Posted by curious&eager View Post
How did the rock climbing go? I am curious because I don't know how a harness would fit around a belly. Plus I do tend to fall when I climb and my tummy would have a chance of rubbing up against the wall unless the belayer was keeping a very tight line. Even without falling, I think even a little tummy would push me out further from the wall than what I'm used too and would make my body work harder to compensate. Anyways. Did it work for you? Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. I love climbing.
It went great! Im going again this Friday. The harnesses are pretty expandable, as they can accomodate people up to 300lbs (I think that was the limit but I didnt ask), and I had it fit not right through the belly so there would be no pressure. There is always the chance of the belly rubbing up against the wall - but for me, I felt that was a moderate risk because I bump my belly into every thing all the time anyway. I loved it! My whole body was getting a work out - but I was controlling the effort. So if my arms were tired, I used more legs - and vise versa. Also - I could stop and not climb for 20 minutes if I felt like. It was very...awesome!
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Originally Posted by poiyt View Post
I bump my belly into every thing all the time anyway.
Too funny! I'm glad you enjoyed climbing. I would love to climb, but I don't have anyone to go with.

Guess what, I found a path to ride my bike on and it was goregous, a paved trail with bridges crossing rivers. I thought we'd do a nice three mile loop but we didn't have a map so we had no idea what we were getting into. So, it turns out I biked 12 miles on Sunday! That's a lot for me because when I ride to work at just 2.5 miles, that feels like a good workout. My legs were shot for the dance class that I had right after riding.
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
I have been running home from work a fair bit lately
Do you live in a big city? As an incentive to not drive living here in Atlanta, each time I run or bike to work or carpool, I have a chance at winning a $25 gift card through a program called commuter rewards. They are trying to cut down on the number of people that drive alone to work and cause pollution. If you live in a big city, maybe there is a similar program since you run to work sometimes. I know its doubtful that this will be of any use to you, but just in case.

Anyways, I am glad you are feeling better and able to get back out running. I tried my 1.5 mile run and twice I had to walk after a big hill. My heart beats a bit faster than they recommend in the tough spots, 150 bpm. It was probably because I hadn't run in a while as I've been biking.
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I tried starting up the running again a few weeks ago and even though I went slow, steady and a much shorter distance, I still ended up with terrible left sided sciatic pain. I also think the pounding messes with my bladder - I felt the urge to pee almost every single second I was out and actually thought I might have an accident!! It was too uncomfortable to continue so I am walking at an incline on the treadmill and just signed up for a swimming class. I guess that means I need a maternity bathing suit : yuck!
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After taking two weeks off from being sick (one week I was sick, the next week I was super tired so I guess I was still recovering) I went for a mile long walk with dh yesterday... it didn't go horribly but it didn't exactly go well, either. By the end I had to stop and sit on the (very cold) sidewalk every block or so for a minute or two because I was getting dizzy. Then, at night, when I woke up I had a ton of pain in the pubic bone area. Still not sure what that was about, if anything.

I'm glad I eased back into it with a walk rather than trying to run or swim! I'll plan on walking on a treadmill today, and we'll see how that goes. I have to remember to drink lots of water today in preparation.

tracymom, I really like swimming (and later on it's apparently good for swelling), but I'm not sure how much longer the bathing suit will fit. I hate shopping, but this purchase might be worth it.
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Hey ladies!! Oh my, rock climbing sounds so fun! One of my clients is an avid rock climber, in her 40's, and looks like she's in her 20's... in ammmmazing shape. It's such a good workout!

Today I did an hour cardio- combo of eliptical and bike. I just didn't feel up to strength training today, so I didn't. I got adjusted at the Chiro yesterday so that could have been why I didn't feel like it... not sure.

I can't run when I get a belly during pregnancy... just feels way too uncomfortable for me personally, but I do plan on training for a marathon to run before I get pregnant again after this one
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Hey everyone, I love this thread, it's so motivating!

I live in a medium sized city. About a million people. I don't think there is any cash incentives though for running home. My bus pass is tax deductible but I might not get one next month since Dh has been driving me in the morning lately on his way to work and if I run home twice a week it might not make much sense to get one, financially.

I absolutely have to wear my Mothers In Motion shorts when I run with a belly. and I am definitely slow. But I was able to do it until 8 months with DS even though I had gained about 43 lbs by then. After that I was jsut too fat and switched to swimming.

Maternity bathing suits are so ugly and all the ones I saw were fairly lowcut in the chest too which annoys me. I want to work out, not showcase my "enhanced assets"!

Day 12 of my cold but I will run (jog? waddle?) again tonight......
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You women are amazing!! I have done some indoor climbing before, and I loved it. WOuld love to get back into it and then some outdoor climbing, too. My usual sport is sculling/rowing and I haven't done any since June. I stress fractured my rib (a common rowing injury) and then, well, I discovered I was pregnant!

After 3 months of sickness (the odd game of tennis and walks) i joined a gym and I've mostly been on the elliptical and strength training. The weather is (sort of!) warming up and I'm thinking about what I can do outside in addition to walking.... it'll be too cold to swim in the lakes until at least mid June.

What do you guys think about tennis whilst pregnant.. and road biking?

Well, it's cold today so I went to the gym and did 40 mins on the elliptical plus weights. Yesterday I did about an hour on the elliptical - around 7 miles. I am slowing down.....!!!

If I can face the wind and chill I'll walk the dogs in a bit.. 2-3 miles.

Thanks for contributing, everyone. It is so motivating!

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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post
What do you guys think about tennis whilst pregnant.. and road biking?
As for road biking, I ride to and from work once a week. Pregnancy books say it is fine until your belly throws off your balance. I'm not sure that a belly can throw off a balance that much on a bike, but I'm sure I would notice before it affects my riding.

The danger is in falling. Obviously, I would not take my belly on a mountain bike path, but who is going to fall riding on a road? Hello? As if it weren't dangerous for the baby if I fell, but it'd be dangerous for me and the cars that ran over me as result. The closest I've come to falling on a road was when I tried to get off the road onto a sidewalk once and there was sand on its incline and I fell onto the sidewalk. If I'd stuck to the road I would have been just fine.

So for me, I don't see road biking while pregnant being any more dangerous than riding not being pregnant. I like it because it is easier on the joints than running and the breeze feels so good now that it's warmer here. I arrive at work with a sense of accomplishment that I got my exercise in already and that I am able to say in shape while being pregnant. I pray that everything says just fine with my pregnancy so I can exercise until the end. Although I know I'll have to switch sports around a bit.

I don't know about tennis personally, but the books say that singles are out because it is too strenuous, but you can play doubles if you take it easy. But, I don't play so you'd know much more about it.
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I would say, any activity if it is one you routinely do, is fine for as long as it feels comfortable. An activity that has moderate risk (bike riding) I would do cautiously and listen to my body - I would feel fine playing tennis - though not against someone who is going to hit the ball at me ridiculously fast! (but I wouldnt do that not pregnant...lol)

Swimming is starting to cause acid reflux...its very weird, and very icky! Although...is it acid reflux if little chunkies (GROSS!) come up...lol.
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I agree with Lindsay, if you did it before you got PG (with a few notcieable exceptions like scuba diving!) you can do it while you are PG as long as you make appropriate accomodations.

For example, I haven't biked since last summer so I am not doing it whilst pregnant since I hadn't been doing it regularly.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting (which I hate) says you can run if you are a runner but only up to 2 miles a day. Huh? I run 3 miles three times a week so clearly i am not listening to that. My 2 older kids are perfect and they were "subjected" to my running threee miles 4 times a week.

My run was tough last night with the remains of this blasted cold (13 days and counting). Some times I felt like I was only running as fast as I'd walk for heaven's sake. Butt at least it got done.

Power yoga at lunch today.
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Thanks for the advice, ladies. I'm not worried about the intensity too much, more the risk of falling... and even though I am a pretty experienced road cyclist and haven't before fallen, I'm still a little worried...

Wow, veganmama, that's ridiculous! 2 miles!!? Do any of you have the Dr. Clapp book on exercise and pregnancy? It's really good and challenges many of the exercise myths out there.

Anyway, today I skipped the gym as I had another scan (pics on my blog) and decided to enjoy the warmish day with a walk. I walked a hilly 4 miles and met dh with the doggies for an additional two mile walk. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow for weights and elliptical.

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Wow, Zubee, 6 miles of walking, that is great!

Think I will have to postpone my run tonight until tomorrow since I have to interview a potential new babysitter for my kids. Sigh. And my trainer is away this week.

Hatha yoga tomorrow.
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It is 1:44pm here - I have already walked 10km today....I have put my pj pants back on, and considered it productive! lol..damn those dishes that still need to be done!
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Hey everyone! I'm sure you're all working out... and just too busy to do so to post here

I've been pretty good this week.. I have had some energy for a change!! I felt as though I overdid it at the gym on Thursday, though. I was happily on the elliptical feeling good.. I had a quick bathroom break and meant to finish up with another mile/cool down, but all of a sudden I couldn't move a bit. It meant that I missed the last few minutes of a drama I was watching on the TV, too (we don't have TV at home so exciting to watch it at the gym ). It felt like very low blood sugar, though I had eaten lunch beforehand so was surprised.. I felt better when I ate lots at home, though. Also a 3 mile doggy walk that evening.

Fri: Just short 3 miles on the elliptical followed by weights. Evening.. another 3 mile doggy walk (these walks are SLOW.. I have terriers who like to stop and sniff everything).

Sat: no sleep the night before so took rest day. But dh ran that evening and so I walked 4 miles with him (obviously he did it much faster!). We meant to go home and collect the dogs for another 2 miles but the fog rolled in and the temps dropped.

Sun: 60mins on the elliptical and weights. Planned to walk this evening but it's pouring down. Where is Spring!?

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Yeah, I wish I knew where spring was too. I ran yesterday in a cold, pouring rain.

I do have a treadmill at home and I could have gone on that so I have no real reason to complain about the weather. I just SO prefer to run outside.

Man, am I slow though! But I am still running about 3 miles so I fgure that's pretty good, I am carrying an extra 12 lbs, all up front, after all!
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Hi everyone!

How's everyone feeling? I had a run in with a rather mean spirited person this morning who made lots of comments about my weight, comparing me to another pregnant woman who is 34 weeks and apparently 'only a bit bigger than me' at 25 weeks. As soon as I got to my office I burst into tears. Ugh.

Anyway, I went to the gym and burned off some crossness... Ive been timing it so I can watch an episode of Law and Order I completed around 7 miles with a couple of bathroom breaks as the baby seems to be lying low these past few days and is pressing down on my bladder. And then this evening, with some unusual Spring like weather, I went on a very slow 3 mile doggy walk.

Veganmama I hope the weather is nicer with you now.

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Im doing and feeling great! And screw that person who said that! Just see how fast you bounce back after the birth! lol..

I went rock climbing again last friday, and yesterday I did tons and tons of stairs...275 of them...5times...after going for a 2.5km run - I had no legs by the end of it...but it felt good and it was right near the beach - so much fun!
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My stamina is slowly returning. Went for a walk with dh yesterday and didn't flake out on him three blocks from home this time. I have been going to the gym and doing the exercise bike for a half hour, and last Saturday I took a Zumba class. Yoga this evening for me!

I'm impressed with how in shape so many of you ladies are. I've never been that athletic, and my New Years resolution was to strive for consistency - to at least GO a few times a week, even if I can't do a whole lot once I'm there.
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