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You mamas are a great motivation especially now that I have been getting the afternoon sleepies again. I am still on the same schedule- 2 walks/hikes a day, longer hikes on the weekend, and 4 or so days of yoga, pilates, nia, or something.

I have sorta designed my own hour long workout incorporating yoga, light weights, pilates, qi gong, and finish up with dancing because I have not been as motivated to attend classes. I put in a call to sign up for preggo water aerobics but have not heard back yet. I'm very excited to be around other preggos while I exercise!
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Yeah, I think I have a little more energy now when doing cardio and weight machines. The true test will be tomorrow when I take yoga. I keep at it, but changing yoga postures quickly (flow yoga) is no longer an option and my belly gets in the way a lot.

I want to continue as long as I can... with my last PG, I quit working out around 35-36 weeks because I got tachycardia (racing heart rate) every time and that got difficult to deal with.

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Hey ladies, everyone seems to be doing great! I ran Tuesday night at 8 pm after working a 10 hour day. It actually felt really good.

Power yoga yesterday. I am having trouble with plank and side plank. That extra 12 lbs, all concentrated in the one place makes it hard for me to hold the position for a long time.

Today is beautiful so I will run tonight, it is supposed to pour rain all day tomorrow.
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Hi there, fit mamas!

For some reason I have a lot of energy this past week... in spite of having a horribly stressful week at work. working out is really helping to keep me sane

So a good week... I worked out most days. I can't remember what I did Wed and Thurs but on Fri I went to the gym and did 5 miles on the elliptical and weights. On Saturday I did 6 miles on the elliptical and yesterday I did 4 miles on the elliptical plus weight, and then, in the evening, 4 mile hilly walk followed by a very slow 2 mile doggy walk amble with my DH. We had nice weather for a change, and this week looks terrible.

Another busy week at work... so not sure how much energy I'll have. And time.

How was everyone's weekend? Are any of you beginning to feel third trimestery? I am not feeling very nimble, let's put it that way

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Hi everyone, I didn't miss any workouts this week so I am pretty happy about that. Yesterday I ran outside and it was tough but I did it. Hills (even tiny ones) are killing me though so I stay on the flats as much as possible.

I gained 2 lbs in the last 4 days though! So now I am up 14 at 24w2d.

It was the falafel sandwiches. You just can't eat one everyday for lunch for 4 days and not gain weight, LOL!
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Ran last night but up another lbs. That's almost 3 lbs in a week!
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I'm really gaining weight quite quickly too. I wonder if this is the time for a growth spurt? I'd gained 12 pounds at almost 26 weeks. I think it's steadily climbing now!

No workout on Monday.. and then I forgot my sport's bra on Tues so couldn't go to the gym after work as I feared that these very large pregnancy boobs might protest!!! I did a 4 mile walk (2 of those slow miles with pups) and a prenatal yoga DVD.

yesterday I did 7 miles on the elliptical and some weights, and I'm heading to the gym now for a shortish workout.

How's everyone else doing?
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Ive refused to wweigh myself now...I gained quite a bit, and I know I eat healthy, I work out, my fundal height and what not are all good...weighing myself just makes me depressed...lol
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I'm doing good- except my crazy racing heartrate!! If I am on the eliptical, even slowly with no resistance, my HR gets up in the 180's! It's insane. And I switch to the recummbent bike and have a hard time getting myself even in the 130's. definitely makes sense with how dizzy I have been lately... and I was really in shape prior to getting pregnancy so it's kind of frustrating!

My routine right now is
Mon- Off
Tues- Yoga
Wed- 45 min cardio, resistance training
Thursday- 45 min cardio, resistance training
Friday- 45 min cardio, resistance training (but I miss this day sometimes because DH is off work and we go do something FUN!)
Saturday- yoga

I must say, my prenatal yoga class rocks. I am totally addicted and would go more often if it doesn't cost so much! The teacher actually makes it HARD while still really focusing on muscles we'll need for birth, etc. I LOVE IT. I am a total yoga junkie now and would love to get certified to teach when I'm not pregnant
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Lindsayjean, I am very jealous of your prenatal yoga class. I have just continued with my Ashtanga and hatha yoga classes at the gym in my building. Luckily there is one other PG woman in the classes so the teachers try to show us some variations that work for us.

My schedule is:

Tuesday- 3 mile run (or wog as I liek to call it - waddle/jog)
Wednesday- Ashtanga yoga
Thursday- 3 mile run
Friday- hatha yoga and 50 minutes with trainer lifting weights/resistance training
Sunday- 3 mile run
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You ladies are doing great! I don't own a scale so I haven't seen my weight in a month but I was shocked by my reflection in glass yesterday- I really look pg!
I'm still maintaining at least 2 walks/hikes per day plus a lot of running around on campus lately. Also, I have been keeping up yoga or similar activities 4x week or so. I love this DVD I have been doing because its short and to the point! I thinks its called "the Perfect Pregnancy Workout"?

lindsayjean- I have noticed my heart rate is way higher too, but the doc said it was in normal range. It gets fast quickly now though so I take more breaks.

Is anyone else getting cramps more now? I get them on the underside of my belly/pelvis when I'm hiking- particularly uphill. It makes hiking a lot harder!
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Also- I finally got my info for signing up for prenatal water aerobics but I have missed the beginning of the current session. I think I will start in 2-3 weeks! Unfortunately I bought this ugly mat swimsuit off ebay and I am not thrilled...
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I'm getting more crampy and my heart rate is getting up there much quicker than it used to. I also find that jumping/bouncing is super uncomfortable in the abdomen, so I'm not running anymore. I do yoga, Zumba (modifying so I don't bounce as much), walking, and exercise biking. I need to get a maternity swimsuit so I can swim again!
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I get cramps when I run uphill too. I am trying to stay on flat terrain.
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I have really slowed down on the elliptical this week, that's for sure, but not too many cramps. I had read that heart-rate goes up by about 15bpm. I'm trying to keep my heart rate under 140ish. Whilst that's pretty old advice, and they say go by exertion, it seems to match moderation exertion. I called about a prenatal yoga class today, and hope there's space in one of them. I think it would be nice to exercise around other pregnant mamas.

Yesterday I went to the gym and did 5 miles on the elliptical. A three mile doggy walk in the evening.. and, wow, my walking has even slowed down! Today I did 6 miles on the elliptical and will go for a doggy walk later.

My schedule for this week:

Sat: Gym: elliptical 45-60 mins plus weights. Maybe a prenatal yoga class if the woman calls me back.
Sun: OFF - as gym closed. Will at least walk a few miles and may do a prenatal yoga DVD.
Mon: Gym - elliptical 60 mins plus weights
Tues: Gym - elliptical or OFF
Wed: Gym - elliptical plus weights
Thurs: Gym or OFF
Fri: Gym elliptical plus weights

This will likely change... !

I have the most ugly swimsuit. It was pretty expensive, too! It's a 'sensible' lap pool one....

Have a good weekend, fit mamas.
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I went for a 6km run this morning - and I felt awesome! I think morning running is the way to go...at least for me.
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Okay- where are you guys finding good swimming suits? Ugh- luckily I can still fit into my tankini that I bought postpartum last time (to hide my post pregnancy bulge haha), but I don't think it'll be fitting me this summer and we live a block from a stellar kiddie pool for my toddler and I know I'll be living in a swimming suit this summer, and would like to swim more. I taught 3-4 water exercise classes a day during my last pregnancy and haven't gotten in the water beyond parent/toddler swim class this pregnancy.

My last pregnancy I wore a 2 piece athletic suit- but I can't seem to find anything good this time and I had a perfect stretch mark free belly last time up until a week before she was born so has no issues showing it off... not so much this time lol.

I feel like all the suits are just frumpy and I look ridiculous in them. And they totally don't make size 0 swimsuits at motherhood maternity- not even XS I noticed. Grrrrrr.
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Mine is a non maternity suit. I got it from Swimwear Etc. Its this one: http://www.swimwearetc.ca/comersus/s...107&Filter=108 only in brown with a brown/white leopard print skirt bottom. I liked it because it would stretch with my stomach...but i could wear it after too...
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I've been a bit lazy this week after three dancing at three different events last week for Passover.

Tuesday- biked to/from work (5 miles round trip)
Saturday- walk/ran 2.25 miles
Sunday- mountain hike 3.5 miles

BTW- I hope my lungs come back to normal function the day I give birth. Today I was hiking up our little mountain for an Easter sunrise service and I was out of breath within five minutes of the easy grade terrain. So, needless to say the whole hike to the top I was out of breath and my feet did not want to move. I hadn't hiked in a while, but I do exercise. I feel like I'm 50 when it comes to exercise now. Just a bit ago I'd race my uncle to the top running. Now my hb held my hand and almost pulled me up the tough parts. I know the baby is not squishing my lungs yet, but my friend says baby gets first pick of the oxygen and I get the leftovers. I just did not imagine that a short hike up a little mountain would be so hard.
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Oh my goodness, what has happened!!!!!? I am suddenly so tired that the thought of going upstairs makes me shudder. I went to the gym oon Saturday and because the little guy wasn't very active I got worried and didn't workout! And then yesterday was a day off...

Today I went to the gym and I was just exhausted. My hb was higher than usual and at a much slower pace. I feel really breathless and fatigued. I completed 6 miles very slowly...

Is this sudden slow down normal? I was wondering if I might be anemic, or something. I am still suffering with hypermesis and so vomit pretty regularly - and I'm also vegan which probably puts me at higher risk.

Oy. Surely I'm not meant to be this tired this early!!!

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