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Oh Lindsay, I so know what you mean. My MIL in particular keeps asking " you're still there?" every time she phones. No, we had the baby and didn't tell you!!
Also, I am still working and everyone acts all suprised to see me every day.

I wanted to go to the gym at lunch but just realized I had taken my gym bag home to wash everything and forgot to bring it back. Blah!

This is the most PG I have ever been without being in labour at least. 39w4d. DS was 2 days old by now and I was in the middle of my 47.5 hour labour with DD.

Just as well though. I have to go to a wake tonight and a funeral tomorrow. My next door neighbour's 23 year old son, her only child, died in a car accident Sunday night. She was away camping and didn't find out and fly home until yesterday.
DH has known him since he was a ittle boy, he jsut moved out last year. We bought this house from my ILs 6 years ago, it is the hosue DH grew up in.

My kids are pretty rattled. This is the second time this year I have had to tell them about a young person they know dying. Their 3 year old cousin died of cancer in october.
My DS, of all people, is very worried about Cathy. He keeps asking me if she is sad, then saing her is sad for her and climbing on my lap. DD hasn't said much but has reverted to sucking her thumb.
Cathy is a retired pediatric nurse and loves kids. She and my kids have daily chats over the fence. I often tease her that she must feel like a rockstar when she comes out to garden or hang up her laundry, my kids are so happy to see her.

Anyway, it's just such a tragedy.
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I feel a little bit like a rockstar in that I went for a run today!

39w6d. I have never been this PG before.

DH hasn't been too keen on my running by myself the last week and i don't want to slow him down so I got the bright idea that we should drive up to the high school and run around the track.

i was pretty pissed at how many times he lapped me though!
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Ran 4K tonight. 40w4d.

Zubee's little man Rafi is 3 weeks old and she is back working out! Go Zubee!
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
Ran 4K tonight. 40w4d.
You are a wonder woman!

I'm looking forward to working out again. My little boy is a week old today (where does the time go????) and I'll give it at least another week, probably two, before I try working out. I can't take DS to our local gym childcare, and don't want to anyway until he's much older, so I'll have to change my workout routine to the evenings so my DH can watch the baby. I'm not crazy about working out in the evening, but that's just how it will have to be for a while. I think I'll try doing intermediate yoga to begin with because it really helps me get back in shape quickly.

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Anyone else ready to resume workouts?

Hi Ladies,
My babe was born last Tuesday (7/21) and I'm dying to go back to the gym. I've been walking a few times but that just doesn't cut it. How soon are all of you going to resume your workouts?
My OB said 4-6 weeks but it seems crazy that I was working out hard until the day before delivery and then have to wait that long.
I'm thinking I'll ease back in with a yoga class and see how that goes. Then can decide how fast to resume the weights and cardio.
Anyone have any other good ideas for postpartum workouts?
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I didn't run until 4 weeks PP with my previous pregnancies but I think yoga may be doable before that. And maybe some light resistance training?

What did those of you who have had their babes already start with if you are back at it?
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My last pregnancy I started some cardio and resistance training (eliptical I believe) at about 3 weeks PP. So I'm at 1 week tomorrow....2 more to go at least, I'm getting antsy! But my midwives keep telling me I need to rest to recover fully... so I'm TRYING.

Our gym will let babies come starting at 6 weeks, so I'll probably go before that for short times while DH can watch the baby and I can take our 2 y.o. with me. But of course, being the food source I can't be gone for very long!
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I went to the gym a couple pf times after about a week... but I took things very easy. I was back on the bike last week. I dropped it in to a conversation with my Dr. and she didnt say anything. That said, I started to bleed a little bit last night and this morning, so i decided not to do anything this morning other than walk with the babe (who is ONE month on Tuesday! Wowsa).He is gaining weight like a champ (over 2 pounds in 2 weeks!) and I have been feeling great, physically. Seriously, exercise is crucial to my mental health.. and my Dr/friend definitely knows that...

VM - any sense that things are progressing?

Lindsay, your little one is such a cutie!!

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Hi ladies!

Am I the only one who hasn't given birth yet?

Will try to run tonight if it cools down enough.

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Declan James arrived at 12:31 am Sunday Aug 2 after a fast and furious labour. He was 8 lb 7 oz for all my worries about him being huge at 8 days late. I would say it was my most difficult labour though as it just went so fast. No break at all in the contractions between 5 and 10 cm.

He is very sweet though!
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Went back to they gym twice this week - hurray! Feels so good to be exercising again. Baby is 2 1/2 weeks old and I'm feeling great! Went to a weights class on wed and then to a yoga class today. Was really sore after the weights class - surprising since it's only been 2 weeks since I was there and I took it pretty easy too. But I figure I've mostly been sitting or lying down nursing for the past two weeks.
Hope I will get back in a somewhat regular exercise routine soon. 2 of my 4 kids start school in 2 weeks so I should have a little more free time to exercise.
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I can't WAIT to exercise again!! Our gym drop off childcare doesn't take babies until 6 weeks (not that I'd feel comfortable putting him in there before that!). And my husband is out of town this week (ugh- alone with a 2,5 yr old and 2 week old). My midwife doesn't really want me exercising yet even though I didn't tear... but i think I'm going to go for run and see how I feel in a few days... and do some strength training at home. I can't wait to go to yoga again though!!!

Oh and CONGRATS veganmama- how long was your labor Mine was about 3 hours long (including prelabor contractions!) w/ 17 minutes of pushing.
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LindsayJean, my labour was 6.5 hours. Would have been about 45 minutes shorter but I got a bit paralyzed by the fear of my last labour and couldn't push for a while after I was fully dilated.
First labour was 47.5 hours with 1.5 hours of pushing.
Second labour was 17 hours with 2.5 hours of pushing.
I pushed for about 7 minutes this time.

I daren't post this elsewhere but I am having a freakishly quick recovery. I am 6 days PP and if it weren't for these damn hemorroids I would be very tempted to go for a run.

Bleeding has stopped and my uterus is back to it's pre-PG size. Must have been all the RRL tea i drank while pregnant.

So my tummy is relatively flat! I could wear my bikini and not be embarassed.

I have lost 18 lbs and am 12 lbs above my pre-PG weight.

And I am 42. Honestly, it's a bit weird.

I do however, have hemorroids from hell.
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VM! It's so great to hear that you're recovering well. I'm more than 4 weeks PP and I am still bleeding a bit on and off. I've been working out, though, and I feel GREAT. It is so nice to workout with some intensity.

My labor was just 6 hours with an hour of pushing. I wouldn't have torn were it not for the baby holding his hand to his face as he came out

I know VM and Lindsay were also planning to use hypnobabies.. how did you find it? I really found it so helpful. I'm sure my labor was quick because I was so relaxed. The nurse didnt believe me when I said I thought I was ready to push as I was so relaxed. I found pushing to be the most difficult thing.. I don't think I knew what to expect...

I really feel as though staying in shape through the pregnancy has made it possible to be so active now.

Should we start an exercise thread anywhere else? I'd like the support to keep moving... with the challenges of trying to find the time! My DH has been good about making it possible for me to get a bike ride in or a trip to the gym. Our gym takes babies at 3 months so it's still a challenge...
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we should totally start a thread somewhere!! I love talking to you ladies about this. hypnobabies really I think helped me not freak out during my super short intense labor. I felt a LOT of intensity, but no real pain.

VM, that rocks that you are feeling so great! Everyone says it looks like I didn't have a baby... so that feels nice! No bikini for me yet though, lol, too many stretch marks!! My skin is still rather floppy, but my uterus is down. I drank a TON of RRL, so that must be it, yay!

zub- our gym takes babies at 6 weeks... I can NOT WAIT. My DH is out of town this week, maybe I'll see if my mom will watch the kids and go jogging... it sure will feel weird w/o a belly!

i'm so bored without DH home! gah! The kids are both sooooo cranky- they must sense my sadness about it. The day after our 5 yr anniversary too!
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Oh Lindsay, that sucks that DH is not home! Mine is grumpy, he doesn't handle sleep deprivation well, but I still am glad he is here!

Unfortunately Hypnobabies did not work for me. That was absolutely the most pain I have ever been in in my life, including my 2 other births where I did not use Hypnobabies. I would take the 47.5 hour labour again over the 6.5 hour one hands down.

I would definitely be up for a continuing exercise thread.

I am so freaked (in a good way) about not looking like I jus thad a baby. Must be the RRL tea shrinking the uterus back to it's regular size so quickly. I bled for 5 weeks with the other 2. My uterus was already back to it' snormal size yesterday at 5 days PP>
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150 crunches a day since 3 days PP. And some push ups. Other than that, just walking so far.
Declan is 8 days old.
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Good going, VM! I have done very little core work yet... I don't know why I'm putting it off. I did do 7 miles on the elliptical this morning, though, and DH came home early last night so I could get out on my bike.

I don't know how I managed it, but I didn't get any stretch marks!! I have some loose skin, but hopefully that will go down. The biggest thing is my HUGE HUGE chest. Jeez Louise, I feel like a porn star! I can't say it makes exercising comfortable, and I dont feel very athletic

How's everyone's sleep? Rafi is sleeping around 5-6 hours a night. We co-sleep, but he doesn't like nursing in bed. so Ive gotten into the routine of getting up with him around 3:30am, nursing him, and then, at 4:30am getting DH up so I can head to the gym for 5am. Of course this doesn't workout too often!
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zub- omg- my husband says that my boobs are invading my collarbones HAHA. They've gone down a BIT since my milk came in, but I have such an oversupply that they are always pretty stinking FULL. I wonder if fake boobs feel like rocks like mine do when they're full LOL.

Woo for no stretch marks- luckily mine are pretty silvery- I don't get those huge red gouged out looking ones. But I guess it's kind of a genetic thing- my mom got stretch marks, and I have em too.

As far as core work, make sure you don't have any more than a finger width (or maybe two) or separation in your abs before doing crunches, or you can really mess with things. Core work is fine, but crunches specifically aren't going to help until those abs get pulled together enough. VM I'm sure you knew that and I'm sure your abs didn't separate that much with how fit you stayed. Just sayin' for anyone else reading this.

I *still* have not gotten to go running like I want to. Being alone with a 2.5 yr old and newborn makes it pretty challenging. Maybe when my mom gets home from work tonight she'll watch them so I can go. And she said she'd watch them while I go to the gym tomorrow. *YAY*

I am soooooo ready to get my husband home and get into some sort of routine. I feel like as soon as I recover from having the baby he had to leave me. Yuck.

OH, guess what? I am thinking about starting a program the end of September to get certified to be a yoga instructor. I teach a bunch of exercise classes and have my bachelors degree in Ex. Phys, but I have gotten SO into yoga, I would just love to teach it, especially since I don't really want to work as much as I did when I was personal training. I'm excited about the possibility... just have to figure out if it'd work!
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Lindsay, I have no idea how big my separation is. What are some good safe core exercises?

My boobs have gone from a 34B to a 34C (pregnant) to a freaking 34F!!!!

I have lost 19 pf my 30 lb weight gain at 11 days PP. Not trying to lose weight at this point.
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