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Lindsay, I am totally in awe that you're looking after a toddler and a newborn and your DH is away!! Oh my, you are a brave woman. I don't know how you're doing it!

The yoga teaching sounds wonderful. Would you do any prenatal yoga, do you think? I must be better at doing some practice...

Oh, VM, I hear you on the chest size! I feel pretty uncomfortable. I don't even know my siize right now as I'm too frightened to see the awful truth. I'm still wearing one of those expandable Bravado bras. I can at least still fit into my 36DD sports bras I bought when pregnant. I think my rib cage has decreased back to a 34 but my cup size... oh mercy!

I don't think I have much separation, but I'm going to ask the trainer at the gym to check.

Well I started writing this about 12 hours ago and realized I didn't send it!!!
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I just weighed myself for the first time the other day (we don't own a scale at home) and I am 3lbs above pe-pregnant weight- 116. I'm not trying to loose at all... if anything I need to gain some of the muscle I feel like I lost.

oh.... toddler screaming about something, more later!
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down another lb today. trying to eat more....
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Ballet class started up this for the season last night, so I'm back at it. I can balance again and it's so much easier not being pregnant. I thought I'd be so sore with the time off, but maybe it's so much easier without 30 extra pounds that I'm not tired. I lost all weight but seven within the first week or so. Now, I still have five pounds to go, but I haven't been working out for the past two weeks because I've been very busy. Now that project is done and I want to get back out.

I have something weird though, my uterus feels so tight or my ovaries or something. I can't run. It hurts to sit up. Any thoughts? I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for my six week check up. Most other movement I don't really notice it, but I want to run again. I'd like to do sit ups and push ups again too.
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I have no idea how much weight I've lost as we don't have a scale. I suspect that I'm a few pounds above pre-pregnancy. I didn't gain much, but, like you, Lindsay, I think I have lost a bit of muscle mass. I think I'm already building up some muscle mass in my legs as trousers are feeling a little tighter in the leg.

curious - how did it go at the dr's?

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i have lost 21 lbs and have 9 left to go at 18 days PP. At least 3 of those are in my gargantan boobs though.

It is 3 weeks yesterday since I worked out. I have been doing abs and pushups and walking a lot.
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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post
curious - how did it go at the dr's?
I guess it's good news- nothing's wrong, just normal post birth pain. They said it's similar to round ligament pain and it'll go away as I keep exercising. I hadn't been exercising because I was afraid something was wrong and I didn't want to mess anything up, but I'm happy to know that I'm cleared for all exercise including the sit ups that I want to do.
I'm very tender inside, painful too. For that they said to rub vitamin e oil inside a few times a day. It hurt a bunch when they did an exam with just a finger. I cannot imagine dtd. Poor hubby. It's seven weeks postpartum now and I'm pretty sure we did not do anything the month prior.
So, I'll be getting back outside and exercising, hopefully feeling all better in no time.
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I've only been able to go to the gym once (last week) to do cardio but it was soooo good to get some exercise. I've arranged with my DH to help me get to yoga class every Fri evening because I need some serious stretching and relaxation. He'll watch the baby and I'll take our DD to gym childcare.

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I am thinking about trying to run tonight. 3w2d PP.
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Just went for my first PP run at 4w1d and it was fine. 5K albeit a bit slower than usual!

I am going to take a belly dancing class i think. There is one at night not that far from me. I have heard it is great for yur core and PC muscles.
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I've been going to intermediate yoga every Friday evening and it's been great. I've lost a lot of strength in my arms and my legs are much less flexible, but I'm OK with working my body back into shape over time. I wish I could work out more often but it's just not fitting into our schedules right now. I hope to change that soon.

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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
Lindsay, I have no idea how big my separation is. What are some good safe core exercises?

My boobs have gone from a 34B to a 34C (pregnant) to a freaking 34F!!!!
I'm thoroughly enjoying being a 36D right now. I'm normally a 36B so it's nice to finally have some cleavage! I'm definitely bigger with this 2nd nursing adventure than the first.

I'm seeing a chiropractor right now and all the docs in the practice specialize in helping patients with safe core exercise. Basically, whatever a young baby does to learn to roll over is the best exercise for your adult core muscles. So watch your growing babies as they lie on their backs, tighten up their cores, and pull their bent legs up. Then watch as they use their legs to initiate rolling over. Those are the (repetitive) movements that are safest for your back.

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Thanks Kristin! I have been staying away from traditional crunches and doing some pilates stuff instead.

Ran 5k again this morning.
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have been running 5K every other day since 4 w pp, will be 6w pp tomorrow.......
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I've been working out often, I started with swimming 3-4 days/wk (started with 15mins, worked up to 30mins, now doing about 2400 yards--about 50mins), then strength training 3-4 days/wk--keeping this relatively light, and I'm trying to get in the swing of biking and running right now...I'm not past the "hump" yet where it becomes habit and really even enjoyable (I'm loving the swimming after hating it the first couple weeks). I've been exercising regularly since I went back to school 4 weeks ago (11wks postpartum right now) and it just feels sooooo good and I'm so much happier!
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