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Brother Joe...

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Anyone else anxiously awaiting the arrival of Steve's brother Joe on Blue's Clues?

I'm sorry to see Steve go (he's become like a member of our family!), but Joe's a cutie!! He's supposed to make his debut on April 29 during a special "primetime" showing of Blue's Clues...needless to say, I'll be there!

BTW, what will Steve do after Blue's Clues? You know, I once saw him on a episode of Homicide and he was great! He played this high school kid who killed the school's most popular football player because the fb player had bullied him. It was really wierd to see Steve in such a serious role....but he did an excellent job. Maybe he'll pop up in other dramatic roles now that he's leaving Nick Jr.

P.S. Can you tell from my recent posts that I watch way too much TV?
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Anyone? No? Just me? Oh well....I'll watch alone!

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Ha ha! Thread killer!

Sorry... here's an actual response. I can't stand Blue's Clues. Hate it. Don't care who is on it. DOn't care where this guy goes. I just couldn't leave you sitting here talking to yourself any longer!
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Sorry I've only had two minutes to myself lately...not enough time to go through all the forums....am working my way through now!!

I am looking forward to joe too! I will miss Steve, he sort of reminds me of a guy I dated in high school. I saw joe on a commercial yesterday am, and my nephew said..."oh yeah, Steve died, so now they have Joe." I pointed out to him (he's 9) that If Steve were dead and being replaced by Joe that it would be harder for them to be in any episodes together.....

The premise is supposed to be Steve going to college......hmmm.
Wonder what he would study to be? Computer animated Vet? lol
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Staeve has an alternative music thing going on (heard it first on Hip Mama)


Personally, I find it hillarious!! Check it out...
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Thanks for not leaving me hanging, kama'aina mama! I was worried for a minute -- what with me being a thread killer and all!

serenetabbie -- It's kind of funny that your nephew thought Steve was dead (how wierd would that be, for a preschool show to "kill off" it's popular host!). Yeah, Steve's going to college. Computer animated vet -- that's a good one! If that doesn't work out for him he could always become a private investigator. He's sooo good with clues you know! I just wonder why he can't go to a good community college? I mean, come on, he's got to leave his house, his friends, and his dog. How sad is that?

Ame -- I'm checking out Steve's site right now! Thanks for the link!

So, is this thread officially dead now?
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not dead yet...

The thread, I mean, not Steve. I was very sorry to hear he was leaving, (LOSER!) but the more I see of Joe, the more I feel everything may be all right. Yeah, it's just a show, I almost forgot!

And my Joe wants to be Steve when he grows up, he has like 30 handy dandy notebooks, which he runs to get at the first note of Blue's Clues. He says when Joe comes on he will STILL want to be Steve when he grows up!

Going to check out Steve's website now!

Love, Jenny
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