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My One Year Old Won't Eat!

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I've heard that bf babies don't need anything but breastmilk for the first year and that solids in this time are only for experimentation, but what do you do after a year if your baby still isn't into solids?

My son will be one on Jan 19th. I've tried giving him solids at 6 months and he's never really been into them. I give him purees, finger foods, and stuff off my plate and I can count on one hand how many times he's actually eaten anything.

He either outright refuses food or will gum it and push it back out with his tongue. It's like he hasn't lost that tongue-thrust reflex.

Most of the food I give him is stuff on my plate now. We're all vegan. Now I'm going back and making him special baby food b/c I'm worried I haven't been creative in offering him food. But I know it's not all my fault--he just isn't into food yet!

I have noticed that he's more into "begging" for food. He comes up to me and wants to try my food when he's not in a highchair, but he's not into food when we're seated at the table...

I know he has to eat EVENTUALLY but I worry he isn't getting enough nutrition and he will become a picky eater later in life.

Any advice? He's still nursing like a pro, at least.
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My daughter is the same way. She wouldn't even touch solids till around her first birthday, and it took a while beyond that before she was eating all the time.

I am glad we didn't push it with her, though: she ate when she was ready and that was that. By the time she was 18 moths or so she was eating like a champ. She is five now and eats and tried a bigger variety of foods than most other kids her age. So don't worry about your child automatically becoming a picky eater. His body will tell him when he's ready for food.
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As long as he's continuing to nurse, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just keep offering, and eventually he'll want to try it.

Still being exclusively BF at 1 is not a huge deal, IMO.
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ITA. If he doesn't want food, don't worry about it. Keep offering, keep nursing. He'll eat eventually. The chubbiest baby I've ever met was 14 mo old at the time and exclusively breastfed. She simply refused to eat solids.
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I would not worry one bit. The longer they wait, the better, in my book. Why be in a hurry to replace the perfect food with something else? Plus, once they start eating EVERYTHING changes - diapers get stinky, their clothes get messy and you have to actually plan and prepare food for them! Ugh. I like breastfeeding 'cause it's easy.
None of mine have taken much in the way of food before that. Im currently nursing baby #4 who is almost 10 months and really eats nothing. A bite here and there, every couple of days. Not more than about a tablespoon all together in his whole life! He just doesn't want it!
Enjoy these days. They end all too soon!
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My dd did have feeding issues and needed intervention. However, my son was totally normal but just didn't get interested in eating more than a couple of bites of anything until he was just over a year. My 5 month old is very interested in eating and really wants to eat now (I know the difference between wanting food and wanting a spoon to play with). All kids are just differen. If he's growing well and your intuition tells you that he's ok then just relax and go with it.

Believe me, I never thought I'd have a 5 month old putting spoons in her mouth and mimicking chewing after watching the way my first 2 were with food.
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I'm going through the same thing. I have a fourteen month daughter and she doesn't eat hardly anything. I'm afraid that she's not getting enough, but I keep telling myself that children don't let themselves starve and she'll eat when she's hungry. But that doesn't stop me from worrying.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep offering. They'll eat when they're ready.

Toddlers are NOTORIOUS for not eating. But somehow, they seem to grow and thrive and develop just fine. It used to drive me BATTY how little my DD1 ate, but she's taught me with time to just let it go.

It's all you can do, really. Just put good tasty inviting food in front of them several times a day, and let them decide when they're ready for it. I think they're more likely to turn picky if you start making a struggle out of it, or worrying too much. Limit the junk, limit empty-calorie fluids like juice, and let them follow their own appetite.

On the other hand, if you suspect that the child really might have oral issues leading to food-refusal, it's not a bad idea to talk to a speech therapist or occupational therapist about it. Some kids really do have trouble learning to chew and swallow food. Does he eat ever, some foods, or in other situations other than at the table? If you know he is ABLE to chew and swallow, then I'd call it toddler pickiness and not worry a bit. If he's never able to handle solid food, in any situation, then I might look for a referral.
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