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Sore gums and teeth while pregnant?

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About a wk and a half before I discovered I was pregnant (I'm due in July), I started to get a lot of soreness of my gums and teeth. I am wondering if this is normal. With my other two pregnancies, I remeber feeling a little bit sore around my gums, but this time, it really hurts. I do already have a problem with a receding gum line to begin with and I am due to go in for a dentist check up anyway. However, I'm wondering how much of this feeling of sore gums and teeth sensitivity may be cause by the pregnancy.
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Don't worry - I have heard from several sources that sore gums and teeth are a symptom of pregnancy. I forget why that is ... one of the pregnancy hormones messes with them or something. Anyway, my midwife strongly recommended going to a dentist while pregnant (just make sure you tell them you are pregnant - no x-rays!) for a regular cleaning to keep the problem in check.

So far, I have been doing okay with just regular tooth brushing and flossing - coincidentally had a dentist appointment just a week before I learned I was pregnant!
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I think it's probably normal to have some soreness but I will say that I had a couple days of sore teeth/gums and went to MW appt and mentioned it and she said to go to the dentist where I found out I had an abcessed tooth and have to get a root canal done asap! ack! It's really annoying since it didn't hurt that bad, but it was getting swollen.
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It is completely normal. Happens to me every time, and through the whole pg.
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I am only ten weeks and already had this happen once. I developed a cut on the roof of my mouth that took forever to heal and had a lot of gum swelling. Thank goodness my gums have calmed down for now, but I will be visiting my dentist on my regular schedule.
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normal, don't worry
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Normal. Happened to me with all 5 pregnancies.
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I told DH my teeth were hurting and I thought I needed to go to the dentist. His response- "You always say that when you're pregnant" I didn't realize it, but he is right my teeth start hurting much worse when I'm pregnant. I guess I'm just whiny
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Thanks ladies! This is such a relief to hear. I exp some mild discomfort in my prior two pregnancies, but this one takes the cake. My gums and teeth feel truly sore, I did not realize it could feel bad enough that it would be so noticeable.
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Also happens to me! My cycles affect my teeth/mouth a lot. When my wisdom teeth were coming in, the pain was a lot worse as my bleeding approached. I drool more when sleeping a certain part of my cycle (gotten pregnant the last four times I ovulated, so I can't remember which part!) My gums bleed easier until a couple months after birth. I had to remind my dentist that was why, I don't usually have gum issues at the dentist.

I do notice that when I am ovulating, and when I am first pregnant, I suddenly have a much stronger urge to floss and keep my teeth extra clean. Then a couple weeks later morning sickness kicks in, and I have a really hard time brushing my teeth at all, it makes me vomit. Now at 14 weeks I am starting to be able to brush my teeth without gagging every time.
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I am young and pregnant and i have the worst teeth and gum pain in the world. its so bad to the point that i cannot sleep at night. i need some help and feedback on what to do. my teeth have gotten so bad on my left and right sides of my mouth on the bottom each side had a chunck of tooth missing. i have a dentist appt. but last dentist i went to they said they couldn't do anything because they couldn't take ex rays. i can't keep going through this for the next two and a half months. I've tried anbesol and oragel but I've become ammune to iit and it doesn't work as well anymore. Please help me.
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Just wanted to share the positive experience I had recently. I went to the dentist (8 mos pregnant) and the hygienist said, "Wooow, you have really healthy gums for a pregnant woman!" I didn't have any bleeding, which she assumed I would. I asked her what she thought was making them healthy, she said "You must have really good dental hygiene." And I laughed and said, actually, despite wanting to, I never floss, and some days I don't even brush my teeth. I put two and two together and told her that I think it's because I take a high quality powdered probiotic and it sits in my mouth. Then I remembered that early in the pregnancy I did have bleeding gums and I'm pretty sure it coincided with the time period when I hadn't been taking my probiotics for a month or two.


I take Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete Powder https://www.protherainc.com/prod/proddetail.asp?id=K-TCP . Sometimes I actually don't brush my teeth at night because I want to let it sit in my mouth overnight. It's not a special probiotic for dental health and different people need different strains, but I think this one is working well for me. Something interesting I learned about probiotics is that just because you heal yourself with them doesn't mean you can stop taking them, because probiotic supplements work differently than the native probiotics you're born with. If you never took antibiotics and were born with good flora, etc, then those flora don't die out apparently; but probiotics that you have to take have a short life span and once you go about two weeks without them, the strains die out and you need to recolonize yourself with the good stuff again. 

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