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Had surgery - Breast Reduction!

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I don't know if I mentioned it here but some of you may remember me. I had a breast reduction yesterday and went from 36DD to presumably 36 or 34 B. We shall see. I am 5'2" and 130 pounds. I lost 45 pounds over the last 6 months so those DD's were really out of proportion and aching my neck! Anyway, I'm swollen right now and achey. Just letting you all know!

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Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Wow Jennie- those were some big boobs! (spoken by a person who barely is able to wear a bra!) The funny thing is, even though I was picked on during high school for my lack of size, I would never consider implants or surgery of any kind, of course, unless their was some kind of pain or something hazardous to my health.

Hope your recovery is fast and your back is better.

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I hope the recovery goes well. I've contemplated doing that after I'm done having breastfeeding and having children. I'm wearing a 38G these days and would love to be a 'normal' size again. (Once upon a time in high school, I was a 36B)
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Shel, once you're done breastfeeding I would seriously look into it! I was a G after I had Noah and let me tell you- even down to what I was before- a DD- it was a world of difference. I think you'd do well to think about it. You have to be at least 4 months done weaning to have the surgery. I was JUST that- my last day nursing was August 9th! But nobody said anything about residual milk, so....

Anyway, that said, I'm glad I waited until I had lost weight and such. I think it gave me a better result over-all in the end.

Jackie, its hard to imagine being on the other side of the fence when you're one way, YK? People who are smaller want to be bigger and vise versa. Its a different matter going from smaller to bigger because that is not a medical issue. Personally, I can't see why a person would go from smaller to bigger except for cosmetics- the weight isn't worth the pain and hassle of surgery, YK? But for me, the reduction was - and I'm sure once I'm not so achey it will be even more so. Gotta go lay down now actually.........
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Hope you're feeling better soon!
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Ouch Jennie! I hope you are recovering quick and grow into your new size happily. I have known a few other women who, after lots of thought, and nursing their last baby, did it -and really appreciated the difference. I hope you love your new shape and maneuverability (for lack of a better term).

I bet it will make clothes shopping a whole new experience for you! (fun to find things you like and that actually FIT)

Love Sarah
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Happy recovery, I bet you'll have great fun shopping! (when I'm done weaning, I just want them both to match, lol. Do we make the big one smaller, or vice versa? Both babies have a favorite!)

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I figure, once they're weaned and I've had them resized, they're MINE so I get to pick what I want. (Of course, I say go for smaller matching....)
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