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How are the past due mamas doing?

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Just wanted to give a shout out to all the past due mamas out there. I don't know about you and I'm trying very hard to keep perspective, but it kind of sucks. Plus my group of midwives keeps telling me, "ooh, he looks like a ten-pounder!"

I swear, at my last appointment I was about to walk in and beg them to find someone--anyone!--who would give me a straight shot of pitocin! I let go of that instinct, I did. I'm just wavering between faith that my body will go into labor when ready and doubt that I will ever give birth to this baby. It's tremendously frustrating. Especially when every time I log into my email or answer the phone it's someone asking, "where's the baby? how much longer? what's your plan? what are you going to do? what do you mean you're still pregnant?"

I feel huge, crampy, and more than anything, I just want to hold my baby boy. I want him to arrive safely and I just want to hold him.

Anyway, just wanted to offer (and find) some support from other overdue mamas. How are you holding up?
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one....

Meanwhile, congrats to all the new mamas!!
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You're certainly not the only one! Reading through posts, you can tell there are many of us who are very anxious to be holding our little ones.

I do understand how you feel (but I'm only one day past my EDD--and always go past my EDD--historically by two days only.) But I've been super anxious for 2-3 weeks already and I'm going to go out of my skin tomorrow morning if/when I'm not in labor yet--bacause that will be the longest ever. I feel guilty being so impatient when there are mamas here waiting weeks longer!

By the way, my DS1 was 9lb6oz at 2 days past EDD and DS2 was 10lb3oz at 2 days past EDD, so I'm expecting this baby will be big too. But that's a good thing, I think.

During this time I'm feeling so impatient and just done, I try to remember how much more frustrating it was when I spent 10 months trying to get pregnant in the first place! And at least I know the baby has to be here soon. And I thank God for a healthy baby and pregnancy.---Then I go go back to being impatient!

Hang in there mama!
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Well, today is my due date and I am really bummed...I've had two/three weeks now of prodromal labor and last night had about 2 hrs of mild contractions that I thought might be it...NOPE.

That said, I've always gone a little over...but this time I just **knew** I was going early.

I am thinking that it isn't happening anytime soon...so I can commisserate.

The hard part is that I have no family support - and my boys have major cabin fever - but every time we go out...I start contracting like mad and feeling really uncomfortable...DH works like 14 hrs a day - with no planned time off...so I am feeling worried about not having a baby for several more weeks and then wanting to stay home and nest for another month past that...don't think that will work with my kid's energy!
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I'm surviving. But just barely. After 24 hours of contractions starting Monday morning, they got to the point of the 5-1-1+intense and we went to the hospital. We get there and they've started to slow down, so they have us walk for an hour. About halfway through, my nausea comes back 10 fold and I start getting overheated. As the nausea steps up, the contractions slow down, until finally they completely stop. Completely. Obviously, they send me home. I've not had a single one since then, just crazy pressure pushing down.

Yesterday we were suppose to have an appointment to see if we were going to keep the induction appointment today, but the OB had to go into surgery, so it had to be canceled. Since we didn't want to have the induction without the appointment, we canceled that too. The crazy old lady that makes the appointments tried to make the appointment for NEXT friday. I told her hell no that wouldn't work, so she said Monday. I agreed and after I hung up the phone totally broke down. I was crying so hard that I couldn't breathe and started coughing and almost throwing up. DH couldn't get me calmed down. The phone rang again and I gave it to him and got up to blow my nose and try and get ahold of myself. It was the nurse who had called to cancel the induction appointment and we got an appointment with the OB for tomorrow. We will then discuss the options and set it for sometime next week.

I was so overwhelmed with the thought that I wouldn't be able to get a progress report until Monday that it just kicked my ass, but knowing I can get a report tomorrow has helped. I was at peace with possibly inducing today and am at peace with possibly inducing next week. Now she just needs to start coming on her own and all will be well!!
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Originally Posted by Mom2Adam View Post
That said, I've always gone a little over...but this time I just **knew** I was going early.
Ha Ha! Me too!
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I'm 5 days past my edd today - and not surprised at all. I've always been weeks late with my others, so I feel like I've got another week or two at this point.

I'm completely ready to meet this little one and be able to bend over and roll over in bed again.

I'm kind of hoping it comes on my birthday this saturday - that would be such a great gift. But I'll only be 41 weeks saturday, so I'm not holding my breath.

Our late babies will come! They just need a little more time on the inside to get ready.
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I'm here. 40w3d. I went 6 days late with my other two. Baby is sooo low and I'm so very ready. I'm more annoyed by everyone else "worrying" than my own misery.

I can't wait to meet my baby girl, but know she'll come when ready.

That said, I just had some of the spiciest thai ever!
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Looking to comisserate with and support the other "late" mamas. I'm 40 + 5 today. I'm going nuts!

I'm honestly happy to read the birth announcements everyone posts, but I have to say I'm also jealous when a mama is a week or two "early"!

I visit this site 10 times a day I bet, like it will help the baby come or something. I try to do things to not dwell on it, not seriously, how?

Today I went for a two hour walk around a big store because it's so cold outside. I feel more discomfort down there and more activity from the baby. But no contractions or anything.

I'm discouraged because a few of days ago, I had regular, painful contractions for more than three hours. Then the next day, I had contractions 5 min apart for more than an hour. Now barely anything in the last two days!

I feel guilty complaining--I know I'm blessed to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. I also have a very supportive husband. But, I'm still out-of-my-mind-impatient!
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I was so sure I would go early for some reason. And now I'm past my edd. I've gone on strenuous hikes, walking for miles, shoveling the driveway, dtd, chiropractor and no labor. I get contractions on and off all day long. I've had 4 false labors now, and my belly felt like a brick most of last night. Still nothing. I'm 80% effaced and 1 to 1.5 cm dilated, same as last week when I had my membranes swept. My Mom is here from Spain and she's going back on the 23rd - and this little one seems to want to wait until Spring rolls around to make her appearance. Somehow I think I'm still half sane. I keep getting those "how's the baby" phone calls and the baby's not here yet. My blood pressure is starting to get a little high so tuesday's appointment will include an induction chat -- hubby and I wanted an unassisted hm.
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