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Talk to me about progesterone...

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I had a miscarriage just before Christmas and of course no one can tell me "why" and I know most of the time it's just a bad egg, bad sperm, or they didn't get together properly. But I still have been scouring the internet for information on what I might do differently or what may have been wrong, and this has led me to progesterone.

I have a totally normal 28 day cycle, O on day 14, normal LP. So there are no signs of progesterone problems there.
But in my extensive internet research I also found that in the past year or so I have been exhibiting other signs of progesterone deficiency: bad anxiety, mood problems & hyperirritability, headaches, weight gain (unusual for me), a very noticeable decrease in my libido (VERY unusual for me), PMS with really sore BBs (I can't remember if I used to get this or if it's something recent), poor sleep patterns, (relative) difficulty in conceiving (with normal cycles and healthy sperm) and now this miscarriage.

I mentioned to my doctor that I was concerned about my progesterone levels and she said "it's ONLY your first miscarriage" : "don't worry about that till the next one" . But these other symptoms leave me wondering and scared to become pregnant again in case of another miscarriage.

Sooo, I've bought some natural progesterone cream and I'm considering using it as per the directions on the jar (during LP).

And now my questions (thanks for reading so far!):
Have you had symptoms of progesterone deficiency like the ones I mentioned above, and did progesterone cream/supplements solve those issues?

Have you had a normal luteal phase but then tested positive for progesterone deficiency?

Have you used natural progesterone cream without your doctor's supervision?

What were the results of your using the natural progesterone cream? Good? Bad? Nothing?

Any advice for me?

I think I'll cross-post this in Pregnancy and Birth loss...
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I just started taking Pro.this month..
I had 9 head aches last month and this month I have only had 3 and only one I have had to take Med for one.. I did have a late O last month and that is what made me think about Pro. Prob going on.. But I love it, I use the one from Arbonne it is so Nautral.. Can I say again (I love it) :
I was on it years back Prior to getting Preggo with my son a month later, So I stoped taking it a month later!!! It was un Expected :But I was so happy I got Preggo.. He is older know and I am in a Baby mood I thought maybe If I take Pro. It might help me get preggo unexpected!!!My fingers are crossed
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I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

I don't know anything about progesterone... but with all due respect, your doc is ridiculous to tell you to wait for another miscarriage to test as to possible reasons!! Do not accept that answer. I would look for a new doc, who has compassion for women and understands that pregnancy loss is a big deal.

I would insist on the tests getting done. Miscarriage may be common, but it's not "normal" and there are many test-able reasons for it.

Another thing to look into, just generally speaking, is an MTHFR mutation. Google it for details, but it silently causes many miscarriages and most docs don't know to test for it (simple blood test).

Hope that helps! Good luck with the next one!
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prog is a very debated topic with OB. It seems that everyone has a different opinion.

with both my losses I had low prog. with my 1st I didn't know things weren't well until my 12w u/s. So it was totally up in the air if the low prog was a cause or symptom.
2nd loss, low prog from 5w. I started supplements then.

I don't have any symptoms of low prog. I have 15 days LP. Another sysmptom I've heard is lots of spotting before AF, which I don't have.

When I came in for my u/s this last preg, as soon as my OB saw the non-viable u/s she sent me straight to the lab for blood work. I'm still waiting for some of the results, but so far everything normal.

I need to wait for some test such as FSH and prog 7DPO due to cycle timing.
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Thanks for the replies.
I'd love to hear about anyone else's experiences with natural prog cream.
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I haven't used the cream, but I was on prometrium capsules (which is chemically identical to natural progesterone) from ovulation until 12 weeks.

My OB doesn't feel that the research shows much support either way, but it was part of the protocol at my RE's office and my OB supported me in following the protocol.

If anything, it made me feel like I was doing everything possible to sustain the pregnancy. As long as its natural vs. synthetic it won't do any harm and might do some good.

Also think about baby aspirin.
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I've used intravaginal suppositories on and off. I have a short LP (8-10 days), but have never had progesterone levels tested. My first pregnancy was spontaneous and uncomplicated. Since then I've had 4 m/c, 3 on progesterone. After two m/c I had an extensive work-up (again, no specific prog. testing) with no abnormailities found. I also use low dose aspirin, just in case I have a clotting disorder that has not been identified yet.

Two things I remember from my research and speaking with my MDs:
Use of progesterone has not been definitively proven to be beneficial, but it makes theoretical sense and therefore most recommend it.
And, if progesterone is indicated, vaginal suppositories are most efficacious.

Sorry I can't say anything about the cream.. And I don't experience any of the symptoms you described.

So, I can't say I'm a big believer of progesterone, but I use it (some cycles) because there seems to be nothing else I can do.
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i had a miscarriage at 10 weeks or so (my first pregnancy and first miscarriage). there were no obvious reasons, and my doctor prescribed progesterone suppositories (vaginal) the next time i got pregnant. i don't remember how long i took them. 2 or 3 months? anyway, i have a 20 month old now. next time i get pregnant i will do the same thing. worth a shot, in case it works. get a new doc.
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