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Originally Posted by Amber Lion View Post
It got to the point one night were I was so pissed that Dh was actually afraid I'd hurt her and was ready to whisk her away, but while I'm ashamed to say I was a little rough with her I was still with it enough to realize I needed to calm down before I touched her. Sleep deprivation can really get to you.
Em... any mom who hasn't been there a time or two is a saint (or has a saint for a baby) in my book. I remember clearly when ds was a week old and there was no sleep and we were struggling to nurse, and he was just always crying, my ex had to take him because I found myself crying and yelling "Why won't you just latch on and EAT?!" That was the night he had his first formula supplement. Now I literally grit my teeth when I get frustrated. Helps me not lose my temper with the baby, but my teeth sure are sore these days.

Originally Posted by sarah1122 View Post
I'll be sending you all a cosmic acu treatment tonight when I'm up at 11 and 1 and 2:30 and....:

It will be good to know that there are other mamas just like me up with their babes...usually all I have are the sounds of the fishermen going out on their boats to help remind me I'm not the only person awake in the entire world.
Kind of poetic, actually.
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I didn't have a chance to read everything so I'm sorry if I am repeating...

Have you tried swaddling again?? Keir is still swaddled and if he is not he sleeps about 15 min...he moves his arms to much and wakes himself. Maybe if you swaddler her she will feel that close feeling you provide and you might be able to move away.

Keir sleeps the first stretch in the crib and then he co sleeps the rest of the night...with swaddling I am able to put him up between dh and my head...without swaddling no way no how.

Good luck mama!! hugs...my second was the worlds worst sleeper so I do understand your pain.
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I'm there too - lots of fussing, eating ALL night, drooling and gumming everything. She slides down my nipple with those hard gums - ouch! It's so nice for this first-time-mama to know that I'm not alone! Thanks for this thread
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Hi mamas,

Helena is finally napping on my lap, so i can post.
I relate to a lot of these issues; there does not ever seem to be a perfect solution. We cosleep with an Arms Reach, but lately she wants to be next to me and nurse to sleep. I sleep ok but my hip does get sore!! She also nurses ALL DAY (growth spurt?) and catnaps on me, so I can't do anything around the house.
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I hope that Elina's been doing better. Davin was been better the last 2 nights giving me a few 2 or 3 hour stretches. After 2 weeks of waking every hour, I am very relieved. You know it's been bad when after a 2.5 hour stretch you wake up kinda engorged!
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Jess- I hear you on waking up engorged after an alarmingly short time.

Fairie- My jaws are sooo sore too b/c I do the same thing.

Bryson has been doing this too, so add me to the list of mamas wit babies who are causing sleep deprivation. I'm in a constant haze and find myself doing things like singing to him and then suddenly realizing that I'm on the phone, supposed to be conversing with someone. Or the other day I went to give my dd her drops and she said "But mom, you just gave those to me." Note to self: do not attempt to operate heavy machinery.

On the hip pain issue several of you brought up: I used to experience this too, but when I moved my baby to his head being propped up on my bicep or shoulder it was a lot easier. When I'm able to cuddle Bryson close to me with his head on my shoulder after he sleepily pops off it is more like swaddling and I'm able to be on my back. It helps me sleep for the stretches I do get. HTH
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Thanks FS for the support. It's scary how pissed you can get at this little helpless thing when they wake up AGAIN and you haven't even fallen asleep yourself yet. I was glad I was able to calm down though and realize I was getting close to that line.

Addie has been sleeping about 2-3 hrs stretches now and it feels like so long! She even slept for 3.5 hrs today in the ERGO - my boobs were so full.

At least it seems I've gotten to the point co-sleeping where I feel comfortable turning my back on her. Dh slept on the couch the other night b/c he'd been out drinking with my BIL and I slept SO GOOD. Addie got my side of the bed and I got his. Now I'm wishing we had a king size bed.
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Charlotte is a pretty good sleeper, but she has also been waking more frequently to nurse at night. She also is nursing more during the day. I think we are going through a growth spurt here as well.
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Originally Posted by Amber Lion View Post
Now I'm wishing we had a king size bed.
We're only 3 months into the co-sleeping adventure and I think this was the most important baby-related thing we got - a new big bed. :

It's great to be able to post here and know that others are having the same experiences/feelings. Cheers!
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