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Well I'm planning on a homebirth but right now it's up in the air due to these darn tumors on my uterus causing issues. I haven't had my first appt with my MW yet (it's next week) and was under an OBs care because I wanted to make sure all was good before I transferred. After being hospitalized last week and placed on bedrest I'm really starting to wonder if I've risked out or not. They have dealt with these type of issues before but it's so different on a case by case basis. I'm supposed to send them my records then they will let me know so everyone keep your fingers crossed.
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This is our first baby and will be a homebirth!
I went to an ob at first and had one ultrasound ( which actually gave me peace of mind, because I was SOOOOOO sick my first trimester, I couldn't help worrying about the baby) but have switched over to a midwife and probably won't have another.
I get a little worried, like I should be doing something more, but my mom had all six of us kid's at home, no ultrasounds and minimal prenatal testing and had easy labors and healthy babies.
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Welcome cry! If you are due really early in July, there's a good chance you could have a June baby anyways, so I don't see why you couldn't belong here too!

That sucks that you've been classified as high risk. I really think some doctors will take any opportunity to make things as complicated as possible!
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Isn't that feeling of being worried that you're not doing "enough" interesting? IMO, (and I think the research backs this) the very best thing to do IS nothing. Taking good care of ourselves (including our mental health/stress/worry) is all we need to be doing!

I love it that there are so many of us that are hbing/ucing!
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I haven't read all the threads yet.

I plan on a homebirth for this one (which will likely be my last). I currently live in a condo, but we could move at any time, really. If we move we'll be looking for a house, or at least a duplex- something with a yard!

I am also on medicaid, and utah doesn't cover homebirths, so even though it could "technically" be free for us, I am paying out of pocket $1800. Medicaid will be used for back up in case of emergency, since we don't have insurance. I was transferred to the hospital from a birth center with DS, so it's important to me to have a back-up (not that I think anything will go wrong).

Anyway.. Hello Tribe!
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Hello tribe!

This is my first homebirth, second child. My first child was born with a midwife in the hospital as planned. Even though I come from a supportive community of homebirthing friends, I just didn't (much to my disappointment) feel comfortable with it the first round. As it turned out, I wouldn't have been able to homebirth because of pih at 40 weeks. I labored long and hard while laying on my left side induced by pitocin w/o any pain meds last time, so this time I KNOW I CAN DO IT! Sad that I needed that reassurance, but glad that I have it now

I did have a 20 week ultrasound with an independent diagnostic technician (not at a doc office), just to check stuff out since I declined all testing. Well, and I'm one of those people who needs to know the sex. sigh. Helps me bond though, what can I say.

I just had my 20 week check up today with my midwife which consisted of blood pressure and quick urine check. Then the next hour was chit chat Love my midwife and her assistant. Love 'em!

We have an old jacuzzi I intend to scrub out and have available for use. Last time I realllllly enjoyed the shower for the 2 minutes I was allowed out of bed before my bp spiked back up, so I'm not going to assume I'll only want the bath. Luckily for us we have one of those on-demand tankless water heaters, so I'll have unlimited hot water at my disposal. The only part I have to get over is water wastage We're very conservative usually, being in California.

Anyway I'm completely jazzed to be homebirthing this time! :
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With the apartment questions, I totally didn't connect that I gave birth in a condo last time and it was totally fine. No complaints about the birth. The crying baby on the other hand....
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I'm having what I call a "homebirth away from home", as it's illegal for a trained attendant to attend a homebirth in my state. So we'll be driving 15 minutes across the state line to a rented house. The house supposedly has a *really* nice tub that is really big and great for birthing in. I can't wait to see it! We are determined to get me in the water this time... unless I have an insanely short labor like 30-45 minutes.

I use a CPM, and have for all 3 pregnancies. My first pregnancy ended up being a preterm hospital birth, due to PPROM. But second pregnancy was successful "homebirth away from home", and it was awesome. : Even my skeptical DH now believes strongly in out-of-hospital birth, having experienced both.

I do see an OB in tandem with my CPM, just because of my preterm history. IF I end up at a hospital preterm again, I want this particular OB, NOT the teaching group that I got stuck with last time. The residents were great, but the attendings, not so much. I didn't do any u/s in my first pregnancy, but 2nd and 3rd pregnancies I have/am doing two u/s. I've done my research and am comfortable with it, but I also completely understand the choice not to as well, as I've been there before too. So I'm cool with whatever someone chooses there! I do skip the GTT (I test a few times with a glucometer, since my dad is diabetic), and if I make it far enough to be offered the GBS test, I'll skip that too. And I skip the AFP/quadscreen test. I also make it a point to keep my pants on at all OB appts, except the dating u/s. So no dilation checks at end of pregnancy. My OB is very patient with women like me, although we haven't had the GBS discussion yet. Last time, I gave birth before the test was offered. I think he would have done it at the 37 week appt, and I delivered at 36w6d. But I have some good reasoning to not do the test (basically, we wouldn't be able to get abx in me unless we induced and started the abx before induction... I don't necessarily labor for the 4 hours needed! And that induction would probably have to happen preterm because I've never made it to 37 weeks). Knowing my GBS status simply would not change anything about my labor/birth and watching out for infection in baby.

Seeing an OB and CPM in tandem, I can really say that OB appts are boring and useless, and CPM appts are so awesome. Love my OB, but really, I could do all that at home, and my CPM is usually better at figuring out remedies to pregnancy ailments, whereas an OB will just say "Sorry, I can't do anything about that".
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hi there, second time homebirther here. i am seeing the same midwife for care as i did with dd, and she happens to be the one i'm apprenticing for as well. i am also friends with the midwife who came as my midwife's assistant for dd's birth and she will be attending this birth too. the two of them are a great birth team! i'm also twiddling my thumbs at 19 weeks. babe was heard with the doppler at 11 weeks, and is now audible with the fetoscope. i'm foregoing the ultrasound this time too. just waiting for these next 5 months to go by...
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We are also homebirthing. We had tandam care with a cnm practice, which originally agreed to back-up our birth. They have since "forgotten" our agreement, which is ok based on my experience with them so far.

This is our second homebirth. The cpm that attended my ds's birth retired. We hired another cpm around 10 weeks. I like her, but I am not falling over happy with her. She is competent, and I have no doubt that she will respect our birthing wishes.

ETA: I had a waterbirth with my ds. I was not sure if I wanted to rent a tub or buy a pool, but I just ended up having him in our regular sized bathtub.
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For those with waterbirth questions, my midwife recommends the "fishy pool" which seems like a glorified kiddie pool. It blows up, doesn't go asplode, is deep enough to be comfortable, sturdy enough to support a laboring mom, and is only $25.

I'm going with that one. No idea if I'll use it, but hey, for $25 it couldn't hurt to have it there.

My plan at this point is to not plan my actual birth, but do what I feel like when I feel like, and have as many coping methods available as I can.
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My midwife brings a birth pool with her to all the births. Is that really uncommon? I thought that would be more standard practice.

The one she uses is the "Made in Water" brand. It looks really nice
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We've been planning for a homebirth since well before we tried to conceive. I love the midwife we're working with!

I've been impressed with how many people have been supportive of our choice to homebirth. Most of our relatives have been concerned at first but supportive once we've answered their questions. (Minus one SIL who apparently knows everything about the dangers of homebirth even though she has no children, no siblings, and has possibly never held a baby in her life.)

We're planning a waterbirth as well and our midwife has three different tubs available to rent. I think we're going with La Bassine.
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
My midwife brings a birth pool with her to all the births. Is that really uncommon? I thought that would be more standard practice.

The one she uses is the "Made in Water" brand. It looks really nice
Around here it is. You usually have to rent or buy your own tub. I think they want you to have it before the birth anyway, so you are not trying to set up a tub during a birth or have to wait until they arrive and set it up to use it. I know a few women that gave birth while their tub was being set up.

evanleigh, my close friend bought a la bassine for her birth and loved it.
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Hi ladies. So happy to see this thread! I am pregnant with our sixth and this will be our fourth homebirth. The first two were c-sections. I am excited to be getting ready for another homebirth. I just love it! Well, I don't love labor, but after is wonderful! Being able to get in your own bed and not have to deal with the hospital thing is a beautiful thing! Having the midwife come to you and not to have to get dressed or get out of bed to go back to the hospital or doc after the birth is great! That's what I love about homebirth! I wish everybody the best as you plan your wonderful homebirths!
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Hello Tribe!!

This will be our first baby and we are planning a homebirth with a CM. I was born at home, so I am excited to carry that tradition on. It's been a lot of fun to talk with my mom about her experience with me.

We are planning an u/s next week in fact, I just have to know how things are going, and I really want to know what we are having. I have also heard that people have said they felt like they were better able to bond.

I have had thoughts about the water birth but really don't know what to think about it.

I also can't believe the comments we get from people that don't understand homebirth...even saying that it's irresponsible! When my DH was asked if he was nervous and he responded "no, we will be well prepared" they said "well you will be when your baby is blue in the face because the cord was wrapped around it's neck". (this was a hospital birth of her granddaughter). I guess the cord was wrapped around my neck as well, the midwife noticed it, undid the cord because it wasn't too tight and I was born just fine. My mom said I was born, made a little bit of a fuss and then fell asleep on her...I like that!

I don't have a back up OB, mostly because the dr's in our town rotate call, so if you go into labor after normal business hours you don't know who you will get, and it might not even be someone in the practice you go to...so to me the only reason to have a back up would be to form a relationship, if there is no guarantee I will even get that person, what is the point!??

I'm so glad we have this tribe, it will be nice to have some folks to talk with who have home birthed before, and those that are new like us!

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We are planning a homebirth too! Our first pregnancy was going to be a homebirth until we found out we were having twins at 6 weeks, so we never even met with a homebirth midwife. It ended in a non-emergency c-section. Our second pregnancy was a planned homebirth until 28 weeks, when some issues came up and we switched to a birthing center, and ended up with a second non-emergency c-section. And this time we are finally REALLY going to have a homebirth! We have had two visits with our homebirth midwives so far, and one visit with our back-up hospital midwife (mostly just for bloodwork). We are planning to have one quick ultrasound (not the full anatomy scan) at 19 weeks (to officially rule out twins and peek at the sex).

We'd also like to have a birthing tub of some kind . . . our issue is figuring out where it will go in our house. I assume it needs to be relatively close to a sink for ease of draining? Our house is a collection of tiny rooms, so it is hard to imagine it fitting anywhere, but I'm sure we'll find a way to make space. Even if it means putting the dining room table outside for a bit.

Our landlords live on our (well, actually it's theirs) property, and I'm sure that they would NOT be excited about our plans to homebirth (they have three little ones and are very mainstream). I don't plan on telling them. We haven't even told them about the pregnancy yet, and I think we'll wait until it's obvious (they were a little nervous about us living in the house with THREE kids . . . oh well!).

Glad to be here!

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Here is what is confusing me about the pool for labor/birth: I have read up on it over on the HB forum, and it seemed like a lot of people just bought those fishy pools and were happy with them. So, after the first MW's recommendation, that is what I was planning on doing. Well, then the second MW recommended renting an actual birthing pool because she said the sides of the fishy pools (or that type of pool) weren't sturdy enough and were hard if you leaned in on them and that they don't have anything on the edge for the laboring woman to hold on to. What do you all think of this? I didn't really like that second MW very much and I really hope she doesn't end up attending my birth, but I don't know what to think about the two different pool recommendations.
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This is my 3rd child and I don't know where to birth it.

I had my 2nd at a birth center, but it costs $5,000 now. And I can't decide if I want to pay that much. We can not afford it and are already in debt. But, otherwise I am trapped at a hospital, for insurance to pay.

I have recently realized that when I think about going to the hospital, I sort of imagine not making it there on time -- because I hate the thought of the hospital so much!!

My house seems too messy for a homebirth! I kinda want one and then I am kinda afraid (mostly bc my first had to be recesitated (sp?), but I blame the hospital birthing experience for that). I haven't really looked into the prices either. I really liked the birthcenter, bc it was a home away from home....

I did have an ultrasound last week and all is well. Not sure what to do! And when will it be too late to find a Homebirth midwife anyway?
I guess I should look into the home birth cost.

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Originally Posted by Mama Khi View Post
Well, then the second MW recommended renting an actual birthing pool because she said the sides of the fishy pools (or that type of pool) weren't sturdy enough and were hard if you leaned in on them and that they don't have anything on the edge for the laboring woman to hold on to.
I've heard the Sevylor Electra is a good compromise - a bit more expensive at $40, but with nice sturdy sides and an inflatable floor. That's probably what we'll go with!
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