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Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam View Post
For those with waterbirth questions, my midwife recommends the "fishy pool" which seems like a glorified kiddie pool. It blows up, doesn't go asplode, is deep enough to be comfortable, sturdy enough to support a laboring mom, and is only $25.

I'm going with that one. No idea if I'll use it, but hey, for $25 it couldn't hurt to have it there.

My plan at this point is to not plan my actual birth, but do what I feel like when I feel like, and have as many coping methods available as I can.
This is the pool I used for my last birth. LOVED it! My midwife also loved it!

I am planning on my second homebirth/4th child. I am hoping for another waterbirth, although this time around, my tub should serve the purpose

I am having a u/s next week just to rule out the possibilities of twins (I have shown lots of signs, but I really just think there is one in there). But other than that, no real other testing done.

I am so excited to see all these homebirthers!!!
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My midwife said she hates the fishy pool. One of her other clients has this giant plastic horse trough that she lends out. I think I'm probably gonna get the La Bassine or the Sevylor. I also like the Birth Pool in a Box.
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I am just going to jump in and say HI! I haven't read back yet. I am having baby four and planning a UP/UC!!! I have experienced 2 c/s, and VBA2C in a hospital. Nothing eventful happening here other than getting used to being pregnant! Wasn't planning this one, but I"m feeling at peace this last week! :
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Woohoo! Count me in!

Congrats to all you first-time mamas blessed enough to learn about homebirth the first time!

I am so glad we are HBing, this is my second baby, first was an okay (typical)hospital birth. Okay, maybe not typical, when I talked to a friend who works there and found out they have a nearly 50% C/S rate. I did it unmedicated and very minimal intervention and had a family practitioner, not and OB for all my prenatal care and delivery. But that's neither here nor now, thankfully.

I will be in an apt. I was quiet with DD, except when the nurses wouldn't let me push. So I'm not worried about noise. I love the story in Baby Catcher where this woman was labouring on a summer day and had the windows open and moaning and the neighbor was fixing his roof. After the baby came, the dad leaned out the window and called to his kids in the backyard and the neighbor. The neighbor said, "Oh, I didn't know you were having a baby, I thought you were getting' it on, and you kept going and going, and I thought, 'Wow, DH here is the man'!"

Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam View Post
At this point, about the only interesting thing is this should be a 2nd generation homebirth. DH was born at home in 1982 (his mom's 3rd homebirth, 4th kid), and was the one who convinced me to hb in the first place. Then again, it wasn't hard.
Cool! I had to talk and talk and talk to DH.

Originally Posted by littleshout View Post
We're leaning towards a homebirth but we have a couple of concerns. Has anyone homebirthed in an apartment with neighbors?
You can tell the neighbors, so they don't hear and wonder what's going on. If someone does panic and call EMTs/an ambulance, you DO NOT have to let them in. I read about this happening in another thread a while ago.

But, it really depends on your building, unless you are in the hallway, the doors are not great, you can't hear from another apt. So go out and have one of you stay inside and holler and see what you hear.

Originally Posted by happyhippimama View Post
This is my 5th child but first HB. I too have been sitting here think, "maybe I am missing something." I have not had anything done. I will be 18 weeks in 2 days and I was thinking last night as i lay awake, unable to sleep, if I was doing something wrong. Normally, I have been to the doc several times and have tests done. And I am sitting over here, growing a baby. And all seems well. The MW is coming for her first official appointment in about 10 days. Then I guess I will get to hear the heartbeat. (i guess, i do not know)

Anyway, I am SOOOOO looking forward to not rushing to the hospital to have this baby. I can labor. Here. Really labor. Not lay in a bed and wait for the baby to be born. It seems so different, in my head anyway. And DH is so excited. He gets more excited all the time. My last 2 births, his bio-children, where very medical. Altho they were vaginal, it was still very medical. And he totally fazed out at the hospital. He hardly remembers a thing about it all.
Yay! I am glad your DH is excited.

It does feel a little odd not doing anything. I am not having a u/s, didn't have the Doppler for heartbeat, so am looking forward to hearing it the next appt.
Originally Posted by maryjane View Post
If we end up homebirthing (still working on my H), we will be in an apartment. I don't have the kind of relationship with my neighbors where I could say anything to them in advance, so I hope I won't be too loud!

We were seeing an OB and MW team, whom I loved. They closed their practice though (rumor has it the hospital had had enough of their "ways") and so now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I think this is my sign that I should have a HB. DH is less confident. I'm hopeful that I can show him the light!
Wow, that's disappointing. Can you still work with the midwife?

Originally Posted by crybaby View Post
I guess I am just bored too. I am reading every DDC's threads, just sitting here waiting. I had a wonderful homebirth with my first, and I don't care how much trouble it is going to be, I am doing the same this time. I'm 15 weeks, so I am due at the beginning of July, I think. I have had a hard time finding a midwife, and then when I finally found one, I was shocked with all the rules that my state forces pregnant women that want a homebirth to comply with.
I have an irregular heartbeat, and I always have. I had to see an OB at the beginning to 'clear' me for a homebirth, but when he heard my heartbeat, I was classified as 'high-risk', so I am now stuck having to UC. I am a little worried about it, but not as completely petrified as I would be about going to a hospital. Anyway, if anyone has any advice or anything... my boyfriend is supportive of whatever I decide to do... he is actually glad that I trust my body, as he does his.

sorry to butt in to ya'lls club, but this seemed like a thread that I had to post on... I am a little bit of a wreck.
Aww, Have you checked to see if there are any midwives a little more comfortable with unusual situations? Have you checked in the Tribes area or with your local/area La Leche League leaders?

Originally Posted by Erinz View Post
We have an old jacuzzi I intend to scrub out and have available for use. Last time I realllllly enjoyed the shower for the 2 minutes I was allowed out of bed before my bp spiked back up, so I'm not going to assume I'll only want the bath. Luckily for us we have one of those on-demand tankless water heaters, so I'll have unlimited hot water at my disposal. The only part I have to get over is water wastage We're very conservative usually, being in California.

Anyway I'm completely jazzed to be homebirthing this time! :
Yay, you can do it! I think on the water, this is one time you need lots of water! Hey, it's cheaper and much better than and epidural!

Originally Posted by OneLove View Post
This is my 3rd child and I don't know where to birth it.

I had my 2nd at a birth center, but it costs $5,000 now. And I can't decide if I want to pay that much. We can not afford it and are already in debt. But, otherwise I am trapped at a hospital, for insurance to pay.

I have recently realized that when I think about going to the hospital, I sort of imagine not making it there on time -- because I hate the thought of the hospital so much!!

My house seems too messy for a homebirth! I kinda want one and then I am kinda afraid (mostly bc my first had to be recesitated (sp?), but I blame the hospital birthing experience for that). I haven't really looked into the prices either. I really liked the birthcenter, bc it was a home away from home....

I did have an ultrasound last week and all is well. Not sure what to do! And when will it be too late to find a Homebirth midwife anyway?
I guess I should look into the home birth cost.

Check with you area midwives, many barter or do payments. Mine doesn't have a set fee because she doesn't want anyone to not have a homebbirth b/c they can afford it.

Hehe, shall we have a House-cleaning/decluttering-before-homebirth challenge? My apt is cluttered. It's a great thing we have DD sleep with us, the second bedroom has a bunch of boxes/storage stuff. I need to get rid of stuff and store some elsewhere, garage or something, rearrange our bedroom, want to get DD used to sleeping on a twin bed on the other side of Daddy. I want to be next to him, and she is too young and too wiggly to have by the baby.

Originally Posted by LynGi View Post
I look forward to reading through this thread!

This is my 2nd pregnancy, due June 1. The first was a planned hospital birth and unsurprisingly ended in a c-section, so I'll be shooting for an HBAC. I kept making excuses during the 1st not to have a home birth and I regret not looking into it more.

Since mine is not a homebirth friendly state at ALL, I'm mostly concerned about how to get baby #2 on my insurance without an almost immediate doctor's visit after the birth. My insurance and care providers are the same company, so it's hard to do things they don't notice. I wouldn't be opposed to visiting their offices the day after birth, but fear I'll be scolded for not immediately going to the hospital after the birth (like it's some sort of emergency...) or that they'll refuse to see me until I DO go to the hospital. I don't want to have to deal with CPS because of this state's idiotic views on birth.
You're in GA? Check out your tribes and ask for help, or ask in birth professionals. Sunnymw on MDC is a midwife in GA, she might be able to answer some of your questions.
Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam View Post
ktmama, I totally agree. It seems to me that a mammogram is cruel and unusual punishment; I intend on never having one. If they want to visualize the insides of my boobs, they can do an ultrasound. NO SQUISH for me.
Have you heard of Thermography? I first read about it on Dr. Mercola's website.
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I will be 18 w tomorrow and this is my is baby and 1st hb. Although the insurance may not cover it, I am very confident and happy with the choice we have made to birth at home. Our midwives are great and i trust their intuition and experience. We have had a few worried comments from my parents and dh's family, but when I explain how safe and comfortable it will be for me and that we are 4 blocks from a hospital in case it is necessary, they have all backed of and have since been very supportive.
The one issue we are beginning to discuss is how to tell my mom that we don't want her to attend the hb. i love my mom, but i don't think I can let go in front of her and i am afraid if she is present it will slow things down. She lives 3,000 miles away, but is planning to be in town around the time of the birth. I hope she will be understanding when we tell her we want it to be "just us" for the birth.
Our mw has a tub we can rent from her. So i don't plan to buy one.

I am glad i found this tribe. Blessings to you all!

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has anyone thought about their bathtub? I think thats where I will be... i'm too poor to rent a tub... last time I didn't have a bathtub in the apt. so I stayed in the shower the entire time... I am getting huge, and it has me excited, because I know that it is comming along!!! I am excited about doing this again! homebirth was the best experience of my life, and I won't let anyone take that away from me or my child... I hope that all of you are getting a ton of love and support from your families and friends... I guess that makes those of us who have done this before 'lucky' everyone knows how crazy and backwards we are... (that is what my mother in law said about me when I was pregnant with my daughter and began talking about homebirth... of course, she was born at home too, so what does that say? I have to say that she is a L&D nurse). anyway... I am having a really excited day so far... Hyperemisis is almost gone, only mild nausea, but I haven't thrown up in 3 days, and I am looking forward to those great 4 months where you can still breathe consistantly and eat whole meals...
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Hello ladies, let me introduce my self. I'm Cuau I'll be 19 w soon, I had a c-sec the first time and I blame it on being dec 24th, I felt rushed and I guess I can go on and on. Anyways we are planning a hbac this time. We are all very excited dd, will be 2.5 by then.
We are also planning on getting one of those inflatable pools.
I looove my mw, she is so great. I looove my doula, she is great! I can be happier!

I'm just having a little bit of trouble visualizing the hole process. In some ways I feel like my first baby, because I didn't get to push, I dilated to 8 with pitocin but I don't know how real was that pain. I mean is the pain going to be as bad.. I guess there is no straight forward answer for that.
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Cuau, I think it's really helpful to read homebirth stories in the Birth Stories thread. I've never really experienced "pain", but the sensations are very intense. I think so much of it is a mental reframing of what you're experiencing and avoiding labeling it as "pain".

Crybaby, I labored in my bathtub with dd1, but I honestly think it slowed my labor significantly. With dd2, I stayed kneeling over the birth ball basically the entire time of active labor and birth and that was great. I guess I'm saying it *can* be done without water, but a lot of women really like to have the choice and have water available.
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My last one was a c-section too...the day before Thanksgiving. My midwife was giving me plenty of time to labor (baby turned transverse...that was the reason for the c-sec), but what I wish we hadn't done was to break my water. But, I was hating the idea of ruining everyone's Thanksgiving, I was 10 days past due, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, my first 2 were both induced with pitocin and it was horrible pain. I was a little scared to labor on my own, wondering how bad it would be. But with my last one, which started out at home, with no pitocin, the contractions were so different. They were intense, but I'd never say painful. I just had to concentrate through them, but I was talking and laughing between (instead of crying like I was with the pitocin!) Laboring at home was soooooo different for me. I'm still hoping that this birth will be at home. Things to work out still, but I'm hopeful.
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crybaby, I had ds in our regular sized bathtub. It worked out perfect.
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I have thought about my bathtub but that just won't work for me. I really hate being semi-reclined dring labor and I especially HATE it for pushing. I have to be up on my knees and then the water will only be on my legs so whats the point, lol?
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I think our bathtub is just too small. It's an older tub in an older house and doesn't have the depth or width of the newer tubs. I'm leaning towards getting a la bassine, but I'm nervous that our crappy old water heater won't be up to the task so I may decide to rent an aquadoula instead. I really like the idea of the soft sides and handles on the la bassine though. I think my first strategy will be to push to have our water heater replaced before then, so I don't have to worry about it.

I'm really excited about having a homebirth It just seems right to me.
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does anyone have candles and music that they are thinking of for the birth yet? I don't, and I am sure that I won't be in that mood until at least 37 weeks, but I know a woman that bought everything that she wanted at 8 weeks... I had never seen anyone so excited. I still have a pack of small chux pads and a half a pack of large chux pads from 2 years ago... I knew I was saving them for a reason... I had depends that I put ice inside of and put on ontop of my underwear to reduce the swelling after birth, but I used all of them for the dog when she was in heat, just cut a little tail hole... lol...
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I've been contemplating music since the *first* time I got pregnant and I'm still totally up in the air. I can't decide what I want! I may have to come up with several playlists then just pick as I go...
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I generally like quiet when I'm trying to relax. So far I haven't wanted music in any of my births so I probably won't prepare anything for that. Candles do sound nice though!!! I'll have to start looking around for good deals on candles. I've always given birth at night so chances are, I will again.

Where are you all going to put your tub (if you are using a portable pool/tub)? I'm trying to decide the best place. Dh is nervous because we just had to replace all the flooring in the entire house due to flooding from a burst pipe, lol.

I really haven't done much to prepare. I also have a pack of chux pads that I saved in anticipation of future homebirth but that is about it.
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I am really excited. I have been making a mental list of the things I THINK I will want or need. I know I will need the birthing kit, but the midwife will point us in that direction way later. I have a big garden tub, so I don't have to worry about the tub issue. DH bought me another ball the other day. I had told him that was the first thing on my list. : I was so happy to get it. The kids took turns blowing it up (with the pump) and have been really really good about staying off of it. (i am totally shocked really) I know candle are next on the list. Extra towel that MAY get stained. I have few CD's in mind but not sure how I will feel about music. Never tried it before.

What else is on the list for you mamas?
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ooh, a ball. I should get one soon too. I bet it would feel great to sit on now too.
For music I think I'll just start adding things to a playlist as they catch my fancy. I have no idea what I'll feel like listening to at the time.
I'm interested to hear what other things people are planning on too.
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What else is on the list for you mamas?

Two things I absolutely cannot live without at a homebirth:
1. A crockpot full of hot water and wash cloths for hot compresses on my perineum
2. A bottle of olive oil, also for the perineum, to reduce that "ring of fire" feeling during crowning and stretching.

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Hi everyone, count me in
I'm now back in the UK and settled in. Saw the midwife yesterday to get all entered into the system here and now have "homebirth" written in as my preferred place of birth, so we're all official. The midwife said that in the area where I live, homebirths are currently at 10%! A couple of years ago it was 5%.

Not sure what my parents' reactions will be, so that could be interesting, but really not sure what to expect from them - could go either way. DH is more up for a HB than I am! I'm more of a worrier than he is

Things work very differently over here, and we don't actually make our final decision about location of birth until 36/37 weeks - the care before that is the same (and there are not such stark contrasts between the locations - no doctor gets involved in your care unless something is wrong/you're classified high-risk). I think I will be happy with either HB or the midwife-led unit attached to the hospital, so we'll see how we feel at 36/37 weeks, but at the moment I am feeling like I want to stay at home. And this group will probably keep me convinced about that.
A friend who lives round the corner said I can borrow her pool (although we might still look at getting our own).
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With ds I did not get anything that was not on my birth kit list from the midwife. I guess it was the basics, but it seemed about right for us. We had a lot leftover and did not use any of the comfort items on the list (except for the comfry pads postpartum).

I am not really thinking about supplies/stuff yet. I did not get them until I was 36 weeks with ds, and I am planning to get them at 35-36 weeks this time too.

This time I am planning on getting some new nursing jammies for after the birth. I like jammies, so that seems like a good idea to me. I am also planning on getting the postpartum mesh-like disposable underwear for the first day or two post partum. I used my regular panties with ds, and those were too small for the pad and cold pack. Plus they were ruined.
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