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couldn't read without posting. we homeschool too. that adds another dimention. could the 2 oldest go to school for a while? at least until new baby comes? Just a thought, obviously we homeschool for a reason.
AND DH needs to step up, i would have a chat with him
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Not sure if anyone has said this or not yet, but I'd like to add what has worked for me in this type of situation. Whenever I feel aggravated with the way I feel treated, I stop for a moment and just breathe. I take several deep breaths (sounds silly maybe but it really does help) and then I accept how I'm feeling. So often we, as parents, feel that we must live up to self-prescribed standards and if we fail to continually live up to them then it's very easy to feel guilty, ashamed, etc. If you can stop just for a moment, go inside of yourself where your emotions are, and just allow yourself to be with them. It's okay to feel how you are feeling. See how that statement sits with you right now. Do you feel like pushing that statement away, like maybe you're not "good enough" to feel what you are feeling? If so, then continue to simply breathe and go deeply into your emotional state. You may find yourself releasing some of the pain (screaming, crying, yelling, etc.) or you may find yourself trying to resist it even more. Either way is okay...just see if you can sit with them for a little while. You'll be amazed how much clarity can be gained just by doing this very simple act. You might even find yourself discovering solutions. Maybe not "outer" solutions, but, at the very least, you'll probably discover a sense of peace with it all even if you still feel like raging and crying (which is okay)
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I keep seeing this come up on new posts. I finally clicked on it because I hated my own children last night

I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. I feel like I have been there many times. And I only have 2 kids.
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Perhaps you can integrate some of what you want your kids to learn (how to clean a room, personal responsibility, time management, work then play) into their homeschooling lessons. Even money management - as in money attached to chores. My own experience is that all of your kids (even the two yo) are old enough to each have some responsibilities in the home. You are in a great position to integrate this learning into their day to day lives and I'm sure there are some great homeschooling resources out there/on MDC that can help you structure your lessons. And, that goes for your dh too. If I were you, I would objectively look at if he's experiencing any natural consequences to his actions. Most moms are really good a picking up the slack for a limited partner. Maybe it's time to let him "strategically fail" and provide some consequences so that you aren't suffering so much. Good luck!
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