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Frivolous Work Question - Food

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Ok, how do you (or do you) avoid food in the office. Especially when they have, say, pizza downstairs and you have one hour left to go. :
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I don't . In our office it's not pizza and such, but when it's someone's birthday there's cake or Danish or chocolates, usually 1-2x/week. I'm proud if I limit myself to one serving
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Originally Posted by gabry View Post
I don't . In our office it's not pizza and such, but when it's someone's birthday there's cake or Danish or chocolates, usually 1-2x/week. I'm proud if I limit myself to one serving
All bets are off with the Danish Chocolates.
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Why would I avoid the yummies?

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I've gotten sick twice from office food. I don't think its that things are spoiled, I think its that one of my migraine triggers happens to be an ingredient the most popular office caterer likes to use and I can't figure out which things its in or what the ingredient is. Since its such a mystery I'm beginning to suspect its an artificial sweetener showing up in dishes where you wouldn't normally expect a sweetener. Since I've had to call my DH to come pick me up in the middle of the day each time because I couldn't even drive myself home, its pretty easy to avoid anything that comes from that caterer. In fact, if I have to go to a lunch meeting I bring my own food instead of eating what is provided.

For things that don't come from that particular caterer, like pizza and such, I just think about how those things tend to sit in conference rooms or on the kitchen counter. I figure if they are willing to leave a dairy based dip sitting on the kitchen counter for several hours, I shouldn't trust the food safety of just about anything that comes into the office. So now when I get announcements that there is food, I just remind myself how often I've seen poor food safety and it gets much easier to pass on the bacteria fest.
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Oh so glad to knwo I'm not the only one who really quite helps herself. Trouble is I need to stop helping myself. And today I didn't eat teh pizza! (I did eat the kisses at the help desk tho!)
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I look forward to office junk food because we don't keep that kinda stuff at home. IMO, having some at work is no biggy if food at home is healthy.
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I partake freely
All bets are off when there is free food.
We are a pretty small office so we always know when we can expect left overs from a meeting or such and it doesn't sit out long before it is gone.

I am also the enabler since I always have a full candy bowl in my office. As HR I have learned people are more like to come see me if there is chocolate Otherwise noone ever just pops into the HR persons office. And I am actually quite nice.

My problem is, we don't have pizza nearly often enough.
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I used to just try and avoid the break room. Thank god, with this recession, they've decided to cut out the snacks.
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I WAH now, but when my job was office-based I wouldn't make much effort to avoid the goodies in the break room.

I remember once, a few months post-9/11, my boss and I were in the break room having some powdered-sugar-coated coffee cake and as we were munching I said, "So who brought this in?" and he said, "Hm, I actually don't know" and I said, "So, we're just sitting here eating some random food with unidentified white powder on top, amid all these anthrax scares? I hope the terrorists never realize that the real way to wipe us out would be to infiltrate our break rooms with baked goods!"
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I won't eat food unless I know who brought it in. I work in an office with several departments so there is free food left in kitchen a few times a week. Unless I was part of the gathering I stay away from it. No real reason but it works to keep me from eating more junk (I eat enough on my own)
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I don't.

We don't have nearly as much as we used to have so I don't feel guilty enjoying it when it is there.
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I don't avoid!

At my old office, in a different city, people always made a big deal out of treats, like " Oh, I really shouldn't, I am on a diet...blah...blah.." It was annoying, frankly. Now I live in a much more laid back city, and when we have cupcakes for a birthday, or lunch b/c we have a meeting or something, people partake freely, and I always join in!
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We're having a lot of construction done on our building. The construction has disturbed a lot of building residents... namely the mice and roaches!!! Our receptionist used to keep a candy jar but stopped due to it attracting the mice. Now she just has plastic wrapped mints... not nearly so tempting! So, think of the vermin.
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I used to work in an office that had goodies almost daily. Fortunately I worked part time and wasn't there everyday. I usually had a little but had to convince myself not to head to the break room for more later. I started bringing tea, especially chai tea to get a little bit of sweetness and curb the desire to stuff my face with sweets. But as a pp said about it making her feel ill. I have that going for me a bit too. Too much of the wrong things and digestively speaking I am a wreck.
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Oh, easy: I just remember the nasty rash that my nurslings will break out in if I eat the wrong things. :-/

Our office has a "Sunshine Club," where you pay $2/month and then get a card and a cake on your birthday. Meanwhile, you get to join in the celebration of everyone else's birthdays. I don't belong, because I can't eat the cake, and there's just no way I'm going to put anyone through trying to find me a gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free, egg-free, sorghum-free, canola-free cake for *my* birthday.

The bakery they get them from is fabulous, though, I've heard. It's across the street from DH's work, so I have some good info on it.

I bring a ton of food with me to work every day, too. That helps. (And I bring my own treats... cookies or candy or whatever... and keep a bag of good turbinado sugar for my coffee in my desk.)
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I know what you mean! I have to go back on the diet after the baby is born and I can remember only having one tiny square of pizza to look like I was partisipating in a pizza party! I wouldn't snuff it (my grandfather is Italian and in Italy its just plain RUDE to refuse food!) but I do have to limit myself.
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Heh. I have, many times, been rude to protect the health of my kids. ;-) Sometimes, in this world, you have to be!
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