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EWCM-looking fluid?? Could it be nothing?

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Hey gals, haven't had much time to post between starting homeschooling back up after the holidays and working on my business... But this morning I was feeling a bit ...moist... so went potty and upon wiping had what looked a LOT like EWCM.

Galen will be 12 weeks this weekend. I've never had my fertility return so early so I'm skeptical but it looked very convincing... Galen nurses really frequently.

DH and I did DTD last night... could it just be "leftovers" from that? Sometimes I do get damp undies the morning after DTD but it doesn't normally look so much like EWCM.

Should I be worrying?? Not ready for another babe yet! Maybe I'll go take a nice shower and see what things look like in a few hours.
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I bet it's from last night.... sometimes.... err umm there's more then others lol. I know I've been confused by that before!

If it were your first baby.... I'd be more inclined to think you could start cycling... but since this is your 4th and you don't normally start early.. I doubt it.
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i agree it's prob "left-overs". but i had very obvious ewcm a week before af returned. that was 6wks pp.
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I've had EWCM on and off since I've been monitoring for my fertility. Also my cervix has changed position. It's normal I think for your body to be whacky; acting like it's fertile but then nothing happening, which is why FAM/NFP is so much harder while you're bfing. I just make sure we aren't dtd when it gets like that. My Mom had her fertility return during the first year pp every time, so that's why I'm on the look out. That said, it could be left overs.
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I thought I got AF back early this time, but it's been 6 weeks and there's no sign of her. I've had some iffy CM off and on though, but I can't remember when it started last time. With dd1 I didn't get AF back for almost a year.
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I just had some CM this morning, and it may sound odd but I "feel" fertile. I had a light AF last week. I am 12 weeks pp... which does seem early.
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My cycles are definitely back...2 AF's since 6wks PP and my cervix was "fertile" yesterday. But, my charts aren't showing ovulation. Wonky PP cycles...

OP, I hope your EWCM was nothing fertile. It's not fun to have to worry about being super careful when you're trying to take care of an infant!
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Thanks gals. I'm thinking it was just "leftovers" b/c I haven't had anything else. I'll keep an eye on things though

DH has already been poking at my belly saying things like "I want to fill that up again" and I am so NOT ready lol! But Galen is his first baby and he really enjoyed my pregnancy and he's loving Galen so it's easy for him to say. Me, I have enough with 4 kiddos (for now)
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I also had some one time awhile back and I think it was just "leftovers." My cycles returned at 23 months pp and then 17 months pp with DS1, so I'm not expecting to be happening yet.

And can I just say that I'm really jealous your DH wants another one already? I don't think we're having any more babies and I'm having a really really hard time with that lately, even though I wouldn't want another any time soon.
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I had this the other day too and was surprised b/c since I was EBF, I thought it wouldn't happen til 6 months or more.
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^that's what i thought....some of us just aren't that lucky. i'm ebf too and like i said my cycles returned at 6wks pp.
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