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Tune in to Portland 90.7 fm and call in to hear perspectives from two
midwives on the impact of the epidural in childbirth this Friday
morning at 10 am on Family Business. Host Anna Keith interviews Carol
Gray, local midwife and craniosacral therapist and Cara Muhlhahn, New
York City certified nurse midwife featured in Ricki Lake's "The
Business of Being Born" (who has also just written a book called
_Labor of Love: A Midwife's Memoir_. You can call in to 503-231-8187.

You can also listen online at

Family Business is a provocative show which explores
controversial issues parents face during our changing times including
Discipline, The Family Bed, Vaccines, Homeschooling, Potty Learning,
Multi-Cultural Families, Special Needs, Birthing, Pregnancy,
Circumcision, Health, Breast Surgery, Toys, Low Income Family
Resources and Family Leave Legislation. Because our business is your