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homeschooling D.F.

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We are homeschooling in D.F.- Coyoacan more specifically. We have been here since August and love our neighborhood but have met 0 other homeschoolers. My children are 9 years old and 6 years old. We would love to meet other homeschoolers, if there are any. Let me know.


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Hi Sherri!

We currently live in the U.S., but we are planning to move to DF in August for about 1 year? We've actually been planning to move to DF for a while now, but this time I think my husband has actually gotten a small grant to fund the move.
(He's a grad student.)
I'm not sure what we are going to do about schooling for my kids yet?
I've heard that they're are not too many people who homeschool there? I'm a little worried about alienating ourselves even more by homeschooling? What is your opinion? I'm also nervous about sending them to school in DF, and neither of them speak Spanish. They go to an arts based public school currently and they love it, but they are begging to be homeschooled in DF!

OH and my two daughters are 9 and 6 yrs. old too!

Also we are going to come out there in a couple months to look at neighborhoods and housing. We're going to will be on a tight budget.
Any recommendations for decent family oriented neighborhoods?
Is Coyoacán a nice borough? Is it expensive??

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Hola mammas!!!

Kinda late I know, sorry. I don't know much about the subject, so I'm telling you what I know about it. We are not homeschooling for DD, but as far as I know, homeschooling here is legal. Not common but legal. We live in Benito Juarez, and we don't know any homeschoolers either
You may like to get information upon arrival to avoid trouble.

DD is almost 3, and we are planning to enroll her to a bilingual (mostly english) school here in our burrough. We wanted a British School for her, but it's far away from here.There are several bilingual, American, and British schools as options. Some of them are more expensive than the others but it's worth looking and be sure to take your kids with you so they can see if they like it. There are children from several countries. And it will be good for them to learn the language. Becuase in a public school, the classes are completely Spanish and it will be harder for them.

I don't know how expensive Coyaocan is, we didn't even looked there. We live in Benito Juarez and we bought a two bedroom apartment for $15,000 MXN, and that was the cheapest thing we could find. But in the end, it was actually a good price for it. The owner wanted to get rid of it, we were lucky I guess.
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alekslasce: where in benito juarez do you live? we are in del valle. my 3yo goes to a bilingual school. very small, 7kids in his class (6girls and him!) and it´s completelly bilingual and not expensive. you may like it. it´s ver traditonal mexican, but my boy is ver happy and i like it too. Dos Naciones Unidas. i think they have a web site.

about homeschooling. no it´s not a big thing here. but if you look good, you may find something you like. there is a waldorf school in coyoacan, and if you like montesorri there are millions of them here! if not, then you can find something good, i´m sure. the good thing here is that kids don´t go to school all day. for exampole, my 3yo is in there 9-12. next year he´ll be in ther 8:30-1.

it took me a loooong time to put my kid into a school. i too wanted to homeschool, then i felt he needed to be qith more kids. we moved to df and there were no kids out of school, so no chance of being with more kids...they were all in school!

i luckily found a nice, normal, mainstream but good, bilingual school, 4blocks from home. look around!
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how is it?
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paakbaak- what is the tuition en pesos at Dos Naciones?

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Sherry, i am writing you from Revista del Consumidor (http://revistadelconsumidor.gob.mx), a monthly mexican magazine, because we are preparing an article about homeschooling in Mexico.


I am looking for families that practise this kind of education in the country, and I just read in internet that you are one of them. It would be fantastic to have an interview with you to know your experience and include it in the investigation. This (mothering.com) is a public page, but I give you my email adress (asantiagof@hotmail.com) to answer me and, if it is possible, then have the conversation.


Thanks a lot and regards,


Anibal Santiago Fridman

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